3-6-13 – Crooked Acres Wednesday

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Crooked Acres Wednesday!


How could you possibly not love that face?

Why drink fresh water out of the water bowl when you’ve got an entire pond of water that tastes like catfish poop?


George is totally frustrated because he wants to lick Fred’s face, and he’s being restrained.

Tiny (normal-sized) Arnold, among the behemoth Cornish crosses.

Cornish cross.

Tiny Arnold.

Arnold can actually walk underneath the other chicks now.

Getting stink eye from the one in the middle, and that one over to the right.

The baby chicks are doing fine. The Cornish crosses are growing at a staggering rate. I only went without seeing them for three days, and I was blown away by how much they’d grown in that time. We haven’t moved them to the back forty yet because the weather’s been too cold for that. I’m hoping it warms up so we can get them moved – I’d like them to have plenty of outside time before they head off to Freezer Camp in 4 – 6 weeks or so.

The ducks are doing fine, as well. They spend most of their time out on the pond or in their shelter. The hens keep laying eggs, which Fred keeps removing. We just do not need any more ducks – 4 is the perfect number, since they’re purely for entertainment purposes and we won’t be eating them.

I thought the light was neat in this picture.

This bag of thistle seed is hanging right outside the side door. The Finches are loving it, which drives the cats nuts.

I love this picture of Newt (which I took) so much that I got it on canvas.

Eagle Vulture, eyeballing the chickens – or trying to, since all the chickens were hiding from him. (PS: I meant to say “Hawk”, not “Eagle” – I don’t think I’ve ever seen an eagle around here! Which is a moot point, because it’s not a hawk either!)

Squirrel, making plans.

Shimmying down the cord to the bird feeder.

Checking for seed.

Luckily there’s some – but not much! (And by the time this guy was done, there wasn’t any left.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


“Did you hear the timer go off? No? Well, PERHAPS that means they’re not done yet, ya think?”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There’s so much about this picture that needs explaining. First, I decided that we needed binoculars so we can see what’s going on in the pond, if need be (this, after Fred had to traipse out there to see if the wood ducks that had shown up were still present.) I told Fred to find a good pair and send me the link. When he did, I ordered them. I had no idea how huge they’d be! So I took a picture of them next to Tommy, to show that they are, indeed, really big.

Secondly, the blue “cape” around Tommy isn’t actually a cape, it’s a soft cone. Tommy’s got a spot on his neck that he’s been messing with, and it turned into a big scab. The vet gave him a shot to help with it, but Tommy kept messing with it and making it worse. We put the Bite-Not collar on him for a while, but it’s so restrictive that all he did was sit around and look miserable. So then we put the soft cone collar on him, and it was better, but he was still pretty unhappy. Fred turned it around – so it was like a cape – and it’s less restrictive that way, but still stops him from worrying that spot on his neck, so that’s how we’re using it for now, at least until the spot heals all the way.


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3-6-13 – Crooked Acres Wednesday — 34 Comments

  1. But, but, but … where will the kangaroo(s) go? I need to see that part of Crooked Acres.

  2. Awwwww…I’ve missed George and Gracie! Hi kids!
    Stink eye – did you not notice the guy center left? Biggest stink-eye giver of the bunch in my opinion!
    Arnold has lovely eye-liner!
    “Did you hear the timer go off? No?… ” hahahahahahahha

  3. Um, I think you need to take a closer look at the “eagle”. Looks like a vulture to me!

    That is an awesome photo of Newt. I think you took one of Coltrane in the same pose?

    I sure wish Kate would tell us when she put those “buns” in to the oven!

    • I meant to say “hawk”, actually – which is a moot point, since it’s not a hawk, either. 🙂 All birds of prey look alike to me!

      I’m sure I did take a picture of Coltrane in that same pose – he really liked sitting on the fence posts, too.

  4. Sorry, Robyn, but that’s a turkey vulture. The red head is the key to identification from that angle… From the front, they have what’s called a tetrahedral flight profile…. kinda like when you put your inner wrists together and fingers apart to make a bird shape. Hawks and eagles have a much flatter flight profile… kinda like this… —-o—-…

    Aside from that, it’s good to see George! And Newt! And Arnold! And that caped crusader Tommy!

    • Fixed it! (Though I did mean to say “hawk” rather than “eagle.” Proofreading is a skill I should probably learn, some day. 🙂 )

  5. Tommy is clearly insulted that you disrespected his SuperSight by placing those binoculars beside him. He can see the pond, darn it!!!! You could have just asked him what was happening 😉

    Glad to hear Kate set the timer. Now if she’d only tell me where it is, I could win the baby naming contest.

  6. Poor Tommy – from the cone of shame to the cape of disrespect. sigh…. 🙂

    Love the Newt canvas – that is very cool. Kisses to George & Gracie

  7. In that second picture of Kate, she is TOTALLY cocking one kitty eyebrow at you to underscore her sarcastic tone of voice. You know, that voice in your head? Which she put in there while you were mesmerized by her golden eyes.

  8. Love Kate’s sense of humor! 🙂

    So, do you at least eat some of the duck eggs? Yum!

    Since George and Gracie are known as BWD (Big White Dogs) among my fiber friends…perhaps the bird is just a BBB (Big Black Bird). We have hawks and vultures here in the city, too, and it takes me a minute to figure out which one I’m seeing…so BBB.

    • seeing as how many many birders use “LBJ” (little brown jobbie) or LBB (little brown bird) to describe all the various little sparrows and such that they can’t sort out, I think BBB is appropriate!

    • I use them to bake with. They have an unusual flavor, so I don’t eat them as breakfast, but they’re great in baked goods!

      And I’ll be using BBB in the future, for sure. 🙂

      • Okay, totally missed the line about eggs and was thinking what on earth do you make when baking vultures? I mean at least BBB might be blackbirds, baked in a pie, but vultures? Or hawks for that matter…..

  9. I love how the pictures of the squirrel almost have a sort of scroll-down effect. The third one is just an inch or so off for making a sort of panoramic thing. Do any of the squirrels show any signs of friendliness or semi-domesticatability? (I guess I made that word up…)

    • No, the instant they spot us, they take off. Which is probably for the best. Much as I CLAIM to want a pet squirrel, I hear they’re kind of jerks. 🙂

  10. Love the pics of the squirrels. I hope Kate remembers when/where she set the timer.

  11. That is a great picture of Newt!! Totally canvas-worthy!

    Aww, why is Tommy picking at his neck? Did some of the previous foster boys have him on edge? But at least he has a soft cone. I remember how my late sweet Baal got so depressed when he had to wear the hard plastic collar after one of his surgeries…I’d take it off him when I was home because I knew him being so upset was not helping his recovery. Hugs to sweet Tommy!!

    And Duchess, we wish you would bake those babies faster! 😉

    • Slow cooking tends to lead to better results. You don’t want them to come out tough or over-done! We want them sweet and tender!!!

    • I don’t think it was due to the fosters – I’m not sure what caused it. The vet isn’t sure, either. It seems to be getting better, though (thankfully)!

    • Probably not the humans – but there’ll be a little dog sharing the room with them, so I may stick a picture of her over there in the sidebar. 🙂

  12. That is a great picture of Newt! And the Tommy picture — you’re right, there’s so much going on. And because of that, I think you should have it framed, too!