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In the comments recently, Mary said:

You are certainly responsible for the happy life our two kitties have here. I’d never had a cat until I read your blog. You should do a poll and see how many cats have homes with people who read your blog and decided they needed a cat (or two) in their lives! I bet there’s a lot of us!

So here’s your poll. I’ll be quite interested to see your answers!

Have you adopted a cat because of Robyn?
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Two things of note: (1) I have felt faint baby movement in Kate’s abdomen. I’ve felt it several times now – at first I thought it was just a muscle moving, but it’s definitely babies moving around in there.

(2) She’s gotten obviously wider. I don’t know that it’s obvious in the pictures, but when I’m sitting in the room hanging out with her, it’s very obvious to me.

“Look, taking pictures of a pregnant lady looking wide is extremely RUDE and I would recommend you STOP.”

“I said STOP IT.”

“Seriously, do I need to have you tossed in prison?”

See all that litter scattered across the rug? I’ve been vacuuming every single day since I got back from Wisconsin. Girlfriend likes to scatter the heck out of litter. I thought about moving the litter box to the closet – which is how we usually do it – but then I was concerned that she’d give birth in the closet, and it’s cold and dark in there and I didn’t want her to, so I’m keeping the closet door closed and just dealing with the litter.

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Sugarbutt always looks so happy when he’s sleeping soundly on Alice Mo’s bed. I’m sure Alice Mo was nearby, fuming over having her bed stolen from her.


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3-7-13 — 47 Comments

  1. I belong to the “Just want to click on something” group. We already had Simba but knew we wanted more. I *thought* that I wanted a girl, a torbie, someone just like the late great Madame Einstein. And then I met skinny, creaky, old man black cat Norman. This was right around the time of the Peppers gang… and Norm came home with me because I learned about the prejudice against black cats here. It was honestly something I’d never thought about, never considered. Best decision I ever made (well… except for the kamikaze attacks on my food and old man gas πŸ˜‰ )

    The fostering and the Ruby that came afterwards? TOTALLY Robyn’s fault.

    • Obviously I need to do a “Robyn convinced me to foster/ Robyn didn’t convince me to foster/ I don’t foster/ I want to click on something” poll. πŸ™‚

      • Yes, you do! I had kitties when I started reading your blog, but reading about all the fosters you had was what convinced me to start fostering. πŸ™‚

      • You’re also responsible for Whiskers in the Window. So when I need some time off, I’m going to ask you cover for me… okay? πŸ˜‰

      • Yes, you’re responsible for our fostering! Our third foster just found her forever home. I cry every time I have to give them up (does that ever stop?), but I’m so glad we’re able to give them a happy holiday before they go ‘home’.

        • YAY! for all the fostering that came about because of this blog!!

          (and if you ever stop getting emotional at giving up a foster, then I’d say you are getting burnt out)

  2. Love the questionnaire although I didn’t quite fit in to your categories. I had one cat (Balinese) , when he passed we got two ragdolls, now one of them departed last august we have a new house member who is a moustachioed tuxie. I’m allergic to my cats but I fix it with meds. The longer I’m around them the less meds I need, but now it’s hay fever season coming anyway.I think I started reading your blog when we had one cat, but I seriously cannot have any more fur in the house. Especially as I don’t clean up enough.
    Being from England too I can read your blog and not feel guilty about not being able to adopt any of your fosters, although I still want them all.

    • Clare thats me too – There is always one kitten in the litter that I would love to take home but a) in uk same as you and b) I can’t have pets where I live πŸ™

      Although with the upcoming litter it’s Mum I’d want to take home with me as she is a cutie!

      I live vicariously through Robyn and the other foster blogs I read instead! πŸ˜€

  3. I belong to the β€œJust want to click on something” group, too! However, it was “blocked” here at work, so add a click in that category for me. I already have 3 cats (which is the limit for my home – yeah, yeah, I know you scoff at just three! πŸ™‚ ). I do get my “fix” for more here and every litter there is one I die for (Corby, Dandelion, etc). Your blog makes me happy! If I could only look at one website on the internet, this would be it!

    Kate is soooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful! Ok, I want her too, and one of her babies…sight unseen! πŸ˜‰

    Suggs looks mighty comfy!!!

    • I will add, that I will always have cats. I know that when I get older and fear that I won’t outlive my cats, I think I will foster (that I give you credit for). That way, I can always have cats – the PERFECT pet – not worry about what happens to them when I die (biggest concern), and help out kitties in need.

  4. You should have added “I would love a cat, but I’m worried my dog would eat it”

    I would seriously risked it if I lived closer for Augustus Floof………….

