4-28-15 Tuesday

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Over the weekend, this happened:

Mr. Stripey was one of the ‘Maters, who was adopted out in early 2012 with his brother, Sungold. They were returned almost a year later and took up residence in the cat room at the shelter. Last October, Sungold passed away unexpectedly. I half expected that Mr. Stripey was going to end up staying at the shelter for good, but earlier this year Kathy – who adopted Reacher back in early 2011 – lost Beau, who was a great friend to Reacher. She was interested in adopting another cat, decided on Mr. Stripey, and this past weekend picked him up.

Kathy said: I brought Mr. Stripey home yesterday & he’s doing great! Very loving, very chill. We did a brief intro period & hes got the run of the house. Reacher has been a bit of a drama queen, but he’s always last on board with changes. So far, so good!

And she posted a few pictures on Facebook!

They’re planning to change his name, and he’s such a lovebug that they’re considering renaming him “Romeo,” which I think is awesome.

It took him a while to get there, but I do believe that boy has found his happy ending!


Skelton (left) and Shecky, snuggle up for some Buff Bro nappin’ time.

“What, lady, what? What you want? Am just laying here minding my own bidness!”

“Is you stalkin’ me?” (Louis)

Rickles gives us his best “IIIIIII am just a poor wee baby kitteh!”

Roseanne wonders if anyone’s sittin’ in my lap, and if so could I please remove them? She’d like to sit there, thanks.

“Gonna come over there and slap that camera outta your hands, lady.” Belushi, the tough guy.

Shecky and the Look of Innocence. Which means he’s totally up to something!

Gilda examines Louis’ “Paws up, y’all!” form (and his delightfully spotted belly).

Belushi gets a belly rub… and he’s not sure if he likes it.

Roseanne, keeping an eye on me.

Rickles and Louis do the official Ornj Bros High Five.

Louis keeps biting Rickles’ foot, which naturally leads to the Open Mouth of Outrage. AND Roseanne keeps biting Belushi’s ear, which leads to a SECOND Open Mouth of Outrage!

Skelton has a sleepy.

Ahhh, yes. A bed of kittens is the MOST comfortable bed of all. That Shecky sure is a smarty pants.


Videos! The theme for today’s videos is “wrasslin’.” In the first, Roseanne, Shecky, Belushi and Louis get their wrassle on.

YouTube link.

And in the second, Shecky and Roseanne are wrasslin’. She doesn’t seem to be all that into it, but she’s a good sister and is humoring him.

YouTube link.


You know she was sitting up there giving that Look o’ Love to her main (only) man Tommy!


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4-28-15 Tuesday — 25 Comments

  1. YESSSS! Congratulations, Mr. Stripey! I think “Romeo” suits you perfectly 🙂 Kathy, thank you so much for taking him home. I wish you both (and Reacher, of course) many, many years of happiness and mutual love! 🙂

  2. Yay for Mr. Stripey! And is it just me, or do these kittehs seem to have extra wide-spaced ears? Maybe it’s just because their ears are still not developed…or that they will be exceptionally LARGE cats when grown? Love the videos, they are at such a precious stage!

  3. Happy news on a gloomy Tuesday. So glad for Mr. Stripey and his forever home at long last!

  4. The open-mouths-of-outrage photos remind of some children’s song lyrics I heard (maybe hallucinated, not sure) a few years ago: “I bite you in the ear, I bite you in the rear.” The song was about kittens, I think, but I cannot for the life of me find the lyrics anywhere!!

  5. Oh yay for Mr. Stripey and Kathy!! I have worried about that poor boy for so long, especially after Sungold passed. I hope he and Reacher can be friends!

    Now come on Creed’s forever family!!

  6. Oh Mr Stripey…sometimes it takes a while but we are SO glad you are finally home….

    looks like the start of bratty kitten season MOL

    OMG – went back to 2008 and almost had coffee come out my nose at the image of you slamming the door on Fred….

  7. Yay, yay, YAY!!!! So happy for Mr. Stripey and thankful that Kathy took that cute boy home! Hope it all continues to go well. 🙂

  8. Reacher, a drama queen? I’m shocked I tell you, shocked!!

    So glad that Romeo has his new family and that they’re obviously bonding quickly. Thank you Kathy, for recognizing the gem in this little guy and taking him home.

    Rickles has the darkest eyes of a kitten that I have ever seen. Almost like his eyes are permantly dilated but they’re just such a dark blue. Kind of hope that they stay that color but they’ll probably end up a light buff or something just to confuse me.

    Looks like Lucy was taking a spa day and grandma Robyn was babysitting.

  9. WoW!!!!!! So very happy for Mr. Stripey/Romeo… honestly, this news makes my day 🙂

    As for those kittens – well, they really are just cuter than cute, and getting more so by the minute!

  10. Aw, yay Mr. Stripey! We’ve been rooting for you for a long time now!

    Belushi, you’re killing me, little man. Between you and your brother Skelton, I don’t get how it is I’m still walking.

  11. So happy to hear about Mr. Stripey! Does he have an eye infection though? Poor baby.

    That beautiful Stinkerbelle!

    • He and Sungold each had one goopy eye (Stripey’s was the left, Sungold’s was the right, which I thought was interesting) – drops and meds never helped the goopiness, but it never seemed to bother them.

  12. Um, wait a second. Did Shecky do a drop and roll at around 16 seconds in the first video? And did Roseanne then headbutt Shecky at around 6 seconds in the second video?

    Have I watched these videos more then a few times?

    • Maybe Shecky thought he was on fire – stop! drop! and roll! 🙂 Roseanne was trying to bite Shecky on the face in the second one, though. I think she thought that would get him to leave her alone, but clearly it didn’t work!

  13. Such good news about Mr Stripey/Romeo, I’m so happy for him and his new family! These little Fools are all so adorable I couldn’t even pick a favourite.

  14. I was so excited to hear about Mr. Stripey. And he looks so happy! I know cats are happy in the cat room, but it’s nice to see them go to home with their family.

  15. Kathy, judging from the comments, you made a lot of people happy by adopting Mr. Stripey…including me! Glad to hear you are bonding so quickly…and I bet Reacher will get with the program before too long! Bless you for honoring Beau by adopting another kitty into your home.

  16. Yay!! I always felt a little responsible for Mr. S., since I think I was the one who suggested his name. So glad he got adopted by (the other) Kathy!