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On Saturday:

It’s been almost 4 weeks since I dropped Simon and Garfunkel off at Petsmart, so I’m glad one of them finally went home. I hope Garfunkel gets himself adopted quickly, I hate to think of him being alone in that cage. I mean, I know he’ll be fine, but I think it’s time for his forever home to come along!


On Friday, Amy suggested that I start a “favorite videos” page, so I did! There are only a few videos on it so far – the ones she suggested – but feel free to suggest others! You can see the favorite videos page here.

I also started a “best of Love & Hisses” page, to link favorite posts. There are only a few links on that page, but if you have a favorite post that isn’t in the list, please let me know and I’ll get it added. See the Best of Love & Hisses here.

Both links are over there in the sidebar, too, below the “Adopted in 2015” section.


When I was looking for one of the videos on the Favorite Videos page, I ran across this one, and then I died.

YouTube link.

I posted it on the Love & Hisses Facebook page, and then Selena posted a couple of pictures!

Hook (aka Puff) finally grew into that big ole head!

And he shares his space a little better. In fact, he LOVES being close to his brother.

(That’s Flynn (who was Kohle when he was with us for a few weeks) being snuggled by Hook, by the way!)

And then Kirsten posted this:

I’m so lucky I got to see this cute boy grow up!

Then Kirsten emailed to ask if I’d been looking for this video of Norbie “ice skating” (and that was, indeed, the video I’d been looking for), and then she told me a hilarious story about how Norbie has her wrapped around his paw.

Norbs has always liked getting under the sheets when I’m making the bed – he thinks it is the best playground. Recently I started using an old, holey flannel sheet (as a vomit guard​​) that I spread out over the top of the bed. Norbie darted under it as he usually does, but because of the holes in this sheet it created an effect of a little laser show that he darted around “catching” all the dots of light. Very cute. But, I created a monster – soon he was running out to the living room and chirping at me to come back to the bedroom and wave the sheet for him. Anytime I headed towards that end of the apartment he scurried ahead, ready for the sheet.

I just started to picture myself as a servant waving a palm frond for Cleopatra! Eventually I gave up on the constant waving and created a pillow fort for him on the bed, so he hangs out under the sheet happy as a clam. Though not as happy as he is when I’m waving it around like a crazy person. So every day, just after breakfast he runs to the bedroom, I set up his pillow fort and wave it a bit. I’ll get ready for work – put the contacts in, wave the sheet, brush my teeth, wave the sheet, etc,etc.

Repeat in the evening after dinner. Claudette will often sit on the corner of the bed (not in the pillow fort as this is beneath her status as regal lady) – and I can almost read her thought bubble of “What an idiot!”

I mean, seriously, who do you know that creates a pillow fort for their CAT?! Oh yeah, probably you-with your stacks of cat beds πŸ˜‰

Norb thinks I drink too much caffeine, so he is trying to destroy my Starbucks gift card. (And yes, I am a grown woman with cartoon character sheets. They were cheap! and flannel !)
(I love Norbie’s crazy eyes in this picture!)

I love how in this photo his bikini bottom looks like a Pokemon character.

What I think we have here is a well-trained human. Good job, Norbie! Also, Kirsten, what’s the point of being a grownup if you can’t buy the cool cartoon character sheets you want? I love ’em!


Gorgeous Paul.

“I was NOT bunny-kicking my sister in the back of the head and making her cry. That would be WRONG.”

One lap, three kittens. They fit perfectly!

Scratcher-bowl full of Paul.

Peter with attitude.

And all three kittens, present and accounted for.

Pretty monkey.

Don’t they look so very innocent, as though they weren’t JUST biting and kicking each other?

Bunny-ears attempt. “Nawt funny, lady.”

Rough life, silly boy.

Yesterday, we put up the screen door at the bottom of the stairs, and opened the foster room door to let the kittens have the run of the upstairs. Those kittens were SO ready to be out of their foster room, and they came stomping out, the instant I opened their door. I spotted them all at the bottom of the stairs several times. At this point, I’m planning to wait a week before I start letting them out into the downstairs to explore, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to put it off for that long – they really wanted me to open that screen door for them! The only one who was at all skittish was Paul, who ran to hide a few times when he heard loud noises, but he came right back out quickly.

When it was my usual reading/napping time in the afternoon (which I always do in Fred’s room), they climbed up onto the bed with me (Mary needed a little help – they’re still pretty small) and they piled up on top of me while I read. At one point, Peter looked up and started complaining at me, so I made a short video. Crank up your sound to get the full effect of the cute little whiner.

YouTube link.


Jake really has no love for the camera. At ALL. “You stop pointin’ that thing at me, lady.”

The laser light drives Jake absolutely nuts – and Sugarbutt isn’t far behind. All Fred has to do is pick up the laser pointer, and Jake will come flying into the room with the crazy eyes.

YouTube link.


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3-9-15 — 47 Comments

  1. I love how Alice and her dignity were sitting so smugly above Jake and Suggie. And the little slappy sounds Jake was making chasing the dot.

  2. I hope you’ll add Caspian”s “What Happened” to the Best of Love & Hisses. In the meantime, I’m off to exercise my Kleenex skills with the news of Dennis’s adoption. And hooray for Paul Simon!

