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Thanks for your suggestions for the Best Posts and Best Videos pages. I’ve updated both pages – if you suggested one and don’t see it on the list, let me know. I was kind of scattered yesterday, but I’m pretty sure I got ’em all.




“I’ve got this one! You get the other!”

“I killed that slipper, lady. I am a good killer.”

Mary: arbiter of fashion and killer of fashion faux pas.

“I coulda killed those slippers all by myself if I wanted to!”

Curly-tongue Paul.

“These is the fearsome teeth with which I killed the slippers.”

“And if you don’t stop touching my belleh, I will kill the hand, too!”

“Let go of me, lady, I wanna go play with that toy!”


Alice the Mo fits pretty perfectly in that bed. No wonder it’s her favorite!

Isn’t she purty?

YouTube link.


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2012: All told, it took less than a minute – possibly even less than 30 seconds – and the first time Fred went into the room after that, Emmy hissed at him, then let him rub her belly.
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3-10-15 — 15 Comments

  1. OMG, Mary the Slipper-Slayer! The “I killed that slipper, lady” picture just killed ME dead 🙂

  2. Mary’s expressions are just too funny. Must be the animal print that triggered something primal in her psyche.

    Love Alice’s black beans.

  3. If no one mentioned it yesterday, the 2011 flashback in today’s post should qualify for one of the best. “Bless his heart” Elwood in the puddle was a classic.

  4. I think Alice was in the same bed in the 2012 post? 🙂 (She IS absolutely gorgeous!)

    Speaking of 2012 — Emmy and those babies! Oh my heavens.

    And those current babies… well, they’re just adorable. And perhaps a teensy bit crazy 😀

  5. Grrrr, I are ferocious kitten! I love Mary’s crazy eyes, she is to die for, LOL. We got our russian blue, Elvis, when he was 8 wks old. Mary reminds a lot of him and his crazy kitten wildman act.

    • I had one that used to drag around her “kills” like a wild tiger drags a gazelle.

      Luckily a wounded Kleenix isn’t as messy but she couldn’t have been prouder.

  6. What a perfect day !!!!!

    Mary and the crazy eyes killing slippers !!!
    Peter banner !!!!
    Alice Mo jelly bean toes !!!!!
    Emmy and her bitty babies !!!!!

  7. Adorable killer kittens! And Alice would never commit a fashion faux pas: the bed matches her orange splotches.

    Question for the wonderful cat experts here: I recently adopted a 5 year old girl from a shelter. She hasn’t told me her name yet. She seems a mix of Siamese, Burmese, Tonk and all-American DSH, with a Burmese face, blue, slightly slanted eyes, mocha points and the rest of her coat is very dilute tortishell. (And yes, she is beautiful!)

    I just noticed that while her right eye is steady when she looks at me, her left eye moves very slightly back and forth horizontally – almost vibrating. She is not cross-eyed. Before I noticed this, I had taken her to the vet, who did not mention anything about this.

    She seems fine and has good vision. Anyone familiar with this sort of thing? I’d appreciate all thoughts. Thanks!

    • I have nothing knowledgeable to say except many congratulations and call your vet tomorrow and relate the anomaly.

    • I’m going to post your question on Friday, Webbthistle, but I can tell you that I don’t believe I’ve seen that, and you should probably call your vet to see what they say (and let us know what they say!)

    • for what it is worth I think it is a not too common problem among one of those breeds you mentioned.. but it is always a good idea to get things like that looked at and documented so if anything changes you know.

      • Thank you Kerry, Robyn and Connie! I will be interested in what others may say on Friday, too. I will be bringing her in to the vet early next week anyway for a quick checkup (following a tooth extraction) and will ask the vet then.

        I’ve just never seen anything like this in all my years of being owned by cats!

        BTW – she came with the shelter name Precious…and perhaps I will stick with that. She responds to it and more importantly, she is already very, very precious to me!