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We were supposed to get bad weather last night, but in the end all we got was some rain and a little wind. No complaints from me! The next few days are supposed to be nice, so maybe we won’t have to deal with any more bad (possibly tornadic) weather. It’s a good dream, right?


Dennis Wednesday.

Oh, that face.

He loves to roll around in my lap, purring, while I pet him. I can’t help but kiss his sweet face.

He’s a licker.

He purrs like crazy.

He’s just the most beautiful boy, isn’t he? He reminds me of Corbie here.

Always so pleased with himself.

Silly boy.

Dennis, with attitude.

He’s also kinda tasty, according to Thomas.

Little flirt.

And a couple of Dennis videos. In the first, he’s having a really good time playing with the track ball toy.

YouTube link.

And in the second, once he’s done playing with the track ball, he’s nice enough to put it in the closet for the night. Of course, first it has to travel all OVER the room first, but it gets put away eventually!

YouTube link.


Miz Poo, up high.

For an old lady, she certainly does get around! (I did go rescue her from this shelf, because she wasn’t quite getting the idea of how to get down from there (there’s a small cat tree under that shelf) and I didn’t want her to jump from that height.)


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4-30-14 — 15 Comments

  1. Ohhhhhh Dennis… the trackball Menace! That is too funny. He so seemed to be enjoying pushing it around, and when done… put it away! Aww, Miz Poo – I, too, tend to ‘rescue’ my kitties when they seem to get ‘too high for their own good’. Glad to hear you’re safe and the weather outlook is improving. I am kinda looking forward to some explanation (a question yesterday) of what the outside members of your family do when severe weather is forecasted. My littlest used to freak my out by crouching low to the floor, walking in circles while meowing/howling (a usually nonverbal cat)… that type of behavior sends me in a panic – I do not like tornadoes, severe storms, or anything of that ‘nature’ (see what I did there???)

  2. The ‘little flirt’ pic of Dennis is really precious & he looks so different from his regular ‘tude pics.

    Who am I kidding? I love his disapproving, squinty-eyed face but omg I would smooch the heck outta his flirty face, too!!

  3. Thank you so much for posting that slow(er) video of Dennis putting the trackball toy away. I finally got around to watching yesterday’s time-lapse video this morning, and it was like trying to watch a 12-ring circus. I felt like my brain was going to freeze up trying to figure out where to watch. I’m amazed that other viewers were able to identify certain cats and even follow the action enough to see Dennis putting the toy away. Even though I knew from the comments that it was on the video, I TOTALLY missed it. Clearly, my old brain doesn’t get enough stimulation on a normal basis, and this video was too much for it to handle. Still, I enjoyed it — so fun to see how active that room is in the dead of night!

    And really enjoyed both of today’s of Dennis — what a sweet boy he is. He’s growing out of his baby-face though….sigh.

  4. I have been in love with Dennis since he first came to stay with you. I love his quiet contemplative adorable face. Well now I am completely bonkers about him !!!!! That sweet boy has a goofy side !!!! I’ve watched all three videos several times and I confess I will watch them several more times !!!! They might be my go to pick me up videos !!! Give him a kiss and snuggle for me !

  5. Glad all’s well with Crooked Acres, specially weather-wise.
    Loved seeing more of Dennis today-somehow I was starting to think he was a pretty reserved, always watching/supervising cat–now I know he does play AND give luvvies. Suspect he could easily fit in as permanent resident!! (I know, I can hear you say NO!!)

  6. I live in Tacoma, WA, and I never want kitties from other states. And my two kitties don’t want any more kitties from anywhere. But I LUST after Dennis and his sweet tabby face. Aww. Give him a snuggle for me. He’s going to make someone very happy!!

  7. Add me to the Lovers of Dennis group – if I lived a little closer, and didn’t already have the two-cat limit my condo association allows…… I always love the kitties that seem a little reserved, because it’s just that much more special when they come out of their shell