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It’s kind of a Throw Back Thursday – today’s post is devoted to two little (well… formerly little!) Dragons.

Guess what today is?

Do you remember?

That’s RIGHT – today marks the one year anniversary of when Fred (“accidentally”) locked me in the foster room (which is now his office), leaving me to helplessly throw myself against the door over and over again to break down the door and free myself.

And oh yeah, there was some cat or another giving birth. Or something.

(You can read Khaleesi’s birthin’ story here. Though she gave birth on the evening of May 1st, I didn’t get a chance to post the whole story ’til the 3rd.)

When all was said and done (and cleaned up), the happy little family looked like this.

So today I have updates on not one but TWO of those little Dragons!

First, the kitten we named Puff. Because he looked like a (big-headed) puff of smoke! He’s now Hook, of course, and lives with his Mom Selena and big brother Flynn.

Here are a few of my favorite baby Hook pics, put together in a collage (you can click on it to see the larger version over at Flickr).

Here’s the update (and pictures!) from Selena.

This one just cracks me up. He approved of my new comforter.

Ready for bed every night!

Big brother still insists on checking to make sure he is cleaning his ears. (Note: big brother Flynn was with us for a little while in late 2012 – he was Kohle back then.)

He is one laid back cat.

My sweet boy!

Big brother Flynn.

If only they could actually play those bongos I would be rich!

Hook still loves snuggling with his big brother. Flynn is a good boy and puts up with it even though I’m fairly certain he can’t breathe.


Remember Norbert, the lucky little orphan who came to us while Khaleesi was still having her babies? We slipped him right in there with the other kittens, and although Khaleesi was puzzled, she mothered him right along with the others, because she’s such a good girl. He went off to Chicago with Kirsten. I just love it when kittens get to go right from here to their forever home without having to stop at Petsmart!

Here’s his collage of kitten pictures (that picture of him on the far upper right makes me laugh. He looks so much like a little Yoda!)

And the update!

This photo is from October 7th. My idea was to use the duster as a gauge for his growth. I didn’t plan on him thinking it would be an awesome toy and make it nearly impossible to get good shots because he was trying to eat it:/

Bad pic-but shows the growth!

​There is a creature with crazy eyes living under the couch.

Emo kitteh. Still loves the top of the cat tower-it’s his favorite place to sleep.

Help! It’s eating me!

Norbie remains a little lovebug. I cannot remember ever having a cat that willingly allowed so much snorgling of the belly. He’s weighing in at 11 pounds, so has avoided the Crooked Acres Huge Cat Syndrome (so far).

Once in a while he’s a little devilish and pokes at brother Riley to get a rise out of him – that’s a lot of fun when it happens at 4am. Brat.

Happy birthday to all the Dragons and thanks again for raising such a wonderful boy!

Thank you so much, Selena and Kirsten, for the updates and pictures. I know I speak for a lot of people when I say we love seeing those boys all grown up and gorgeous as can be!


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  1. That first picture of Hook made me burst out laughing. What a character! Love seeing Khaleesi’s goofy face again, too. She still looks bewildered in that picture–like she’s still trying to figure out how Norbie got there. So glad to see them all so happy!

  2. Awwww! Love updates!!!! Flynn was a foster too, wasn’t he? Or am I thinking of some other cat? Hook sure is a fan of letting it all hang out! Such an upside down kitty! Too cute! Norbert looks like he took a little loon with him when he left, if not so much the look, the silliness!

    • Yes, you’re right! Flynn was Kohle, and he was with us in late 2012. I love how close Flynn and Hook are. Seeing the pictures of them together makes me want to squoosh them. πŸ™‚

      I love Norbie’s big round crazy eyes!

  3. Robyn – small typo (I think). Norbert “came to use” should be “came to us”? Although I totally get the other meaning as well πŸ™‚

  4. Hook (Puff) isn’t shy at all about showing us his goods (or lack thereof)! Love the pictures of him.

    Do you ever get any updates about Purslane? So far she has been my favorite foster.

    • No, I haven’t gotten any Purslane updates, unfortunately. I hope that one day her parents will let us know how she’s doing!

  5. Still giggling at the first update photo of Hook. I burst out laughing. Here I was oohing and awwing over kitten Puff and then , bam, big ole belly shot of Hook. Hahahahahaha. Thanks so much for such a fun start to the day. I love seeing the former fosters with people who clearly dote on them.

  6. I love all the baby Puff pics of my funny Hook! I will always love the “Prince Puff” picture with the little crown. Thanks for putting them all together Robyn! He is a joy to have and I am thankful that he and Flynn love each other so much and allow me to love on them occasionally! They would prefer me to just be the giver of treats most of the time.

  7. Robyn, I had to re read your story of being locked in the foster room. That would have been totally me. I wish I had another room available to foster pregnant cats, would love to experience the whole birthing process to kittens ready for adoption. I know how much work it is and I applaud you and Fred for all your dedication.

  8. Awww, how much fun is this? A Flook and Norbert update. What beautiful big boys. Always glad to hear that former fosters are doing well, ie – governing their kingdoms wisely.

    Especially Norbert and his Ferrari designed curves, so glad his Mom recognized that he was her in her heart. Still remember those pictures when he arrived, “Are you sure that this one’s mine? I don’t remember giving birth to this one.”

    • wonder why the edit didn’t take?

      Anyway, I wanted to say how fun it is to see two cats decide that they’re siblings and grow to love, if not tolerate, each other.

      Love watching cats clean each other’s ears, a weird sign of intimacy and affection but hey, they’re cats.

      • The edit took – you might have to hit “refresh” a couple of times to see it, though.

        I love that Hook and Flynn took to each other so quickly and have remained BFFs. That’s just the best. πŸ™‚

  9. OHHH MYYY GAWWWWD…. SOOOO AWESOME! I love seeing updates, too! And our baby Norbles grew into a gorgeous boy as I think we all knew he would!

    So very thrilled that they are all thriving and being loved on so much. It makes my heart happy. πŸ˜€

    I would love a Tony Rocky Horror Pickle update, jus’ sayin’.

  10. Love that shot of Hook on the bed πŸ™‚

    but sorry Selina, my heart is with Norbert.. the creature under the couch made me swoon!

  11. Love the update too! Norbie is still as cute as can be. The resemblance to Yoda is uncanny. Since everyone above is making update requests, I will put in mine and say that Newberry has always been my favorite. He was in the litter 2 yrs ago. It would be great to have an update of the Noms.

  12. Norbie was always my favorite because of his unusual backstory! I’m so glad Khaleesi accepted him into her litter, and how lucky for him that she was giving birth at just the right time. What a cutie.