4-27-15 Monday

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Kerry asked for proof of Orlando’s current ear-lickin’ skills, and Teresa was kind enough to oblige.

Proof for your followers… Orlando on lickin’ duty still, a year later… Never mind Pickles’ annoyed look, I think it’s because I gave up a supporting hand for the camera, she really does like his baths!

Orlando with feathers – Yep… takes 2 leaping feather toys to wear out this gorgeous young boy!!
(Don’t you just love the caramel fur on his belly?)

Orlando’s big brudder Hobo – “Hey ladies… My name is Hobo. My addiction is feathers…”

Teresa reports that regarding Hobo’s feet: He has his sea legs now on tile, apparently did just need time to relearn inside flooring! (And his toe beans look much healthier!) (You can read the back story about Hobo’s feet – and see more pictures of him! – back in the March 5th post.


I can’t even. I. CANNOT. EVEN. This one kills me dead every single day.

Love those gorgeous electric blue eyes on Belushi!

I just love it when they all snuggle up together in a line like this.

Shecky and Roseanne.

“~Urrrrp~ Oh! ‘Scuse me!”

Bath time for Louis.

He lubs his mama.

“That is one tasty kid.”

Shecky, licking the 25-pound weight (I use four of those weights to hold down the corners of the blanket so I don’t have to straighten it every time I come into the room.)

For the record, baby kittens are much like baby humans in that everything goes straight into their mouths. I mean, you won’t see three week old human babies putting things in their mouths because at that age they’re still pretty blown away by the whole “existing” thing, but when they attain the ability to get things into their mouth, that’s what they do with EVERYTHING.

Everyone else was out running around, but Skelton snoozed on.

Friday morning, when Fred and I were out running errands, we picked up a couple of bags of plain clay litter. When we got home, Fred put Lucy and the kittens (in their crate) in the bathroom, and I stripped down the room, vacuumed, and put down a fresh blanket, rearranged the room with waterproof pads in the corners, and set out five small litter boxes. When Lucy and the kittens were all back in the room, I put the kittens in the litter boxes, one by one. Most of them climbed right back out, giving me wounded “I thought we was friends!” looks. A few of them ate a little litter before climbing out, but none of them were all that interested.

I went off to do laundry, and when I went back into the room an hour later, someone had peed in one of the litter boxes! Through the weekend, the litter boxes were used many more times, though there were a few accidents, too. At one point, Rickles got into the litterbox, looked dyspeptic, climbed out of the box, stomped over to a cat bed, and peed in it. Later that same day I saw him actually use a litter box, so I guess he figured it out.

Louis has been using the litter boxes perfectly, and was even the first to poop in one. So like I said – there were accidents, but for the most part I think they’re getting the point of where they’re supposed to go (much to the relief, I am sure, of Mama Lucy).

Saturday morning, I took Lucy’s breakfast in to her. I wasn’t intending to introduce the kittens to food just yet – I usually prefer them to have a firm grasp on using the litter box first – but Belushi was stomping around looking cranky, so I grabbed him and put a little food in his mouth. That boy went to TOWN. I tried all the kittens, and most of them were uninterested (though I did see Shecky checking out the kibble bowl later in the day). Sunday morning, while Belushi was eating, I tried it again, and this time Shecky found the food appealing. Part of what got him interested was hearing Belushi eating. I know that the babies will nurse as long as Lucy will let them, but hopefully in the next few days they’ll all decide that food is A-OK, and Lucy can stop being their sole source of nutrition.


Videos! In the first, Gilda loves her mama. LOVES her mama, I say!

YouTube link.

And in the second, it’s time to belly up to the milk bar.

YouTube link.


We’ve hit the part of the year when Maxi spends all her time hanging out on the side stoop, staring judgmentally through the door at us, and then looking at us as though we’re COMPLETELY insane when we open the door and suggest she come inside.


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4-27-15 Monday — 16 Comments

  1. Gilda is our hidden tuxie star, just waiting to bust out and take over the innernets!! 😀

  2. Robyn, your cat and kitten pictures start my day off! I wait patiently for 6:00 so I can see their adorable faces! THANK YOU!

  3. Every day one or more of these gifted kittens prove that their collective name is balderdash!

    And thanks, Theresa, for those pics of your adorable trio.

    • The only one with a strong grasp of eating (and the most interest) so far is Belushi. Rickles ate quite a bit this morning, but they’re all mostly interested in the milk bar. 🙂 No more poop in the boxes, but luckily none on the floor either, so Lucy must be still taking care of business. Poor girl! 🙂

  4. I so love getting updates. Orlando’s got a good life, doesn’t he?

    Also glad that Hobo’s adjusted to the flooring. Sounds like he was having a game of “hot floor, hot lava” or something.

    Everytime I think that this litter can’t get cuter, they do.

  5. These baby kitten videos are priceless!!! And guaranteed to bring smiles!! Love ’em!!

  6. So glad to see Mr. Stripey got himself adopted! Any details on his new (fingers crossed) forever home?

  7. Oh man, there’s that cute baby animal blankie again.

    Skelton snoozing made my day. People are goofs sometimes, but all I need to do is wait for 6am, and it’s all better.

  8. I absolutely love Belushi’s hairstyle where the dark fur on his head blend into his “M.” He kinda looks like a tiny Dracula, or a guy with an obvious toupee.