4-23-10 – The Bookworms & Maura.

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I don’t know why, but it continually amazes me just how much sleep these kittens require. They get up, run around like their butts are on fire for an hour when they’re first out of the room, and then the just CRASH. I try to never disturb a sleeping kitten, but boy – they are SO cute and fuzzy, it’s hard not to grab them up and snuggle them!

* =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= *

Maura, in the Maura Cave, while Miz Poo runs by as quickly as possible.

Maura’s been really enjoying having the run of the house. She spends some time in the Maura Cave, but she also has other favorite spots, too – on the mat by the back door, in the computer room smacking kittens (she has no use for kittens, apparently), on the chair by my bed. Really, she’s pretty sure she’s the queen of the castle, and none of the other cats are messing with her (except for Jake, who will go over and rub on her. She’s pretty tolerant of him, too.)

I know that cats “see” more by smell than eyesight, but our cats REALLY seem to think, when they glance her way, that she’s either Tommy or Maxi, and they don’t think anything of seeing her sitting there. There have been no smackdowns at all, and if anyone gets too close to Maura, she lets them know with a growl that if they’re looking for a fight she will BRING IT ON, but it’s probably been the most peaceful transition from foster room to general population that we’ve ever had!

* =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= *

Tommy in the back yard. Check out that frayed collar. Tommy needs a new collar (or new band for his collar, anyway).


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4-23-10 – The Bookworms & Maura. — 14 Comments

  1. What is that thing hanging from Tommy’s collar. He looks gorgeous in red, by the way!

  2. Awww I thoroughly understand the need to pick these sleeping Bookworms up and snuggling them!


    They are just too precious!

    Great to see Maura reigning over everyone there! LOL! She’s an amazing character! I too am curious as to what that thing is on handsome Tommy’s collar?

    Take care

  3. Chris & Old Kitty: Tommy’s wearing a collar that goes with the electric fence around the back yard. If he gets too close to the fence, his collar emits a warning beep. If he doesn’t heed the beep and keeps on going, he gets a short zap. Several of our cats wear those collars (Jake, Elwood, Kara, Joe Bob, Tommy, and Sugarbutt) because if they’re not collared, they’ll climb over the fence to points unknown. Usually, they get zapped once, and then learn to heed the warning beep!

  4. When Soldier was here last year and terrorizing my cats, Cocoa often got mistaken for Soldier because they are both black cats and about the same size. It took a few weeks after he left for them to not give Cocoa a wide berth and he was always like “WTF did I do?”

  5. i adore their little black noses!

    see, maura fits in perfectly, it’s meant to be! and you’re going to break jake’s heart…


  6. I also wish Maura would get to stay. After all, she IS on a diet. She just seems such a character and I love black cats like her.
    One of my cats, Tessa, is a black cat who KNOWS she was a goddess in a past life but is willing to put up with any indignaty just to be able to lay around and be told what a beautiful girl she is.
    That opinion is not held by her sister. But that’s another story.

  7. Cool! I’ve often wondered if the electric fences really work. My cats are elderly now and couldn’t jump the fence if their lives depended on it, but I’ll keep it in mind for future generations.

  8. I’m glad Maura is fitting right in. I definitely have a little soft spot for black kitties…

    Tell those Bookworms they don’t need any more beauty sleep — they are GORGEOUS already!

  9. Oh, my! Must go find sleeping kitteh to snuggle… I’m late reading this and it is Caturday after all! 🙂

  10. You mustn’t breathe a word to my babies, but your current litter might be the cutest kittens in the entire world.


  11. I can’t believe how big the Bookworms are getting! They are getting more adorable with every post. How is that even possible, given how gorgeous they were when they arrived ?!?!