4-26-15 – Chewy & Kitten Pics!

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For our Chewy product review this month, we received not only the FURminator Dual Brush, but also a packet of Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken & Trout Grain-Free treats.

Before we start, a warning: there are only a few of the permanent residents involved in this review, because right before I decided to take pictures, I vacuumed the house. This caused a good half of the permanent residents to disappear into another dimension for several hours, so I had to go with whoever was around.

Tommy thought this brush was pretty awesome, actually. Fred didn’t get much fur off of him because I’d just used the other Furminator brush on Tommy a few days prior.

Jake heard a rumor there might be treats, so he moseyed in for some brushing, too. He enjoyed the experience…

But was more interested in the treat aspect of this review.

He nommed down what Fred gave him, lickety-split.

Tommy, on the other hand, was not at all interested in the treats.

Dennis was hanging out on the window bed and was surprised to see a brush appear.

But then he gave it the Belly of Approval.

He liked the Blue Buffalo treats.

Jake, of course, came along and said “HI I UNDERSTAND THERE ARE TREATS?”

So he got another one, NOT that he needed it.

Archie considered for a moment before he decided he kinda liked that brush.

Then he tried a treat and proclaimed it yummy.


Newt was all “I was layin’ here minding my own business…” But then decided that he kinda liked being brushed.

Fred put a treat down for Newt, and Newt said “Perhaps you’ve forgotten that I’m the pickiest cat in the house?”

But that’s okay, because Jake was willing to bat cleanup.

Sugarbutt finally showed up, sniffed the treat, declared it “Yuck” and then stomped away before Fred could brush him.

So overall, I’d say the brush was a hit all around. I usually prefer the other FURminator brush, the deshedder, but this brush did a decent job of picking up cat fur, and more importantly, the cats seemed to enjoy it (most of them aren’t fond of the FURminator deshedding brush.)

As far as the treats go, more cats liked them than didn’t, and Jake LOVED THEM. I imagine that I can use those treats to get Jake to do my bidding (ie, sit still with a tiny hat on his head), so I’d call ’em good!

Thank you to Chewy, Blue Buffalo Wilderness and FURminator for the opportunity to review the treats and the brush!

As always, the products were provided to us free of charge; the opinions are the cats’, as interpreted by me.


Just one video for today, but be warned: it’s so adorable, it very well might melt your brain. Louis in the sun.

YouTube link.


Roseanne and Rickles: so, so, so serious.

Shecky gets a baff and a snack.

Rickles’ head is like three times the size of Louis’.

I think Roseanne is trying to break the internet with that head tilt.

I swear, Rickles always looks so worried and scared, but he’s a totally confident little monkey.

Line o’ sleepin’ monkeys.

Skelton keeps an eye on me.

Louis knows you love his belly spots.

“Look! I gots toes!”


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4-26-15 – Chewy & Kitten Pics! — 19 Comments

  1. OK, if I can find some brain cells amongst the mush caused by Louis (that kitten should come with a health warning), what I wanted to say was….um…mush…oh yes, look at Dennis’ face when Jake gets an extra treat!

  2. The…the…the line of kittens with their paws over each other!!! *explodes*

    My cats mostly enjoy those Blue Buffalo treats. We get them in non-fish flavors and one cat would happily eat them all of the days, like Jake. The other cat seems to want them only because her rival gets the treats 😉
    I like their ingredients and the softness is perfect for the elderly cat.
    Temptations are still the house champions though!

  3. Goshhhh. I’m supposed to read some 600 pages of 17th century alchemic-medical gibberish in Latin till tomorrow. No way. It can’t be done with as little brain as is left still operating inside my skull after I’ve watched that video. The heck. As if anyone cared about drinkable gold. Louis – that’s the only Aurum Potabile (or rather Smooshabile) I’m interrested in 🙂 Bring it on, Louis!

  4. Thanks for the Furminator review! I will have to check it out. I have the original Furminator, but my cats both think I’m trying to kill them when I use it on them.

    The kittens are really killing it with the cute in this post!

    • Mine LOVE the orig Furminator and will actually push the others away to get their brushing time!

  5. Brain is melted. And I’m purrfectly cool with it since all I’d rather do is seem them belly spots!

  6. Do kittens sometimes suck on their toes like a baby will suck its thumb? Because Louis, with his foot in his mouth, just kills me.

  7. Jake’s expression getting the extra treats. Could he open his mouth wider?

    Oh Louis, that full, round belly is just adorable. Spots or not.

  8. OK, Louis, that fat little spotted tummy of yours is killing me. Also Roseanne is trying this being adorbs thing on for size.

  9. Jake is hilarious. I love it! Also, woman… ship that tiny spotted belleh kitten to me stat! I don’t know how you get anything done with all those adorable babies needing smooshing and kissing. <3