5-1-15 Friday

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I had a very distracted day yesterday (I found a inch of water coming from the hot water heater in the laundry room when I was scooping litter boxes, and we had a plumber come out, which knocked me off balance for the rest of the day. I like my routine!), so didn’t get a chance to do a Q&A post like I usually do on Fridays. I went back through and answered most of the questions asked as replies to the comments, so I’m not planning on making up the Q&A day this week (if I missed your question, feel free to post it again).

I will say that I do realize it’s been forever since I had a Crooked Acres post with pictures of the dogs and chickens and ducks. I’m planning to get out there this weekend to take pictures, so there’ll be a Crooked Acres post next week. We’ve had so much rain in recent months that standing water is everywhere, Fred can’t cut the grass (weeds) and it’s generally pretty unpleasant, so I haven’t been out there much at all. We’re slated to have a nice sunny, hot week, so hopefully things are turning around!


Look who’s two years old! It’s Da Norbs! (Aka Norbie, aka Norbert if you want to get TECHNICAL.)

Sending some 2 year pics of Norbie. This is still his favorite perch – must be on the chest or nothing at all, thank you very much!

Norbert in his sheet fort I told you about.

Pretty profile.

Handsome boy in the sunshine.

Can you guys even BELIEVE it’s been two years since Norbie was slipped in amongst Khaleesi’s kittens, thus causing her some vague confusion? The birth story is here. Now they’re all grown up!

Thanks, Kirsten, for the pictures. You know we love seeing his sweet face!


Do you remember Rhyme? He was one of the Bookworms, brother to Corbie and Reacher and Bolitar (Buster). They looked like this back in 2010:

That’s Rhyme in the back. Buster’s next to him (with his face partially hidden), Reacher is the gray tabby, and Corbie’s in front.

The Bookworms stayed with us for longer than kittens usually do, while we waited for them to convert to FIV negative (which they all did). They were practically grown by the time Reacher, Rhyme and Buster left us, and Rhyme grew into a gorgeous brown tabby (seriously, that whole litter was flat-out gorgeous).

(Fosters are not allowed outside, just so y’all know. But when they have the run of the house, they tend to figure out the cat door to the back yard whether we like it or not, and the Bookworms LIKED being outside. They gave me fits!)

Flirting with Elwood.

And flirting with Jake.

This is my favorite Rhyme post.

There was a lot of drama with the Bookworms being terrified at Petsmart and coming back home with me and at one point I had pretty much decided we were going to have to keep them all, but then Buster was adopted by someone who saw his picture in the cat book Challenger’s House has at Petsmart, Reacher was adopted by Kathy, and finally Rhyme (who was the least terrified of the four) went to Petsmart and was adopted in February 2011. (Corbie, of course, stayed here with us.)

I suspect a lot of you know what’s coming up next. That’s right, Rhyme was returned at the beginning of February this year due to a new baby (sigh) and an issue that was identified by a single trip to the vet. He stayed at the shelter, in the cat room, for a few months. I kept meaning to go up and see him and take some pictures, but never actually did. He went to Petsmart over the weekend, and I finally stopped by on Tuesday to see him. I got a few pictures through the glass, then went in to see him (and of course forgot to take more pictures).

He was nervous but sweet, and enjoyed being petted and kissed. I only stayed for a little while, and when I put him back in his cage, he was fine (though still a little nervous).

Then that very same night he was adopted, yay!

So hopefully that boy has gotten his real happy ending this time – and maybe we’ll get an update on him!


Psst! Louis, your zipper’s showing. People might figure out that you’re really a monkey in a cat suit!

Skelton (left), Shecky, and Louis looking on.

“Hey, mama, look! Look, mama, I gots a piece of litter on my lip! Litter! On my lip, mama! Isn’t that funny?!”

“Yeah, kid. Hilarious.”

Rickles checks to see if the milk bar is open.

Louis loves to fight with my slipper.

Belushi, up close.

I think something startled Rickles. He certainly looks worried, doesn’t he?

“GIMME that camera!”

They LOVE to climb into my lap and play-fight. Like there aren’t better places to do it, boys?


Videos! What does it look like when two kittens who are a month old fight? Well, it’s kind of like Gladiator, only bloodier and with more fur.

YouTube link.

Skelton is trapped. TRAPPED, I SAY. Won’t someone save this poor wee kitten?

YouTube link.


Jake likes to keep his Loons well-tuned.


