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Today I’m posting a bunch of pictures in an attempt to clear out my tmp folder, because tomorrow? Tomorrow I reformat my hard drive, and there’s always the possibility that it’ll take longer than I expect and thus I am declaring that there’ll be no post on Monday because I’ll either be desperately trying to figure out what I did wrong, or possibly just recovering from the whole experience.


As you can see, with the addition of a cat bed to the area directly in front of the McMao cave, the McMaos are able to get in and out pretty easily.

Declan the explorer.

Ciara (front), Fergus Simon (in the process of coming out of the cave) and Finnegan.

Oh Declan, I love you so.


Paws up, y’all!


“Dude, your breath. It’s magical.”

“NO! You get back. It are time for MY belly rub, you can just wait your TURN.”

“I carry all my stress in my neck, lady. You need to move a bit higher.”

“Ahhh, yes. That’s the spot.”


Maggie has some quality time with the Kong Kickeroo.

“High? Me? No. Why would you think that?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alice Mo has the longest tail in the house. Seriously – look at that thing.

“Hey! Shaddup! Stop talking about my tail! You’re making me self-conscious!”


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4-23-11 — 18 Comments

  1. Adoreable, all. My heart is with Mom Maggie, though – she is such a good mom, and yet her own person…er, cat!
    Alice’s tail is AMAZING! I have never seen such a long tail!!

  2. Oh wow!! The McMaos are growing braver aren’t they?!?! Awwwww they’re still babies though!!!! Mama Maggie is a STAR and deserves her quality time with the kickeroo! LOL!!!

    Yay for Alice and looooooon tail!

    Good luck with the hard drive reformat!!!! πŸ™‚ hope to see you real soon!! Take care

  3. Alice’s tail looks like she had a smaller one transplanted onto the top. The tail is making up for her tiny body.

    The first photo makes me laugh. The 3 kittehs still in cave look like they are racing to the milk bar and wondering why it moved from it’s normal, easy-access location.


  4. Soo cute. Sigh.
    Curious if they still hiss at you, or have they gotten used to being handled by humans now?

  5. Those Kickaroos are popular toys! Mine kid’s has a giraffe pattern on it. πŸ™‚

    It looks like the ears are poping up higher! The additional bed actually gives nursing a more ergonomic design!

    Sending you formatting fairy wishes!

  6. Great pics!

    good lord alice does have a might long tail!!

    BEST WISHES with the reformat πŸ™‚

  7. Our Gravy has a crazy-long tail like Alice’s, and she’s a tiny girl too. I’ve wondered if her long tail is indicative of how big she might have been had she not been malnourished as a little babe (not by us, of course, but by the folks in the warehouse where she was born).

    And those McMaos are growing so fast! Can’t wait to see what they are like in a couple of weeks when they are really motoring!

  8. The babies are so cute, so sweet… lovely pictures!!!
    Good job in the format of hard disk.
    Kisses and Happy Easter!!!

  9. Love, Love, Love…I cannot believe how much their colorings have changed, but then it will be two weeks since I have seen them…I can’t wait : )

  10. Can’t get enough of those kitten photos – especially the one where Maggie has molded her body to the curve of the kitten bed! I hope the reformat goes well and you can get back to taking and posting photos of those adorable little fuzzballs snookums wookums!

    As for Alice, it’s not just that she has an amazingly long tail, it’s that the tail is high in the air. That means she is happy as well as cute.

    Good job with converting her from a scared crazy cat to a happy Princess!!

  11. All those tiny white paws are killing me. They all have little mittens on. Mittens on the kittens.

  12. How did I not notice before now that they have white tipped ears??? How???? Gaaahhhh… ded from de cute! And yeah, Maggie looks pretty wasted, there. Hope it felt marvelous, she deserves it!

    Good luck with the tech tomorrow, hon!

  13. awwwww they are sooo precious!!!! I just fainted… The babies and mama look so happy :). LOVE Alice’s beautiful tail. What a cutie pie!

  14. Has Alice’s tail grown since since she took up residence, or was it always ultralong?

  15. Oh wow, i went away for 6 days ‘cos we had easter and anzac day here in oz and when i come back those babies are even more delicious! quickly, scoop ’em up and eat ’em! i don’t mean “eat ’em” eat ’em, i mean you know, kisses and hugs and squishes and patting and kissing and…you get what i mean. My Sam used to have a tail way loner than his body than his body caught up…bad cat mother, Lita, making the baby fat!
    I hope you are back asap, Robyn, your blog makes my day.