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I know you said it before, but wow, those long lean kittens with the triangle heads and huge ears.. gotta be some oriental or siamese in them! Are they talkers like siamese?

They actually aren’t talkers at all – occasionally Ferdinand will get frustrated and meow at me if I don’t sit down fast enough, and occasionally I hear Mariette’s voice (they both have husky little voices), but I don’t think I’ve even heard the other kittens’ voices.


Check this out. This fellow has 18 cats and had his house remodeled to accommodate them. The house is beautiful, I love his colors and all the plants (how does he keep plants with all those kitties?). I noticed right away there is no carpet, the floors are all tile. My favorite thing is the kitty stairs right over the bathtub.

I love the kitty stairs over the bathtub, and the spiral catwalk. And did I read somewhere that there’s a koi pond in the front entryway? Because that is just awesome.

Okay, the whole house. I love the whole house!


So.. what does the Stefan think of Molly?

Stefan considers Molly to be a big ol’ NOPE. He’s got no desire to be her friend, and the first day Molly and my parents were here, he’d ask to come inside, take one look down the hallway, and ask to go right back outside. I guess Stefan’s not a dog person!


I know this topic has been discussed many times in the 6 years I have been following your site daily, but my attempts at searching have failed. Cat pee. Specifically cat pee on my favorite leather boots. HELP. For some reason, (and surely not because I was lax at cleaning liter boxes…, face palm ). My male cat took to peeing in my shoe closet, and while most damage was to the carpet,which will have to be replaced, he managed to hit my favorite boots. I use natures miracle on fabric and carpet but does anyone have advice for leather ?

I have zero expertise on how to get cat pee out of leather, so I’m hoping someone out there has ideas? Please share!


Loving the Dragon banners!

I didn’t mean to make quite so many Dragon banners, but once I got started, I couldn’t stop! I still haven’t made banners for all the litters, but one day I’ll get around to it.

All the banners I made for the Dragons are below. Click on any of them to see it full-sized!














Also, in case you didn’t already know this, the banners that show up at the top of the page are random ones. I have been known to occasionally sit and hit refresh over and over, so I can see random banners. I know, I’m a dork.


Found this toe sucking kitten on Love Meow. aaaaawwww

YouTube link.

I’m sorry, did you mean to KILL ME DEAD? SO cute!!!


Just came across this cat adoption story and wondered if your kittens might not like a Fort Boximus?

I bet they would! I had a box in there for the Players, but moved it out in the interest of making space (and I was getting tired of moving it off the food bowls, because they like to rearrange everything in their room). Clearly I need to up my game.


Are the Players perhaps a touch too big to be introduced to the Permanents? Just wondering if they’ll get to be out and about before heading off to Petsmart.

The only reason the Players haven’t had the run of the upstairs yet is because I knew my parents (and Molly) were going to be visiting, and I wanted to be sure the cats had the upstairs as a “safe” space – which we couldn’t have done if we’d had the upstairs blocked off for the Players. We’ll probably give the Permanents the weekend to recover, and then block off the upstairs to start giving the Players more room to roam. Depending on how that goes, we’ll likely eventually see about giving them the run of the house. That’s assuming that space doesn’t open up at Petsmart first, of course.


Do you SEE the size of that back foot? I swear, it’s bigger than mine!

Speaking of feet, I have GOT to get a picture of one of the other Players’ front paws, next to one of Dennis’s front paws. Because they have these long, long fingers and big ol’ paws, and Dennis has these tiny, delicate paws. I think he’s not going to be a very big cat.

Speaking of Dennis, I love the way he goes up that cat tree.

Why jump, when you can just pull yourself up?

Orlando, having Deep Thoughts.

Dennis and Ferdinand. Once again, Dennis NOT in the wall bed! Will wonders never cease?

“Hallo, lady, is time for pettins?” Angelo has gone from the scaredest scaredy-cat, to the friendliest, snuggliest boy.

Orlando, where’d your ears go?

There they are. Bunny ears!

“Not really impressed with this, lady.”

Maria’s got a toy.

And she likes it.



Awww, look at cute little bunny, Corbie. Who has pretty much NOT been seen since my parents and Molly got here. Big baby.

“I ain’t skeered o’ that dog. I just don’t want to scare HER with my tough mancat ways.”


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3-7-14 — 18 Comments

  1. Corbie’s winter coat is just fab!
    Love the bunny ears!
    The thumb sucking kitten about killed me dead. Especially his little meow at the end! Gah!
    Love all those dragon banners. My two favs are the one where you have three pics of the babies nursing and each pic they are progressively bigger. My second fav is Scorch…where the last pic he is in his bed with his feet in the air. That pic slays me!

    • I might do the dancing video. Starting 9 yrs ago, when I found Emma, I have always danced with her. I put her upright with her paws on my right shoulder (my left hand under her bottom) and all I have to do is put my right hand out (palm up) and she will automatically place her left paw on top of it for me to hold. Then we dance around the room. We both enjoy it.

  2. Dennis is gorgeous…reminds me a bit of the MOST gorgeous cat in your house: the beautiful, amazing Corbie!!

    • He does! I often, for the first second, think it is Corbie I am looking at and not Dennis.

  3. Gah, the Norbert banner just slays me!! That is going to be one of my favorites, along with the Stompers banner, and I will get all excited and smiley every time it randomly pops up! 🙂

  4. love the Dragon banners….but they sure did seem to have some serious complaints. 🙂

    Poor Corbie – maybe someone should tell him that he might actually be bigger than the dog. MOL

  5. I look at the floor of the foster room and it’s just so bare. No cat trees, toys or soft places to sleep. Poor things, obviously no one cares about them with their giant ears and ridiculously long tails.

    If no one steps in they’ll end up like Corbie; smug, happy and loved. Oh and really, really pretty.

  6. Hi Robyn,
    I am sitting in the Hong Kong airport and finally have a chance to log on. first site I went to ? L&H of course! Makes me feel not so far away. Heading home today. I sent you a postcard. It truly was the very least I could do 🙂 Looks like everything at crooked acres is running along just fine. Love the banners. I had hoped to see three new adopted banners but oh well. It will happen.

  7. Hey Robyn,
    I just wanted to say, you have inspired me to become a foster for cats when I get my own place.
    However, I have no idea how to go about it! If you, or the L&H community can give me some tips, I would very much appreciate it!
    Just fyi, I live in Southern California, in the San Bernardino County. If anyone knows any shelters that have foster programs down here that I can contact, that’d be great!

    • it is good to have a room where you can isolate kittens if you have cats in your home. Most people don’t.. but I highly highly recommend it. Next, find a shelter with a foster program and talk to them,. Find out what is provided for and what will be expected of you, and see if that works for you. Some shelters pay for everything, some nothing. Some expect you to take kittens to adoption events until they are adopted, some take them back once they are of size…

      then get a good camera, and be ready to laugh and cry and be happy and frustrated and sucked in by a world that you can’t ever escape 😉

  8. Does Maria have the Kong Crinkle Fish? I finally picked up some today, and they are a big hit with the cats, even the one who is usually too “cool” to play with toys.