  3. Congrats Paul Simon! Way to go!
    Loved seeing Hook (Puff) on FB! And NORBIE….you are looking fab! Kirsten, don’t worry, you are not alone. Mine have me wrapped around their paws, too. Two of mine have their own forms of the “bed game”. Sidney, he jumps in the bed and whines at me till I come and “stalk” him. I have my hands up like a creepy stalker and act like I am going to snatch him. He leaps and hides behind a pillow. Repeat…repeat…repeat…etc. Then eventually, the sheet gets tossed over him and we wrestle through it as I giggle and say, “kick the kitty’s butt…”. Lola, every night, she likes me to pull the blanket across the bed as she pounces, digs and skitters after it (she is on top of it as I slide it). She would let me do this for hours if I was willing. My husband jokes that she is “slow” (which I give him the evil side-eyed look for) and says it’s a new game for her every night (as in she is so enthusiastic that you would think she has never played it before). She is crazy cute doing it with her ears and whiskers forward (she is VERY FLUFFY) and her kissable chunky paws pouncing about!

    As for the laser, Sidney is the same way. I show it to him and he runs into the living room onto the rug and starts looking at the ground for it. He is a very fast counter-clockwise twirler! πŸ™‚

  4. Such a cute Norbie video! And way to go smart boy, Kirsten is trained SO well!! (And, yes,not alone!). Also LOVE the foster and perm videos!! Watching big boys lose their minds over the laser…. never gets old!

  5. Norbie! Still so cute.

    My favorite posts are the ones where a previously-believed-to-be-pregnant cat is revealed as a big ole faker. They always make me laugh. And anything with Stompers or Tony Rocky Horror Pickle πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, that half-Puffstache kills me. Seems the wee Hookums certainly did grow into that head of his!

    NORBLES!! Gawd, how I love that little boy. Seeing him as a baby again just turned me into goo. So nice to see him grown up and loving life with his momma who spoils him.

    Mary’s face in that video as she watches Peter is so cute in it’s deadpan-ness lol

    I never knew Jakey had such moves! He’s quicker than I thought!

  7. The video of Maggie being taken down by the herd of marauding kittens needs to be in the “Best of”

  8. Yay and thank you for the video page!! And where was the ice skating video? I looked through almost two months of posts myself last week and couldn’t find it. I know you probably thought I was losing my mind – I know I did!! πŸ˜€

    Norbie!!! You are just the cutest little stinker! And don’t worry – my cats love to run around in the sheets whenever I make the bed. But unfortunately, they tend to make their own holes in my sheets if I don’t watch them and their claws closely!

    • It was posted on 5/31/13 – and I could have sworn I looked at that page and didn’t see it! Thank god Kirsten knew where it was. πŸ™‚

      • I had to go looking though! It was a terrible hardship looking at all those bratty dragons grow up again πŸ˜‰

  9. I don’t know how many were here and how many on the old blog (yeah, I’ve been reading THAT long!), but the whole “Senator Boogerton” scandal was the best series of posts ever written on a blog, ever. πŸ™‚

  10. Flookdate and a Norbie update. This makes up for it being Monday. And Daylight savings.

    Love seeing those big, gorgeous, healthy boys. Love seeing the brothers snuggle. But we need pictures of that pillow fort. Poor Kirsten, with a winter like this in Chicago no one begrudges you some hot starbucks.

    I’m picturing the trio hanging from the screen door like a bunch of fangirls at a bsb/nsync/nkotb show.

    So glad we finally have a new home for Paul Simon. He’s such a looker/sweetie, wonder what took so long.

    • I haven’t spotted them hanging – YET – but they do like to sit at the bottom of the stairs and watch the other cats go by!

  11. Fantastic story Kirsten! Love the updates. Robyn-my favorite video is whomever it was that was in the bathtub complaining when they were mere weeks old. I cannot remember names right now but it wouldn’t have been more than 3 yrs ago since that was when I started with you. I will look through the previous fosters to see if I can put a name on things and let you know.
    ***I looked through the past fosters and it might possibly be those teeny tiny Starks.

    • I found one of Jon Snow sounding like a seagull, and one of the four of them rolling around after I’d fed them, and added them both! They were an especially cute litter. πŸ™‚

      • Yes thank you. The Jon Snow one was what I was thinking of. I had thought there was also one where you were giving them baths and they did NOT want to be in that situation. Maybe I am remembering wrongly though.

  12. Fantastic post… so much good adoption news, wonderful updates on adoptees and current kitten pics — and permanent resident video too yet!!

    Kirsten, I love your sheet story so very much! I must say, however, that although I’m impressed with the lenghts to which you will go to entertain The Norbs, I am amazed at something else — namely, that you make your bed. Every. Day. (!!!) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  13. Best thing about coming home after work on a Monday (besides seeing my guys, duh)? This post. Full of awesomeness and nostalgic cuteness and little boopey noses and tucked under paws…*sigh*. Oh! And coming back from the dead! Yeah, the video of Puff and the Norbs just about did me in too.

    I just know the Stompers guest post is included…right?!

  14. The video of purring kittens and the creaky little complainer is just…the living end.

  15. Kirsten: I’m typing this on my phone, so it may come out wrong. My mom adopted a kitten two years ago that, sadly, does not like to be petted or held,and purrs rarely. However, the one surefire way to hear her purr is to put her up on the bed and toss the sheet over her as if you are making the bed. She comes alive with purring! And play-hunting our fingers through the sheet. It makes my 75-year-old mother laugh like nothing else. And Mom doesn’t laugh at much these days. Your comment about sheet-waving made me think of Mom and her kitty, and of joy. Norbert brings joy into your life,and Robyn’s, and mine, and most of us here. Far from being a silly thing, how lovely and right it is that you repay Norbie with joy in this way! (My goodness, I must be hormonal, because the whole thing just brings tears to my eyes.) tl;dr don’t let ANYONE EVER EVER make you feel silly about waving that sheet πŸ™‚ You are bringing joy into the life of a loved one

    • I’m just fake embarrassed-I love doing anything for all 3 of my goofballs. I’m glad your mom gets some happiness from her baby-pets are the best!