I apologize for the length of this movie, but I am no movie editor; I just dumped it to a file and uploaded it. If you want to hear the peegs grunting as they run up to me, crank your volume up. This is from yesterday, when I took a sliced apple, a ton of grapes, and a bagel out to the pigs. That little one sure does like his grapes.

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Dear Robyn: As you know I am highly opposed to these pigs, but whatever, my question is…why must you feed them people food? Is there some reason? Don’t they sell Pig Chow? I mean, you can’t be serious that you are actually buying full price GROCERIES for swine? Sincerely, Pig Hater.


I was wondering, too, why you don’t feed them Pig Chow? I didn’t think it was too expensive and it’s got everything needed for healthy pigs. You can always give them treats of table scraps.


Here in Milwaukee, many grocery stores have “seconds” tables set out reduced produce/bakery. (Usually a smaller market will do that but not usually the big ones.) Maybe a stores in the bigville does it and stores in smallville don’t. Good luck – seconds can be a great deal if you dig deep enough on the table.

I guess I forgot to mention the fact that we actually do feed them Pig Chow (or whatever it’s called); that’s their main source of food. They have that available to them all the time in the bowl by their shelter. The other stuff I buy – bagels, fruit, vegetables, is in addition to the pig feed. Because it’s the law here at Crooked Acres that all animals must be fed and fed well for all the days of their lives.

We have a bakery thrift store near where Fred works, where they sell bakery stuff for rock-bottom prices. It’s where we get our bread, and Fred was there earlier this week but didn’t see anything worth buying to feed the pigs.

I promise, I do NOT buy full-price groceries for the pigs, I buy stuff that’s on sale or about to go bad, so it’s marked way down. Also, they get our leftovers.


I have a question for tomorrow that might really be more for Fred, but I thought maybe you could answer it. Is there any aspect of “you are what you eat” with respect to the pigs and the quality of their meat? I mean, does the quality of the pig meat (which you guys will be eating!) change with what you feed them? Can you make it leaner and/or more nutritious if you give them healthy grains and veggies vs. Little Debbie Snack cakes? Just curious.

As mentioned above, the main source of their intake is the “Pig Chow” we leave available for them in their bowl, as well as the stuff they dig up from their yard (pigs like to eat roots, among other things). The majority of the people food we give them is fairly healthy – fruits and vegetables with bagels tossed in because they like them so much. The Little Debbie snack cakes are a more occasional treat specifically chosen because the pigs can take them directly from Fred’s hand and they’ve already come to know that when he does that (holds food out to them), it’s ’cause he’s got something good to eat.


Those are going to be the most spoiled piggies on the planet. The pictures of them frolicking in their yard too cute. Do they have names?

As of last night, they are named! Meet:

Hock Hudson.

And Hamuel (“Ham”) L. Jackson.


“I am former Senator Stanley J. Boogerton, and I disapprove this message.”


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