3-7-15 – Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook Roundup!

“I KEEL YOU!!!” #Mary #Paul #PPM

#JoeBob, total stressball. #PermanentResident

Snack time! #NomNomNom

I…what. What. WHAT IS THIS INSANITY. Have clearly entered another dimension, brb. #LoonyJake #Alice #PermanentResidents

Good morning, beautiful. #Peter #PPM #HousePanther

They’re sound asleep & I gots to pee. Oh well, bladder, was nice knowing you. #zzzzzz #PPM #Paul #Peter #Mary

“Where we goin’?? We goin’ to Disneyland??” #Peter #Paul and #Mary had their combo tests today (negative, yay!) and they were amazingly calm and relaxed and interested in everything around them.

YouTube link.
It was 72 degrees here yesterday. #iceicebaby

#Dennis and #MizPoo, keepin’ warm. #PermanentResidents

Good morning, sunshine. #Peter #PPM #HousePanther

#Paul gots the #OpenMouthOfOutrage going on. #PPM #TuxieLove


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3-7-15 – Weekly Roundup — 7 Comments

  1. Actually in that last one of Paul, I think he’s got lots to tell you. He’s like, “GIRL, you just have to hear all about this” and telling you at length. Great length.

  2. I love Peter looking in the mirror at himself. Animals looking in a mirror are fun.

  3. Whether they’ll be moving on eventually or have blessed Perm status, these are some superlucky kitties. And from the look of things, some of them know it! Right, Dennis?

  4. I was re-reading Maggie’s story from 2011 and saw the post about the gorgeous ginger boy who was up for adoption because his previous owner locked him in the bedroom for being “too needy and affectionate.” Did he ever find his forever home? I’m sorry I don’t remember his name… I just remember being so angry and heartbroken for his situation. Thanks Robyn!