4-30-15 4 weeks old!

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Can you EVEN believe that these little monkeys are four weeks old? Here are their comparison pics at 3 days old and at 4 weeks old.








And here they are when they’re not being held up in a vain attempt to get them to look at the camera and make this whole side-by-side comparison easier (for me).


Gilda (that girl just would NOT cooperate with me yesterday!)





Skelton (the best little poser of the bunch).

At 4 weeks old, they’re all pretty much eating canned food off the plate. This is from yesterday. The only kittens missing from this picture are Roseanne and Skelton, who were both sitting in my lap.

They still need a little help, so I spend a lot of time pushing the food up into a little pile (they’re not quite sure about this “plate” business) to make it easier for them to eat.

Litter box usage is improving every day. I’m almost positive that they’re all peeing in the litter box every time, and they’ve finally started pooping there, too.

The one thing I was dismayed to notice is that Roseanne and Skelton’s eyes are starting to change color! It’s not super obvious and it usually goes pretty slow, but it’s happening.

I’ve informed them both that they are TOO YOUNG to have their eyes changing already, and they need to STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Not sure that’ll work, but you can’t blame a foster mama for trying.

Lucy takes a break. “No, Innernet Peoples, I have no idea why that wall basket is filled with little stuffed teddy bears, either. This place is kinda weird.”

Lucy will be getting an additional plate or two of snack food in the closet (where the kittens can’t get to it). She’s dropped almost half a pound in the past week, and I can’t have her wasting away. Those babies aren’t grown yet, I need her to keep mothering them!

And she’s doing a wonderful job of it. From left: Roseanne (looking up at the camera), Louis, Rickles, Gilda (on top of Rickles), Skelton, Belushi. Shecky was missing from the picture because he was sitting on my foot, of course.

The weight chart on their page has been updated, if you’re interested to see what they’re weighing now. The upshot is that Rickles is the biggest at 1 pound, 3.3 ounces, and Louis continues to be the peanut at 13.2 ounces.


Video! As it’s their 4-week birthday, it’s only fitting that this is a nursing video. I love how, in the beginning, you see Louis and Shecky staring out from the crate, clearly thinking “WHAT IN TARNATION IS GOING ON OVER THERE?!” Belushi’s not the video, because he was sitting in my lap. Now that they’re mobile, it’s going to be close to impossible to get all 7 of them – plus Lucy – in one video.

YouTube link.


Joe Bob sure would like it if it would stop RAINING and dry up around here. The muddy feet are driving him a little crazy.


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4-30-15 4 weeks old! — 26 Comments

  1. Louis and Shecky have a sort of Stompers thing going on, don’t they…

  2. Happy Birthday beebees! From 4 to 6 weeks are the BEST time for kitteh antics, imo. Love starting my day with Love & Hisses, thanks to you!

  3. With all the cuteness, we haven’t seen pics from around Crooked Acres in awhile! How are George & Gracie?

    • I’m with Ann! Not that I don’t LOVE LOVE the kittens, but I was wondering also about the chickens and George and Gracie. Although if you’re getting as much rain as Atlanta, I imagine that you haven’t been outside (and especially with a camera) much at all for a couple of weeks! The joke around here has been who can think in cubics cause it’s time to start building that Ark!

  4. What did you do to those babies today! They all look so frightened and worried!

    Although, I’m beginning to think that’s Shecky’s natural expression.

    Gilda man, I keep saying she’s named after the Rita Hayworth character, she is going to be a stunner. Then again I’m partial to tuxies with white whiskers. She looks like she’s practicing her “lying on a bear rug in front of the fire” pose.

    Roseanne, she is just gorgeious, isn’t she?

    We need a before/after pic of poor Lucy. She looked like she was about to burst with the babies but now, she’s skinnier than a rail.

  5. Aww, Skelton is all emo kitteh! Louis’s face kills me every time – he always looks slightly freaked out. And Shecky, too.

  6. That is my favorite Fools vid — not that it doesn’t have competition! And it’s great to see super handsome Joe Bob again. Hope his muddy travails will soon be at an end.

  7. I always love it when your baby kittens get to the four week old mark! Not that they weren’t adorable before, but seems like around a month old is when we can see them playing more and developing personalities. Plus they’re round little balls of fluff!

  8. Lol, Louis and Roseanne look as though they see dead people, while Rickles is looking like he’s sassin’ his mama about eating his vegetables.

    And Skelton needs a hug and kiss.

  9. They really do look so worried. Gilda belongs with me-I think Norbie would like a little tuxie sis.

  10. I am smitten with Roseanne!!! I don’t think I’ve been this smitten with a kitten since Hydrox. PLEASE smooch her lil head for me and squeeze those itty bitty toesies!!