  5. I belong to the “I just want to click on something!” group too. I have three cats, and would love more, but my old man grumpus Pumpkin is 13 and he’s a bit of a Crankshaft and a bully with the other two. (Clio puts him in his place, though, and she’s half his size!) I do not want to bring any newbies into the house until he’s gone over the Bridge. He’s an old man, he’s earned a little peace and quiet.

  6. I belong to the group of “yes I already had a cat but Robyn convinced me that several aren’t so bad.” I already had 3. But I began reading her blog and originally wanted Kennebec/Lunk, but he was just a kitten and I wanted an older, more settled cat, but I followed Robyn’s blogs about Kennebec, watching him grow, and then he got adopted. But I was hooked on the blogs and got to reading about Sungold, but then couldn’t take him away from Mr. Stripey, so I adopted them both. Then Kennebec/Lunk came back!! I had a dilema, but realized my limits and now, thankfully, Kennebec (MY cat!!!) has been adopted again. Whew! Now she’s got me hooked on gardening. Lord, what’s next? πŸ™‚

  7. I just clicked something. I have 3 kittehs already πŸ˜‰

    But your site does make me think that 3 kittehs aren’t really that many!

    • I have three and I thought that Robyn would just laugh and laugh when I said that was the limit for my house. Scoff cuz three is far from her 13! LOL

  8. “Alice Mo, she’s a cal-i-co
    And she’s mad as hell
    Cuz Sugarbutt won’t go.”

    thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week.

  9. We need more pictures of Alice Mo fuming!! Since tomorrow is TGICD (Thank God it’s Corbie Day), could you perhaps find a pic of Alice Fuming at how gorgeous Corbie is?

  10. I didn’t vote because there wasn’t a: “I had cats before Robyn and I’ll have cats after Robyn and I’m not going to blame her for my cat addiction. I’m just here to see pictures of adorable cats (cat porn). And enjoy some snark.” option

  11. If we did not already have 2 cats in which one is not too fond of the other, (there is much hissing and much stinkeyes from the old one to the younger one for just walking near her) your blog most definitely would have convinced us to get 2 more cats!

    Oh and Miss Kate up there is a BEAUTIFUL cat, love love love her long black coat and her eyes! She would be the type of cat I would adopt in a heartbeat!

  12. I have three rescues and though I dearly want more (50 would be nice…) I know my Duchess will shun me if I bring another kitty home though.

  13. You posted the picture of Hoyt returning to Challenger’s House and I could NOT resist driving to Alabama and picking him up and making him my sweet boy forever! 3 years ago this month and I’m still totally obsessed with my “right up there with Corbie” beautiful talking tiger bebe. Love him SO much! Thanks Robyn πŸ™‚

    • One of the many day-making posts here! Michelle, we saw some lovely pictures of Lynn’s Crooked Acres alums this week. Could I be greedy and ask you to send Robyn some newies of handsome Hoyt?

      • YES!!! PICS!!! I loved the True Bloods sooooo much! I even donated to their cause!

  14. My answer is complicated so I picked the “I just wanted to click on something” option and figured I’d explain. Somehow I found Robyn’s blog last year. It was the best thing for me as I was going through a rough time. I needed kitties in my life so it was perfect. It all started with Newberry. Then the Pickles and Weeds were so beautiful. Next, Kelly created her blog and I fell in love with Henry and Eloise. I love the tabbies. There had always been talk of pets in our family but my husband kept saying “We’ll be able to get a cat when we get a dog”. The kids wanted both also. Well, I didn’t figure the kids would be the ones taking care of these animals in the long run so it had to be just right for me. I wasn’t sure our house was ready for a dog but I began searching Petfinder and other local shelter websites for both puppies and kitties. Then my daughter’s friend down the street announced her cat had had kittens. We went to visit them. There were 3 of them but no tabbies. I thought about it for 2 days and decided yes-and I took the black and white one. I am very happy with my decision. We still don’t have a dog yet though. I’m not sure my house is ready for one still:) So thank you Robyn AND Kelly!

  15. I belong to the “I just wanted to click on something” crew. Something with BEAUTIFUL PICTURES. That’s one of the things that makes your blog one of the first ones I look at every morning. We already have 4.5 cats, and I’ve been told NO MORE by my husband. In his defense, he is allergic to cats. But he loves them just as much as I do and wouldn’t live with out them either – there’s just a limit to what his allergies can bear! (I’m allergic to dogs, but we have 3 of those for the same reason – I can’t live without them! What the heck – when you’re allergic to so many other things, what’s one more allergy?)

