Test post

Testing to make sure I can post from my phone. Please to ignorrrre .


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  1. Been thinking about you also………..do you have a cellar or safe room? Cannot imagine living under tornado threats. Be safe!

  2. I’ve been watching the storms closing in on your area and thought of you guys. Hope the worst of it misses you. I’m a life-long resident of tornado alley (Kansas) & I know what it’s like to be under the gun like that. Thoughts & prayers to you, Fred, and all your furkids and animals.
    Stay as safe as you can.


  3. Thinking of and pulling for you, with fingers very, very crossed. As always, Kerry

  4. Stay safe! We don’t want a repeat of the tornado post from several years ago with you grabbing kittens and perms to head to the closet!

  5. Just checking in to ensure you and Fred and all the residents of Crooked Acres are safe – – watching the early morning news (4am here), saw Athens, Alabama – immediately thought of ya’ll… Ya’ll okay?