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Can you believe the McMaos are THREE weeks old? Well, really, three and a HALF weeks old. They’re so mobile and fighty and licky and explore-y right now. Everything is utterly amazing to them (especially Cillian, who always looks like he’s just finished partaking of the catnip and is hiiiiiigh) and now when I walk into the room, they (especially Declan) start howling and walking across the room to me. When I pet them, they fall over onto their sides and lick their paws while I rub their bellies. They are the cutest little things on the face of the planet right now.

They’re spending very little time in the McMao cave and most of their time either piled up in the cat bed in front of the cave, or in various places on the rug. Maggie keeps a casual eye on them, though yesterday when Declan ended up behind the litter box and she could hear him moving around but couldn’t see him, she got pretty worried. Over the weekend, Ciara spotted Maggie across the room and got excited, ran over to her, and then started rooting around. Maggie was laying on her belly, and Ciara just could not figure out how to get to the milk. Maggie wasn’t inclined to move to allow her access, and after Ciara snuffled around for a minute, she gave up and ran off to bite one of her brothers.



“Hey, you guys, I haz THREE FEET, and you don’t got none! Ha ha ha!”

Pouty Princess is pouty.

“TOES. I haz them!”

“This isn’t going quite as I’d hoped.”

Fergus Simon (left) is staring in amazement at the ceiling fan.

“Whoa, y’all, it just. keeps. SPINNING!”

Grumpy doesn’t quite appreciate all the toes in his face.

They’re getting the hang of bathing themselves and each other.

Declan, in a brief non-exploring moment.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rufus, hanging out on top of the kitchen cabinets. He looks like he’s hiding here, but he’s turned into a total lovebug. Sweet, friendly, playful – someone’s going to end up with one really awesome cat.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jake keeps an eye on the goings-on.


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4-26-11 — 12 Comments

  1. What a delightful bunch of lookers they’re becoming! Interesting news re the McCave’s obsolescence — and was Maggie in a “No pictures, please” mood yesterday? Speaking of “please,” a plea for more Rufus before the handsome lovebug gets snapped up by some very, very lucky someone. Thanks, as always, for a super update.

  2. Yes, everything is a source of wonder now, isn’t it??? I love, love, love “Hey, you guys, I haz THREE FEET, and you don’t got none! Ha ha ha!” We have “corner fascination” going on over here… a kitten will rush up to the corner, under the bed, and then stare up. What are they looking at? Who knows???? But it sure is fascinating ’cause they all do it!

  3. I could just look at your pics all day. But the fact that you write such funny captions too is just amazing.

    Gush gush. I know, but sometimes I like to do sincere just to prove it to myself!

  4. So glad you’re “back”! Was having a terrible time getting thru Monday without L&H post. The cuteness just keeps growing better and better!

  5. Hey, no catnip to underage kittens! Or I’ll report you to someone for leading to the delinquency of minors.

    On the other hand, they were exposed in utero so they have some congenital issues with the ‘nip.

  6. I agree with two previously mentions things:
    1) Monday sucked without you…
    2) I haz THREE FEET….slayed me!

  7. Awwww it’s so great to see the McMaos ears springing a little upright too!! Yay!! They are looking so gorgeous! Yay for mum Maggie – what a star!!

    Hello lovely Rufus and adorable Jake! Take care

  8. Seeing all the photos of these precious babies makes me want to adopt — but until I retire or win the lottery that isn’t going to happen. I am just content to keep in touch with you on a daily basis and watch these babies grow!

  9. I have a photo of my boy at 3 weeks with his brother and sister; aren’t they so utterly adorable at this age. (To be repeated at regular intervals however old they are!)

  10. It’s amazing how different they look now and how much their stripes are starting to show!

  11. The kittens are so adorable! And I love Fergus Simon’s fascination with the ceiling fan – my sister’s 16 year old kitty is STILL fascinated by ceiling fans!