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Here are some links I’ve been meaning to share with y’all for just about forever now.

Human ventriloquist without a dummy. Hilarious, and VERY well done:

YouTube link

You remember Surprised Kitty, of course:

YouTube link

Here’s a send-up of it in the form of Surprised Dog:

YouTube link

I would like a Pirate Ship Bedroom, please.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

::tromptromptromp:: “Oh, hey, look. A leaf!”

“Wait, what the -?”

“I’m – I don’t – what – I SWEAR, my paws almost feel WET. What on earth?”

“What is going ON?”

Poor Elwood. He’s not the brightest bulb, he was SERIOUSLY confused as to why he’d be feeling all WET, there standing in that puddle, and he stood there and pondered for the longest time before he finally trudged OUT of the big puddle and shook his legs and paws dry.

Bless his heart. (That’s Southern Speak for “What an idiot.”)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sweet snoozing Sugarbutt.

Have I ever told you guys that the vet’s staff adamantly refuses to list him as “Sugarbutt”? True story. They call him “Sugar.” Cracks me up every time.


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3-10-11 — 24 Comments

  1. After watching the proposal ad I have to keep removing my glasses to wipe my eyes! That is so lovely! Of course, she might have said; “You idiot! Why did you want to get a white long haired cat for; my mother spends hours cleaning up those hairs!”
    My husband and I were introduced by a friend; when she told him about me, she said; “By the way; it’s love her, love her cat”! Very true! And he is now a devoted cat slave.

    • Someone once asked me what I’d have done if it had turned out Fred didn’t like cats. I can’t even conceive of the idea! Of course, he had two cats when I met him, so I knew up front he was a good guy. 🙂

      • My husband had never been owned by a cat! Yes, it’s true! He had had a dog once (Alsatian) and I told him I didn’t mind having a dog once we were married. A few months before we married, he had a friend bring him over with some of his stuff including a few bits of furniture and a “surpise present”. I said if it was an Alsation puppy he could take it right back until AFTER the wedding. No, he said, it was something else. When they came I was told to wait in the bedroom for the surpise to be brought in and all I could hear were dog noises! It sounded like his friend, but I wasn’t sure. Then, he called me in and there it was… a microwave! (Yes I was pleased! This was some years ago when they cost more and it was a really good one.) We never did get a dog and he’s a total convert to cat slavery.

  2. That surprised kitten is one cute little dude.

    I guess the vet’s staff don’t want him to get beat up in the kitty school yard. Maybe they feel it would be like naming your kid “Moon Unit”, or “Awesomeness” (don’t cringe – I know someone who’s cousin named their kid that. Really.).

      • In Cordwainer Smith’s story, “The Game of Rat and Dragon” one of the Cats is named ‘Captain Wow’. That’s a good name for the right kind of cat.

  3. Does this mean I have to stop saying “bless your heart” now that you have let the Southern secret out? 🙂 So glad you are feeling better! We are going to be in your area in June delivering my daughter to Space Camp!

    • Nah, no one who didn’t already know that secret will remember it. Bless their hearts. 😀

  4. As a kid my sister named her cat Muffinhead, and the Vet would always call it Muffin, even on the charts. He was upholding standards.

    • I am suddenly enamored of the name Muffinhead as a cat’s name. I’ll have to add it to my list of potential future foster names! 🙂

      • I call my baby girl cat (not really a baby — she’s about 4) “Muffinhead” all the time. She’s sweet and chock full of empty calories, that one… Glad to know I’m not the only one!

        • PS — her real name is Gravy, and “Muffinhead” is one of her more polite nicknames.

  5. Okay, your post today made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt, then cry big monster tears down my face! 😀
    I’ve now shared that ventriloquist video with everyone I know.. one of the funniest things I’ve seen on YouTube.
    And oddly enough, I saw that kitten commercial on TV for the first time about 10 minutes before seeing it on here, but only caught the end. 🙂

    • I must have watched that ventriloquist video three or four times, and it makes me laugh every time!

  6. That post also made me laugh until I was happy!

    Just so you all know, my Fuzz started life as “Fuzzbutt” because, let’s face it, he has a fuzzbutt. I mean seriously. His butt is a big fuzzy poof of floofy fuzz while the rest of him is much more restrained. After I rescued him and took him to the vet for his injuries, the vet assistant asked me what his name was.

    “Fuzzb…” I responded. I suddenly couldn’t bear to call such a beautiful, dignified cat the b word. The funny thing is that he was “Fuzzb” for that visit. Woulda been hilarious if he hadn’t had broken ribs, a broken nose and a too-small silver chain digging into his growing neck which kept him from meowing!

  7. Well, I have my Scrilla and nobody can pronounce it for some reason. SK-RILL-Ah. Not hard.

    Boo was almost named Mike Wysowski (Monsters, Inc) until we found out HE was a SHE. Then we wanted to call her FancyPants (she has really long hair on her back legs that look like parachute pants and ParachutePants sounds like a boy’s name). The vet took pity on her being named FancyPants and suggested we name her Boo (from Monsters Inc).

    Unfortunately, her legal name is Boo but she’s usually called either FancyPants or MooCow (don’t ask).

  8. I have to admit that I really don’t blame the vet people for not adding the butt to Sugar!!! LOL!!!! Sugarbutt!!! What a cutie!! Awww but what a name!! LOL!!

    Elwood is just lovely!! He’s an explorer!!! 🙂

    Thanks for these clips!!! I half expected the man to end up setting up home with the woman’s parents’ kitty! LOL!!!

    Take care

  9. These links are great. The pirate ship just blew me away. And the ventriloquist makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. Dear dear Elwood. Such a sweet simple soul. Bless his furry little heart. And Sugarbutt! Gotta love it. We have a cat named Lil Bit Sugarfoot. But she’s no sugar and she’s definitely no lil bit… 😉

    Thanks for sharing with us. Your entries always brighten my day.

  10. I want a pirate ship bedroom too! And a tree house and my own island and…
    Is the Fancy Feast woman finished with mr Romantic? I’ll have him too, then. and the little scrap of kitten – aaww!!!
    My boys are Niles – ‘Handsome’ and ‘Nilesy-Wilesy’ (ahem). Sam gets ‘Button-head’ ‘Pudding-head’ & ‘Turtle-boy’ & Zorro gets called ‘Squish’, ‘Squishter’ and ‘Squirt’. How lucky are our cats with their endless names!
    The ventriloquist one made me laugh. Nice find.

  11. I loved the Elwood series, especially the second photo “Eww, my paw is wet!” He may not be bright, but he’s definitely very cute! 🙂

  12. Awwww, hi Elwood! *scritchies* It’s always great to see both brothers running around the blog. *pets the blues*

    I don’t have a kitty to name/nickname (darn apartment building rules) but Bosco the yellow labrador is Mellow Yellow, Marshmallow, Flopper (he flops over), Sniffer, Fuzzball, Furball (usually when he’s getting into something), Purrball (he does, but it’s probably something with his nose), Wigglebutt, Mew, Lovebug, Tailwagger, Goof, Goofy or Goofball, and sometimes Mr. Labby or Mr. Lab. 🙂 I’m a dork, I know.

  13. I love that proposal. I want one like that but he can use one of the cats I already have. Lol