4-29-15 Wednesday

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So, almost 10 years ago I submitted this clip to America’s Funniest Home Videos, the show on ABC:

YouTube link.

Yesterday, I got a call that it’s going to be on the show this Sunday, May 3rd! It was really kind of cool, after all those years of watching the show, to call the producer back and have someone answer the phone with “Vin di Bona productions.”

Unfortunately, we don’t have cable TV (we watch all our TV on Netflix, Amazon, and HBONow), so I guess we’ll see if we can’t watch it on Hulu, or maybe they upload their episodes to YouTube.

The kitten in that video was Maddy, who was our very first bottle baby. She was adopted by Nance and Rick and went off to live in Pennsylvania. She was terribly spoiled by them, and passed away in June 2013. She was one of a kind, that girl.


Pretty Mama.

Sleepy Rickles.

Remember how Lucy used to lay around with one leg in the air before the babies were born? Looks like she was practicing!

Louis wasn’t hungry, so thought he’d grab Skelton’s butt, just to be annoying.

Roseanne has a cranky. “He keeps STEPPIN’ on my TAIL and I DON’T LIKE IT.”

Shecky and Belushi, the mighty hunters, have bagged themselves a Louis.

Those ears are just killing me dead.

They’ve started smacking at the buckle on the side of the crate.

Shecky, piling on Rickles, who’s piling on Louis.

Rickles knows the truth – kitten ears are DEEELISH.

Louis gets a pre-snack bath.

Yeah, that seems comfy, Lucy.

Just as an FYI, lest y’all be TOO impressed, it appears that the litter box learnin’ isn’t going to be an overnight thing. They’re all – as far as I can tell – using the litter boxes to pee in, but other than the time I actually witnessed Louis doing it, no one has pooped in any of the litter boxes. I’ve found several laying on the floor (luckily, they’re easy to pick up with a wipe). They’re still young, so I’m not too worried about it – I did add a little of the Dr. Elsey’s Litter Attractant to all of the boxes in hopes of encouraging them to figure it out.

With very little input from me, the kittens seem to be doing pretty well at getting the hang of eating canned food off the plate. Belushi and Skelton will both run right over alongside Lucy and eat off the plate as soon as I set it down, and everyone else has at least sniffed around the plate. I’ve seen several of them checking out the kibble – I like to start them on Royal Canin Babycat because the pieces are small – and it’s possible that they’ve eaten some of it, but it’s hard to tell.

So, we’re coming along. Sooner or later they’ll get the hang of it all!


Videos! In the first, Lucy tries to get a little time away under the scratcher, but the kittens track her down (you’ll note Shecky at the plate in the distance, eating).

YouTube link.

And in the second, Belushi is sleepy and has a complaint. Please notice that when I ask him if he’s a muffin, he scoffs at me. (I think he finally fell asleep just to get away from the sound of my voice.)

YouTube link.


All day long, Newt lays in one of the beds on or near my desk, and he snores and snores. I’ve become so accustomed to the sounds that on the rare occasion he naps elsewhere, I kind of miss hearing him!


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4-29-15 Wednesday — 25 Comments

  1. Aw handsome babies… That picture yesterday of mama and her baby eating together killed me dead LOL. She’s such a sweetie.

  2. Lucy looks like she needs a nanny, lol. Little monkeys, climbing all over mama like that. I love that they’re still kind of wobbly as they climb all over the scratcher and Mount Mama!

  3. I was looking back yesterday at Khaleesi’s post about growing her whiskers, and it made me think – do mama cats have anything like “pregnancy hair”? I’ve never been pregnant, but my girlfriends have talked about their hair getting thick and shiny when they are pregnant. They’re not sure if it’s the vitamins they’re taking, though. Do mama cats grow awesome whiskers and ear floof while growing kittens?

    • Not that I notice – but I will say that from the day I got her, Lucy has been shedding like crazy. I have no idea how she can possibly have any fur left on her body!

  4. Love love LOVE these little fools and momma Lucy is sooo pretty! Robyn, you take some great shots – all making me want to reach through my screen and huff or scritch the babies! I am proclaiming this the year of the internet calico! Another calico momma (a dilute calico named Eve) that I follow via the internet gave birth two days ago to a litter of 5, 3 boys in varying shades of ginger from bright ginger to buff and two girls – a tuxie and a tabby. Lucy has couple additional babies and both mommas are so pretty! So, coincidence? I think not… prepare for world domination!!! Either way, I am in Kitten/Cat heaven!!!!! Thank you, Robyn!!!!! Also, did I read right that Kohl was adopted?

    • I saw those kittens! That’s really neat, isn’t it? I love the palindrome naming theme!

      Kohl? Do you mean Rhyme? He was adopted last night, and I’ll be posting about that in Friday’s post. 🙂

      • Yes, Rhyme… I saw it briefly in my FB feed, couldn’t find it back to verify…knew there was an ‘h’ in there somewhere… oy vey, the early morning postings… sorry, Robyn! 🙂

  5. Pretty Mama is sooo pretty, I can’t get enough of her. And she cracks me up with that leg in the air every time. I find her stripey orange leggings & white socks to be utterly adorable!

  6. Poor Lucy! Such a good idea, underneath the scratcher. But you can’t fool these babies!

  7. ONLY a ten year backlog at “Funniest Videos”…LOL Congrats on the acceptance, I’ll make a note to watch. Newt definitely has the porky look going on there. Kittehs have their land legs and now the real fun begins!

    • Quality Maddy never goes out of style.

      It’s even more amazing that this show is still on in the age of Youtube.

      Remember when Bob Saget had a clean image and cleaner humor? Me neither.

      • Bob Saget always drove me crazy when he hosted that show, because he always had the better-than-this attitude going on (in my opinion!) I think Tom Bergeron is a much better host.

  8. OMG – will be watching Sunday night!! Our kittens must be a little….slow. Tried to get them (again) to try canned food last night and the consensus was “ewwww”. And no luck with the box either. sigh….. And someone should advise Lucy that the scratcher just isn’t a good place to hide 🙂

  9. Such an awesome post today…well, like every other day 🙂 I particularly loved the Belushi video and Lucy hiding out under the scratcher…hilarious!! And how fluffy is Newt…he looks so soft and fluffy, I just want to snuggle him!! Thanks for always making me smile!

  10. I can record it on my tivo and if I am lucky can rip you a copy of it… but there are so many darn episodes on Sunday hopefully I grabbed the right one.. It’s weird because my tivo just upgraded and it is a pretty high learning curve trying to figure out what it is telling me 🙂

    • I just found out that it’s available on Hulu the day after the show airs, so I should be able to see it!

      Hey… should I be insulted that I’m not up for the big $10,000 prize? That’s a good video! 🙂

  11. I’ve watched AFV as a kid,with Bob, donn’t remember if he got too full of himself at the end..heh. but Tom has quite a nice family guy vibe but he’s leaving in May… wonder what will happen.

    and really? they kept your video for TEN YEARS? videotapes are now kinda extinct hahaha