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Edited to add: A lot of strong weather went through our area last night, but all we got was a little wind and a lot of rain. Reports are that a tornado touched down in our county, but it was nowhere near us. We are perfectly fine! We’re going to get more storms/possible tornadoes later today, but it’s not supposed to be nearly as bad as yesterday was.

Hey, remember how this very time last year not only did we have the Royals in one foster room, but we also had this character in the other, all kinds of pregnant and yet refusing to hand over those babies?

She was adopted and then returned several months later. Then she was adopted AGAIN! Here she is, in her new home.

Atop the wall in her new home. Apparently it took her less than a day to figure out that she could get up there!

Sometimes she needs to be plugged in to recharge. It’s a good time to get a photo.

Reports are that not only is she very happy in her new home, she’s also a great big snugglebug and a people lover (which is how I remember her!). Isn’t it great to see her sweet face again? Lucky girl!


“Um… yep. It’s still there.”

“But I’m not scared. Ceiling fans don’t skeer me!”

“To ceiling fans, I just say :::PBLLLLT!:: You don’t skeer me, stupid ceiling fan!”

(“Don’t hurt me, ceiling fan. I meant no disrespect.”)

“That’s right. Not skeered. I’m a great big tough mancat who has NO FEAR of the ceiling fan.”

(“Hi there, ceiling fan. Still there, I see.”)

“Ceiling fans. P’shaw! Who’d ever be skeered of one of THOSE?”

“I’ma just sit here and take a bath. Right under the ceiling fan.”

“HI ceiling fan, ol’ buddy, ol’ pal! You won’t hurt me, right? Right!”
(I love the look on Livia’s face, like “THIS idiot.”)


Dropcam has a new feature where you can make a timelapse video. Friday night, I had Fred leave the light on in the foster room, and the next day I made a timelapse video that encompassed 9:45 pm to 6:15 am. Those kitties really get around (especially Dennis and Tricki)!

YouTube link.


Stefan, coming out of the back yard.

Down the fence post…


..dowwwwwn… (how tall is this fence post, anyway?!)

Superhero leap.

And he sticks the landing!

If you’ve been following the Love & Hisses Facebook page, you already know this, but for those who don’t (or didn’t see it) – Stefan brought a headless squirrel into the house on Saturday. On Sunday he brought a (dead) vole the size of a kitten into the house. On Monday I caught him at the back door as he brought a (live) Grackle (that’s a bird, for those of you who don’t know) through the cat door. I managed to save the Grackle, carried it through the house and placed it high in a bush to the side of the front porch. When I opened the front door to come back inside, Stefan went shooting out the door, wildly sniffed the entire porch, and then ran along the side of the house, over the fence into the back yard, and in through the back door, searching for his bird.

He is a mighty, mighty hunter but he is not a smart one.


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4-29-14 — 44 Comments

  1. Wait a minute.. Did I just see a kitty put the track ball into the closet? They put their toys away??? Wow! I didn’t realize you trained them so well! What a selling point to potential adopters: Cleans up after self!

    I still think that Stefan put that headless squirrels head in somekitty’s bed as a warning.. Anycat wake up screaming recently? I think they better do whatever ‘favor’ The Catfather Stefan asked of them!

    Yay for the adoption update! Boy does she look happy!

    • I saw the same thing. I had to rewind to double check. I came into the kitchen Sunday morning and found that the rug by the sunroom door had suddenly moved to the entrance of the kitchen, some 30 feet away. Last night I found my sweater, which had been hanging off of the back of a chair , had moved 10 feet to the entrance of the kitchen. Either we are haunted or I need to clip Gracie’s nails. I think haunted would be easier to deal with.

      • Ha – I actually have a slower clip of that part of the video, which I’ll post tomorrow because it’s really funny! 🙂

  2. Hoping ya’ll are okay – scary stuff in Athens, AL from early morning news reports – hoping you and Fred and ALL the residents (Grackles included) of Crooked Acres are okay!

    • Robyn, can you let us know how you and all at Crooked Acres and Challenger’s House are doing? When you have a moment, of course. Thanks!

  3. We are perfectly fine, and Challenger’s House is fine, too. We got a little wind and a lot of rain, but the worst of the weather went around us. All is well!

  4. Robyn,
    I appreciate you posting the photos of Khalessi. She’s super sweet and we’re happy to have her in the family.

    • OH!!!! Congratulations!!!!! She is very much loved and adored — and missed! It was so nice to share updates – Thank you so very much!!!

  5. AAAAAAGGGGGHHH!! I am sooooo happy to see the Mother of Dragons is settling into her new home so nicely!! Her family should know that she has a huge following so, of course, ANY updates they provide are really appreciated!! This made my day!

    Also, the whole ceiling fan conversation cracked me up…. he’s adorable!

  6. Glad to hear you are fine. My “family” was in harm’s way yesterday and I worried. Still worrying.

  7. Yay for Khaleesi!! The Mother of Dragons deserved a wonderful home! (As do all the Crooked Acres mama cats, so come on Livia’s family!)

