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This time last year – among other kittens – we had these two charmers. Remember them?



As I’m sure you remember, they were adopted together. Jareth is now Sooty, and Charming is now Toby. They’re more than a year old now (can you believe that?!), and I got an update and some pictures from their mom.

The floofalicious Toby.

Keeping an eye on something. Maybe it’s his brother?

And maybe Sooty’s keeping an eye on Toby!

All growed up and absolutely gorgeous.

The boys are now 17 pounds each and when they race through the house it sounds like a herd of wild horses. Don’t you just love it when siblings get to spend their entire lives together? That’s the best!


Livia is such a playful girl.

She LOVES that feather teaser (she has that in common with Tricki).

Silly girl.

Whenever she hears the sound of the bells on the feather teaser, Tricki comes running.

She keeps her eyes on that thing. (She also jumps up after it, but the camera was not cooperating.)


Dennis keeps an eye on the girls from the safety of the fish cave.

This is just about Thomas’s favorite place to hang out – if he’s not curled up in this chair, he’s curled up on Fred’s bed.

Dennis on the cat tree, stretching after a nap.

Livia sniffs out the situation.

Thomas is all “Do you MIND?”

So far, things are going really well in the foster room. Livia has calmed down and I didn’t hear her hiss at all on Sunday, even though Thomas flopped down pretty close to her several times. This is great news, since it means that she can coexist peacefully with other cats*. I would imagine, if she’d been properly introduced rather than just being put into the room with Tricki, Dennis and Thomas, that it would have gone even more smoothly.

(I should add here that although I didn’t see it happening with my own eyes, Fred reported that Livia and Dennis were playing together yesterday afternoon!)

She certainly does love to be petted and loved on. She’s going to make someone a nice lap cat.

*She didn’t get along well with the permanent residents at all when she was here before; I imagine she felt that she needed to “protect” her babies, which can make a sweet mama kitty kind of tense toward other cats.


Look at the attitude on THIS one. “What do YOU want, lady?”

YouTube link.


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4-28-14 — 17 Comments

  1. Yass! My faves are the headers today! They look like an in-house, coffee shop jazz fusion organic funk band. Next to my 3/19 birthday bunch, these are my faves.

  2. If Toby and Sooty are 17 pounds each (and that is 17 pounds of handsome) — and Jack and Percy (Starksy and Hutch) are 17 pounds each – – I think it is time to fess up and show pictures of the nuclear power plant nearby. Your former fosters are HUGE!!!! I ditto on the herd of horses sound. 🙂

    • Yeah, there is something hinky going on at Crooked Acres. 17 pounds? That is a huge pile of love.
      Keep your eyes on the skies today and tonight my dear. Rough weather coming.

  3. Love seeing former foster beebees all growed up and HUGE. Living large, that’s what those two are doing!

  4. Awww, so glad to see the updates on former fosters. They look like they’re living the good life, terrorizing the household with their romps and clearly feeling confortable on the coffee table, the dining room table, etc. If THAT’s tolerated, that says “doting humans” to me.

  5. I have sibling kitties, but they just seem to tolerate each other. Of course, one is a torti/meezer, and crazy (love the crazy part of her), but her sister, is a tabby/torti, and so laid back. But they don’t snuggle, and only occasionally give an ear lick. I love them both, but they are SO different.

  6. I have three sibling sisters and they doen’t interact at all. Every time you post that video I have to watch it – several times!

  7. I have two sets of brothers. The oldest are going on 13 years and other than their first year together they don’t snuggle or do anything else together. If one licks the other (mostly ears) it always turns into biting within a minute, two at most, and then they’re done with eachother for several more months. They don’t fight or anything they just go about their separate lives.

    The other two are two years old now and still snuggle together all the time along with playing with eachother. I have a feeling they’ll stay that way. At least I hope so.

  8. Awww, CHARMING! Too bad they didn’t keep his name, because he definitely IS charming, still, now! Both of them are absolutely gorgeous!!!

    As is Tricki! Those black cats and tuxies sure are stunning!

    LOVE LOVE the pic of Thomas in the chair! So artistic, perfectly framed and with such interesting composition (the lines of the back of the chair at the bottom and the horizontal line at the top of the table edge).

    Isn’t it fascinating that cat siblings can be like human siblings? Some grow up and hardly have the time of day for each other, and others stay oh-so-close.

  9. Not liking the weather forecast I see for you down there today. Please take care of yourselves and keep us posted. Will be thinking good thoughts for all.

  10. I have sibling cats, and they were super snuggly and chummy until I brought Percy into the mix. Having 3 cats changed the dynamic, and though they are still somewhat snuggly with each other, the girls have changed their attitudes. Pandora seeks me out more than she does her sister.

    Sooty and Toby are sure handsome boys!

  11. Awwwwwwww Prince Charming and his floofy jabot!!! If I’d had the wherewithall then…… but no, Toby is perfectly placed in his furrever home with his sibling! Love, love, L O V E those two!