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The number one favorite cat toy in the house these days seems to be the catnip banana. It lives in or near the downstairs hallway most of the time, and you can often look down the hall to see one cat or another laying there, licking it and getting hiiiiiiiigh.

Spanky and the nanner.

Corbie’s turn. He closed his eyes, but if they were open, you’d see how glazed they are after a session with the nanner.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Remember how happy I was to replace the rug that was in the foster room with foam squares? It held up admirably for about a week. Then the Brady’s started sharpening their claws on it, but it still held up pretty well. And THEN they started pulling the borders off so that every time I went in there, I’d have to put one or two borders back on.

Then when the Bradys were given the run of the house, someone (not necessarily a Brady, it could have been anyone, but I suspect Corbie or Reacher) started bring the borders downstairs and leaving them by the back door.

All of which was annoying but something I could put up with.


Then came the day I found a small chunk missing out of one of the borders and then found a puddle of barf with the chunk in it. And before you could say “What, the 300 bowls of cat food laying around the house isn’t enough for you pigs?” I grabbed up all the foam squares and dragged them out to the garage. Then I went to Walmart and bought a cheap area rug ($20) and put it in the foster room.

And all of that to say that, look? Doesn’t that cheap Walmart rug look nice in the foster room, and could Corbie be any prettier?

I think not.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Give someone else a turn at the catnip banana, wouldya?!”


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3-7-11 — 12 Comments

  1. Ok, I have the interlocking mats but I use them when I work out. I cannot leave them within reach of one of my cats as he chews all the interlocking bumps off…then widdles it down to nothing. I didn’t know they made borders…but they would have just been chewed up too. He has now moved onto shredding magazines….sigh…..

  2. But as an intrepid reporter, you have to get the whole story out there! Sorry the squares didn’t work out but the new rug looks great. And, yes, sharing is good… often not forthcoming, but good!

  3. “hiiiiiigh”
    I think I need to get one of these bananners for my kittehs.

  4. Okay, with all of this banana-huffing how long with it be until Corbie winds up talking about his mercury surfboard, tiger blood, the fact he is a warlock, etc?
    Just wondering…

  5. LOL! I love the mental picture of a cat carrying around a piece of foam flooring! He/she was obviously trying to build a fort outside but couldn’t get the pieces out through the cat door! Oh my!

    As for Corbie, yes, he is GORGEOUS! However, I still can’t adopt him since I am at my limit of two. Sorry. I hope he finds his home, although I suspect he already has. After all, 13 isn’t that much more than 12!

  6. Yay for banana nips!!!! Your adventures with the foam squares are hilarious!! Sorry – but they did give the kitties such fun!! LOL!! Awwww Corbie is stunning!! Take care

  7. I’m a long-time reader of your blog, and I’m hoping maybe you (and the other readers) can help me. We have two female cats, 3.5 years old and 1 year old, and three weeks ago, we adopted another 6 month old female. My older cats seem to be used to the kitten, but the kitten still seems deathly afraid of my older cats. Feliway Spray has calmed her down some, but she’s still scared. I’m not sure how to help her, and I’m very against returning her to the shelter. Should I try secluding her again, and reintroducing after another period of time? Or do you have any other experiences/tips to share?

    • Hi Andrea, it’s very important to take a lot of time to introduce a new cat to an existing cat household. This guide is helpful and recommends starting the process over again if things go awry, as they have for you. Hope it helps!

  8. OMG -is that CORBIE? why did no-one ever mention he was GORGEOUS?!! Where might a resident of Oz purchase a nip-nana, Miz Robyn?
    Andrea, can you not wait it out a while longer? Have the older cats ever attacked the kitten that she should be so scared? I think supervised “get-to-know-each-other” times and just patience might be all you can do. If the house cats aren’t threatening the kitten all you can do is wait for her to get used to them. Maybe wipe them down with a towel and put it in the kitten’s bedding or actually put one of their blankies on the kitten’s bed?

    • I know. I know. How come we were never told about the loveliness which is Corbie? I mean, he’s even gorgeous when he is zonked out of his gourd on the ol’ nip nana, when few cats hold on to any shred of beauty!

  9. Yep! Cheeky Robyn kept the Corbie secret all to herself…;)