    Was I the only one who wanted a Benny Hill/Monty Python-type soundtrack for the timelapse video? And the sleeping kitty on the cat tree by the window whose tail kept falling off and then popping back up cracked me up!

    Glad all is well your way! Hopefully the worst of the weather is over now.

  8. Robyn, I’m glad that you all are ok, they made it sound like Armagedon on the news.

    And those updates of the mother dragon are wonderful! So glad she found a real forever home. May she had her new family have many fun years together.

    Oh Stefan, I’ve had many great hunters over the years, my first cat, the most demure, delicate looking thing in the world especially loved headless massacres on the front stoop. I didn’t think that a squirrel could hold that much blood.

  9. Robyn, for friday’s mailbag: Is there anything special you do for the outside residents of Crooked Acres when there is a threat of severe weather like tornadoes? Do George & Gracie get to come inside? How about the outside cats? Glad you are all OK so far, hoping today doesn’t bring anything terrible for you.

  10. So happy to know all are safe and sound at Crooked Acres and at Challenger’s House. Thanks for posting about it, Robyn!

  11. Just watched the video and have to wonder what’s up with Tricki, she’s at the window watching constantly like she’s the Neighborhood Watch!!!

    She is so lovely, I wish that I could take her.

    • I wish you could, too! I think she likes to sit there and watch the cars go by, but it’s possible she’s watching something else. Maybe I don’t want to know what she’s watching!

  12. Alton, Thank YOU for the pictures, and most of all for giving such a wonderful home to Khaleesi. She is such a special girl, as well as beautiful!!

    Sending good thoughts your way, Robyn, that Crooked Acres and Challenger’s House will be safe, and I’m hoping that this week does not portend the summer’s weather.

    The timelapse was mesmerizing … and yes, a Benny Hill soundtrack would be just the thing!

  13. *sigh* now I really want one of those cams.. I’m just bothered that I have to pay additional after the camera (yes, I know I don’t have to.. but you kinda need to in order to get the full benefit of it)

  14. I have a question for you and your readers: How long should you wait after your kitties pass before thinking about adopting again? (I know, such a happy topic!)

    I know it really depends but I would love to hear someone’s experience with this. We had to put both of our cats down last fall after 13 years and it just shattered our entire family – to the point that we packed up every thing cat related and donated it all to the local SPCA. My son and I still get choked up when we talk about them. I’m just now able to read this blog without getting all blubbery. I cried harder for my cats passing than for actual human relatives – I can’t believe it hit us so hard.

    I think adopting again might ease the sadness for us all but I’m worried about it being too soon. Towards the end our kitties became a constant stress from lots of care needed, surgeries and emergency trips to the vets. We needed the reprieve but I’m not sure when the right time is to adopt again. Any advise or shared experience would be very helpful 🙂

    • I’m sorry that you and your family, human and feline, had to go through so much, and I know that many people will share some excellent advice. Here’s a start, though: why not consider fostering first? Wouldn’t that be a great adventure? There are so many cats out there who are praying for a fresh start in a loving home, cats whom you could help. Of course, if you live near Challenger’s House, you’ll already be familiar with some tremendous permanent prospects — and be the envy of all of us whose homes are fully booked feline-wise!

      Also, if at all possible, whenever you flash back on a bad day with your late cats, try to think of one of the many wonderful times you had with them. That’s what they’d want you to be recalling, had they a choice.

      I’ll look forward to reading advice from others.

  15. Lots of movement in that video, but I want to know, who was the kitty who was sleeping in the doll bed most of the time? That’s the one I’d want to adopt!

  16. Hope this is an uneventful evening weatherwise!

    One of our kitties is afraid of ceiling fans. He always glances up nervously when he walks through the room with the offending fan. (And–guilty confession–sometimes we point at it, just to watch him do a double take and look up, alarmed.)

    My husband has a theory that it’s based on fears of hawks & other scary birds. His litter was born outdoors, and they spent the first months of their life in and around a yard with several red-tailed hawks & a lot of vultures lurking above. (and no, my husband & *his* littermates did not grow up in the yard!)

    • You know, I wondered if Thomas maybe wasn’t used to having a ceiling overhead, and the contrast between the dark ceiling fan and the white ceiling really caught his eye or something. At least he doesn’t freak out when I turn the fan on, which is a good thing – it gets so warm in that room in the afternoons that we need to have the fan going.

      • It’s a good thing we don’t use ours, cause he freaks right out if you even move your hand towards the light switch that controls it. The few times we turned it on in the past, he would always race upstairs to hang out with his (braver) brother.

  17. So glad Khaleesi is home. She will always have a special place in my heart for being such a good momma-without her, who knows what would have happened to my Norbie?

    • I’m really glad that Susan at Challenger’s House introduced me to Robyn. We knew that Khalessi had kittens, but it was fantastic to find out what happened to them. I have told M that she will have to provide occasional updates.

    • Kirsten, we love the Norbulletins! Keep ’em coming! It seems like he’s growing up in to quite the James Bond kitteh – struts about like a dapper chap in his ascot and spats – but loves him a bit of bosom-sitting!