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  1. I will never, ever, understand people who get rid of pets at the slightest inconvenience. A baby. Seriously? I had people *coughmymothercough* tell me I should get rid of my four cats at the time I was pregnant. I ignored her. My kid grew up happy and healthy with the cats, even after sleeping in a crib that had been warmed up by one, sampling the Cat Chow, and pulling fur out of her mouth on a regular basis. All was well and she has now lived to the ripe old age of 31 with no serious cat-related issues. *heavy sigh*

  2. Happy birthday Norbie and all the Dragons!!! One of my all-time favorite litters and mama!

  3. Norbie! My favorite birth story!

    Also, people who return pets after years shouldn’t be allowed to adopt again. I can understand when a pet is returned in the first few days, but not after its been a member of your family for years.

  4. What a regal, handsome fellow that Norbie has become! Great to see him. Those kittens will be running around like their tails are on fire soon.

  5. Many, many thanks to Norbie’s mom for keeping us updated! I love seeing his grown up superhandsome face and then going back to the archives to see him as the superadorable kitten he was. And then I’m always so amused by the rest of that litter and their kooky mama…err.. excuse me — the beloved Mother of all Dragons. πŸ˜€

    Well said, Dawn. There have been cats in my life since before I was born. I grew up with them around all the time. My parents fed strays and we had some permies and I don’t think there’s ever been a time in my life that has been cat-free.

    As a sidenote, I have asthma and allergies – but both are perfectly manageable with some minor adjustments (e.g. washing up after cuddling, not letting them sleep in my bedsheets, etc). Obviously I’m not at the extreme end for either condition; I do realize some people have it much worse and that would preclude them having cats… but I would always see giving one up as last last last resort, after having exhausted all other avenues. I think that’s a sign of a true pet lover.

    To me, people who’s first impulse is to get rid of the animal seem lazy & unintelligent. All it takes is a little research and effort to try & make the situation work. I think a pet, who is essentially a furry family member, deserves that much. Actually… what they really deserve is for people to do the research BEFORE they decide to get a pet. There are ways to determine if you have allergies before you make the commitment to bring one home.

    But, again, this is why I’m soooo grateful for organizations like Challenger’s House who make sure adopters know they can return the pet rather than get rid of them via other methods. I think it really helps shelters to know the true reason behind the return so they can use the info to find a better match in a new home.

    [Sorry, I got off on a tangent there… lol… us crazy cat ladies are passionate on the subject!]

    • good points….as someone in rescue, I say we would rather have them back than some other alternative. but can’t you at least try??? and don’t give me some stupid reason for the return to make yourself feel better…tell me the truth so I can help the cat get adopted again (or get him medical care or whatever). I had one woman adopt one of my foster kittens – then called me about 6 months later that the kitten was freaking out and not using the litter box. Turns out the dog was harassing the cat AND…they got her declawed when they told me they weren’t going to. I was all “give her back RIGHT NOW”. and the add insult to injury, this lady has the audacity to send me a text about a month later that they want another cat “but just not a calico cause that didn’t work out last time”. seriously???? The stupid – it burns!!! (yep – cat lady here….don’t get me started)

    • I’m allergic to cats, but adore them anyway. (I’m also allergic to pollen, but don’t really love it.) My biggest problem is that when Bubba licks me it itches. Lily and Khaleesi can lick me and I don’t itch, so I think that Bubba produces more dander than the others. (On the other hand, sometime I walk into a room and Bubba will sneeze, so we might be allergic to each other.)

      Both of my kids grew up with cats and they turned out fine (mostly).

  6. NORBS!!!! love that boy….and SO glad Rhyme was adopted again!! good luck buddy!

    kind of looks like Skelton is playing peek-a-boo in that second video

  7. Another crazy cat lady chiming in. Not only do I not get the mindset of people who return cats for such lame reasons…but I don’t understand how they can even do it. And what kind of relationship do they have with the cat(s) when they do have them that they can so easily drop them off after years. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

    But what I really wanted to say today is a BIG thank you to Robyn. I come here every day, rain or shine, and get entertained by adorable kittens, funny and sweet permanent residents, interesting and educational shots around Crooked Acres, and reams of text that is both entertaining and educational. Just saying out loud — sorta — I know this is a lot of work and a big time and energy commitment from you. THANK YOU!

    And sorry about the plumber.

    • Awww, thank you, Amy!