    I should explain the 1/2 cat – Tiger is the VERY friendly & loving, oldster from the crew of outdoor cats at work I’m trying to find a home for. He’s 10-11 years old and I didn’t think he’d survive another winter outside. He’s been literally been BEGGING for someone to take him home for YEARS. I finally convinced my husband to let me see if he could acclimate to an indoor life. He’s fine around my other cats, but since he lived outdoors for so long, he just can’t fully relax around my 3 BIG dogs very well. Since he deserves to live out his years stress free, so I’m trying to find a more comfortable home for him. For now, he’s living in our guest suite. I’ll hate to see him go ’cause that boy is a LOVER.

  16. You didn’t have a category for me! I’ve never been without a cat(s)! However, you do have me thinking about volunteering with our local cat rescue (not fostering because of space issues).

  17. Kate is so PRETTY!! I want to touch her (with the fangers)! Even if she has quite the attitude.

    Sorry Alice Mo. Suggie’s in your bed……yo?

  18. You need another choice on the poll: I already had cats but Robyn convinced it was awesome to foster.

  19. Pretty Kate doesn’t want you to take her picture even though she has luminous golden eyes and silky black fur… it’s just not fair. Kate, you’ll be back to your svelte self in no time!

  20. We’re full up on cats here but The Mr. Stompers entries had me sorely tempted to drive down and snap him up. Then he was snapped by someone else so YAY Stompers, sad me. BUT! Through the Facebooks, I saw “Operation Zelda” and let my friends, who have lost 2 kitties in a short time and found out their old man cat is very ill, know about Zelda and the tongue of love. They were the ones who adopted her, so I guess I’d need an option that said “is directly responsible for a kitten/cat getting adopted.” Even if Zelda was technically not a Robyn cat.

    • Boo, thank you for sending your friends Zelda’s way! And have you had the chance to meet that sweet girl?

  21. I clicked I just want to click something too. In the thirty-three years my husband and I have been together we have only been the first 6 weeks without a cat. Before we got Elphaba our current cat the week of Halloween 2006 we’d lost a tiny black cat Guenevere who loved being an only cat dearly. I tried to be cat less for a few days (tired of kitty litter changing) but I couldn’t stop crying and ended up at the shelter. Elph was the only adoptable kitty and I wasn’t familiar with torties and thought she was a little odd looking. She needed a home and I needed a kitten (with two dogs it’s just easier to assimilate a young one). Now I think she is adorable. The most cats we’ve ever had was five but that included a pregnant stray who had kittens and was with us for a short while. Sometimes I miss having two cats. Aside from our first pair Cleo (the Kate look alike) and Sylvester a long haired buff boy who were lovers I swear my other pairings didn’t go so well. The dogs are a lot of work too. Sometimes I miss the cats only days(our first fie years while we rented) but my husband loves dogs best. Cats only is a deal breaker for him. With the exception of our buff guy all the cats have been black or some form of it-a couple of tuxes and now the tortie who is mostly black with just a little orange and tan.

  22. I chose the second choice… but technically I already had multiple cats, but my deep, deep love for Loony Jake convinced me to adopt the gray boy I saw at Petsmart. And boy, is he a sweetheart.

  23. I have seven cats, 5 when I started reading your site years ago. I think the spud was 14 or something like that! Now I have 7 cats, one of which you shared on your site and I adopted from Gail E. She has become the love of my life (like your Ms. Poo!) my Lillith. After her we found another kitten from a lady who was rescuing ferals and adopting them after she fixed them. She is a silver tabby and stole my daughters heart. Last but not least, once I moved back to Utah, a Nebelung adopted me, whom I named Harriet. No idea where she came from, skin and bones, matted and a scratchy froggy meow. Its been a year now and she thinks she is the queen of the castle! I love all my babies, and can’t imagine my life without them!

  24. Not sure what the “just want to click something” option means. In my case, I already have a cat and I’m not allowed any more. πŸ™‚

  25. I read every entry because I love knowing there are wonderful, generous, compassionate cat-loving people out there. I fall in love with all the cats and kittens (I’d take Baby Beans in a second if I could) and I love reading their stories and seeing your fabulous photography. You have a dream life!

    Ahh – I wish I could foster – but I’ve 12 cats, all but one rescues. I’ve no more room and not enough income to feed and vet more than I have. My kitties are aging, and every one is dear to me. We all thank you!

  26. While Robyn is not directly responsible for me getting cats (or more cats), this blog and Robyn did help me to get through the period where I had adopted cat #2 who did NOT get along with cat #1. There was no way I was going to give up either of them but knowing that there is a household where lots of cats do eventually learn to get along really helped me be patient.

    They’re still not best buddies or anything, but they tolerate each other and they’re both happy, which is what counts, right?

    And, if I ever live somewhere that it is possible for me to foster, I will do so. And THAT desire is directly fueled by Robyn and this blog.