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Molly Monday!

Molly thought all the cat toys were awesome. Everywhere she turned, another toy! (Here, she’s got her head resting on a mink tail.)

Pretty girl.

Considering her next move.

We went to visit my aunt and uncle while my parents were here, and they have Tillie (she’s the Shih-Tzu greeting my mother) and Misty and Midnight, 13-week old black Labs.

“Hi, lady! Hi!”

Wiggly little puppies. SO cute.

Tillie’s all “What in tarnation is goin’ on over here?!”

Molly wasn’t sure what to think of those wiggly Labs.


“‘Scuse me, mister, that hand needs to be pettin’ us!”

Tillie’s not sure what she thinks of you.

Leapin’ Lab.


I just didn’t get many pictures of Molly this time around. But there’ll be a next time, and I promise to do better!


Kitten wheeskers in the sun.

I don’t remember what I was waving around to get their attention, but it was doing the job!

Angelo does his kangaroo impression.

All six of them in one picture! And all of them giving me a Look.

Another shot of all six.

“HALLO, THIS IS MY BUTT.” This is Mariette’s favorite move. Dennis was drawing back in horror. (I know it looks like she doesn’t even know he’s there, but trust me – she rubbed up alongside him and then turned so her behind was in his face. She does it ALL the time. When Fred goes into the room and lays on the floor, she’ll try to sit her butt directly on his head. She’s such a nut.)

Dennis has retreated to the blue tree, where he can be safe from Mariette’s back end.


Newt’s got the grumpies.


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3-10-14 — 25 Comments

  1. Geez, Mariette, not very subtle are ya? lol!
    Newt’s got a right to be grumpy, all his babies hatched and went away and all he’s left with are their empty shells! Come back baby chickie’s, come back! At least drop by for breakfast… heh heh heh

  2. Cuuuute kittens! XD And hi Molly *scritchies*. And hi shih tzu and little tiny labbies! I confess, although all the other critters are adorable and worthy of a bunch of love, the labs have stolen my heart. <3 They really are wiggly, aren't they? they stay that way for life, too. 🙂

    • I told Fred how adorable the labs were, and he got worried that I was going to want a couple. I don’t actually want my own – but I wish I lived closer to my aunt and uncle! 🙂

  3. My goodness – as if this blog couldn’t get any cuter…!!! LOL!!

    Awwww such adorable-ness all round! Take care

  4. That picture of Newt next to that bowl of eggshells could easily be captioned “I can’t believe I ate ALL the eggs!” and nobody would be the wiser! He certainly looks like he might have eaten too much (though I’m sure he didn’t).

  5. Thankfully I had just set the very full cup of coffee down before I scrolled to the “Hallo, this is my butt!” photo!! 🙂

    Molly had a very fun visit with various cousins, didn’t she?

  6. Personally, I think Newt picked that spot because the eggshells highlight his coloring. He’s not above vanity.

    I didn’t think labs were EVER that small. Even as puppies. So wiggly and cute.

  7. My sister’s very friendly cat Dobby loves to show you his butt as well. I narrate for her. “Hey, want to play a game? It’s my very favorite game! Guess what? It’s my butthole! Want to play a different game? I promise it’s different I think you’ll really like it IT’S MY BUTTHOLE!”

  8. Robyn, you’ve probably addressed this before, but how do the cats get along with George and Gracie?

  9. omg, lol… it’s dogapalooza! how come every Shih Tzu I’ve seen has that hilarious underbite? or is it a reverse underbite? lol, I don’t know but it makes me chuckle whenever I see it.

  10. I love it when cats are reminded there are other types of animals in the world other than cats like…dogs! Oh my a dog holy crap that is such a strange looking cat run run away!

    • I wish so much that I’d been videoing Sugarbutt’s face when my parents walked through the door with Molly. His blink of disbelief had me cracking up!