      And all in all, it could have been a lot worse. At least this was a relatively quick and inexpensive(ish) fix. πŸ™‚

  8. Our little Norbie is TWO YEAR OLD?! I can’t believe it’s been that long already! I still remember when his siblings were born and he came between two of them and suddenly there’s another baby. Khaleesi was a wonderful momma taking him in without an issue. Maybe she was just glad she didn’t have to pop that one out! I’m glad I got to see Rhyme! He’s a sweet little guy. Small for a man cat, but fully of personality. He purred the whole time he was being adored by his new family. He’s living with a dog brother now. The dog met him thru the cage door. Rhyme didn’t seem bothered. The dog wasn’t so sure. I bet they’ll be buddies in no time.

  9. Too eerie! Just as I clicked on my bookmark for love-and-hisses, I was thinking I miss Crooked Acres posts. Robyn, were you reading my mind? It must be ESP.

  10. Couldn’t agree more with all the comments about Rhyme being returned. They had a pretty lame & ignorant excuse. Some people just never understand that a pet should be a much loved family member for it’s entire life, not a possession to be discarded when it becomes inconvenient. Glad Rhyme was adopted so quickly. Hopefully he’s in a better place.

    I would like to point out, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, that Rickles has rather large paws for a boy his age. I might have to go out on a limb here and predict he’s going to be a big fella. Any of the others have big feet, or is he the only one?

    • You know, I took a look at their paws just now, and most of them have relatively small feet with longish toes. Rickles, on the other hand – that boy is going to be a giant!

    • Ahahahahaha!!! I’m sure that’s pretty familiar to lots of commenters here.

  11. NORBIIIIIEEEEE! You are a handsome heart-breaker, as we all knew you’d be.

    I’m pretty sure General Maximus would be so intimidated by those two little Gladiators! Scary! (Where do I sign up for Gladiator Camp?)

    Aw Rhyme, I’m so happy you have a new home!

    (LOL, I think Rickles’ startled looks might have something to do with him glancing down and catching sight of his ginormous feeties!)

  12. It’s great to see Norbs! He has grown up to be so handsome (and he was such a gorgeous kitten)!)
    And such great news about Rhyme – I hope we get updates. Glad you got a chance for a quick cuddle, Robyn – you must have put an adoption spell on him!

  13. One of my cats (Leeloo) came to me by way of her previous humans having a baby who was severely allergic to cats. Leeloo’s previous humans absolutely loved her. She had slept in bed with them, they bought her toys and furniture and tried different kinds of food to see what she liked best. They tried keeping the baby upstairs and Leeloo downstairs, and used strict washing protocols, but the baby was still reacting and the cat was often lonely.

    They’d gotten her from a shelter at 5 or 6 months old. By that time, Leeloo had already been in the shelter as a baby kitten, adopted by a different (military) family, and then taken back to the shelter a few months later when they got orders to move. Taking Leeloo back to the shelter a third time was the last thing her people wanted to do, especially as that particular shelter had a pretty high kill rate for cats, and Leeloo was an adult by that time. So they struggled with the baby and the cat and constantly washing their hands until they found the right home.

    When they brought her to me, they were sad to have to let her go. They gave me her favorite foods and toys and cat furniture, and they thanked me for taking her. I sent periodic updates on her progress for the next few months, and they were grateful.

    All that to say, sometimes it does break people’s hearts to give up pets. And sometimes they really have to. I know that’s not the case most of the time, believe you me. But I keep Leeloo in mind when I want to hate everyone who gives up their pets.

    • I try to just be grateful that they knew to bring them back to Challenger’s House – not everyone seems to remember (or care) that Challenger’s House will always take back cats – but sometimes I can’t help but put on my judgey pants. πŸ™‚

      • Oh for sure. It’s excellent that Challenger’s House has such a policy.

        I definitely also think about Leeloo’s first family. I mean, what, they didn’t realize that the military moves people around?! More likely, they knew they’d be returning any pet they adopted, and the shelter wanted to adopt a cat out more than they wanted to make sure a cat got a good forever home. (I don’t think much of that particular shelter, in case that isn’t obvious.)

  14. Oh the norbs. Always a sweet, sweet boy.

    I can see some of those subaru curves that you mentioned Kirsten. Still gorgeous though, so charismatic.

    And so glad that Reacher found his real family.

  15. *sigh* oh Norbie.. others may claim to love you, but none as much as I (well maybe Robyn and your mom)

    Zippers.. goodness I love those

    Lucy really does a good deadpan delivery doesn’t she?