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Orlando, giving me attitude.

Mariette’s all ::THLURP::

Orlando, admiring the picture that my grandmother cross-stitched years and years ago. (Pro tip: don’t hang pictures near a cat tree. It’ll be hanging crooked pretty much constantly, because cats are nosy and like to mess with pictures. I had just straightened that picture, which is probably why Orlando was looking at it.)

Down he comes!

A brief balance, while waiting for his back feet to hit the floor.

Brudderly love.

Maria, watching the goings-on.

Mariette sprawling out on the floor next to Angelo.

Ferdinand checks out the toy dangling off the scratcher.

It is just a rough, rough life.

Also, I have a video. This came from the webcam in the kitten room. Those kittens decided that the scratcher looks better knocked down onto the floor.

YouTube link.

That’s Maria knocking it over the first time, and Angelo the second. I love how Ferdinand is first on the scene, both times, to investigate what’s going on.


Maxi, dusty from rolling around in the dirt.


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3-11-14 — 19 Comments

  1. You may have to bolt that scratcher to the floor! I think it is funny how the other kitties run over to check out the carnage when the scratcher is knocked over!

  2. Silly kitties! I also clicked back to 2012 to see my favorite Nominees. Squee-only 9 days old! Happy anniversary to me as it’s been 2yrs here for me now. On that post you had a stat update of how many kittens you’ve fostered and such. Have you posted a more recent stat update this year?

    • Good question. I had to go look at my spreadsheet to find the answer – we’re at 236 now! (I’ll expand on that answer in Friday’s post.)

      • oh no.. you are going to pass me!!

        ah well.. you have two rooms to foster in sometimes and I really don’t, so I’m OK with that..

  3. Isn’t it funny that the one kitten who has a tail in that family has a really looonnnngggg tail? At least it looks that way to me.
    Ornery little things knocking over that scratcher, and Ferdy, like the scratcher cops, rushes over first! I almost expect to see him drawing a chalk outline around it, lol

  4. Ferdinand is such a fun, playful boy. Whoever adopts him will be so lucky! Maria’s topaz eyes just kill me. So gorgeous!!

    Hey, how are Tommy’s feet? Is he doing better?

  5. Love the video! yes, the kitty cops, and also somebody ‘burying’ something over near what looks like food dishes! (Dennis?)

    loved the bunny hops too…fun, fun, fun

  6. I once had a brief conversation with a gentleman at a pet supply store. He told me he and his wife prefer bob-tailed cats. I never thought much about it until seeing your bob-tailed kittens. They are adorable!

    • The much missed Mister Boogers was a bob-tail, and he had personality for days (also, it’s funny to see them wag their stumps!)

  7. That video of the kittens running around like wild things was ADORABLE! How do you keep yourself from holing up in the foster room 24/7 and just snorgling those little monkeys all day long?

    I love how Angelo still manages to make that leap despite his footing literally falling out from under him, and he doesn’t even give it a second thought before getting into a slap-fight with one of his siblings.

    I didn’t know Maxi liked to roll around in the dirt. Is she part Chinchilla?

  8. Well for once I’m going to have to agree with the kittens.. the scratcher is much more interesting on it’s side..

    unless it’s been on its side for a while, then it would be much more interesting standing up