5-2-15 Weekly Roundup (and a little extra!)

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook Roundup!

Smart boy Belushi.


Shecky is ready for his nap, please.

Louis is concentrating very hard, and could probably use a tiny newspaper while he’s in there.

Good morning, it’s time for breakfast!

“Mama, Mama, Mama, we love you!”

“Hallo innernets, is me Gilda and my brudder Belushi who just bit me on my behind and made me cry. Is okay, I forgive him and will just wait for him to fall asleep before taking my revenge. Please admire my fabulous whiskers.”

Breakfast time for Rickles and Mama Lucy!

“Hallo innernets, hi! Is me, Roseanne ! I gots to take a nap, but thought I’d show you my delectable little fat Kitten Belly to admire for now.”

“MAMA, I been callin’ and callin’ for you!” (Gilda)

“Who, me? Nothin’. Just hanging around.”

The view from here right this minute.

Not the best pic, but I think you can see that all 7 of them were touching me and sound asleep. On my foot, upper left of the pic are Gilda and Louis . In my lap, from the top and going clockwise: Rickles Roseanne Skelton (bottom), Shecky (on top of Skelton) and Belushi . Across the room, laughing at me and not pictured: Mama Lucy. They stayed sleeping for about 15 minutes, then woke and moved en masse to the milk bar.

Poor Mama Lucy, those little monsters keep grabbing and biting her and she’s like “Why did I want kids?”

Louis would like Skelton to stop snoring, please.

5 out of 7 kittens agree: this is a comfy lap! (Louis and Shecky were too busy playing to stop and nap.)

Yes, they are starting to eat solid food, but nothin’ beats the Milk Bar!

“HALLO innernets, this time 4 weeks ago, we was bein’ born!”

Madame does not wish to arise today. Please have the Milk Bar sent to her room.

It seems that they’re abandoning their crate for this cozy blanket!

“Weird lady, you gonna sit down so we can climb in your lap, or what?”

#Belushi is all “Mama, I don’t WANT a hug, I wanna play!”

Soooo sleeepyyyy…

“Hallo innernets, I would like a snuggle, plz.”


And a little extra!

I love how Roseanne and Louis are sitting on the scratcher watching her eat. “What’s she DOING?!”

Gilda the Gorgeous.

Apparently, walking around with a piece of litter hanging off his lip is going to be Shecky’s “thing.”

Rickles is an open-mouthed sleeper, and it’s utterly adorable (and funny)!


“Not sure about you, lady,” says Louis.

You can’t see him, but Louis is under there, too. That’s Roseanne in the front and Rickles and Skelton behind her. I’ve seen as many as 6 of them crammed in there, and they come pouring out when I walk into the room. They occasionally visit their crate (especially if there’s a loud noise or something that startles them), but most of the time they’re out in the room. The babies are growing up!

After I’d fed Lucy and the kittens dinner, I was using a baby wipe to wipe the floor (they love to track food all over the place), and it made Gilda go all floofy. Which, coincidentally, is exactly how I feel about housework, too!

Louis and Skelton (and Roseanne in the background), falling asleep on the scratcher.


Video! They’re a month old now, and they’re finding out just how hard the real world is. Time to get a job, kittens!

YouTube link.


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  1. you set that ornj picture up didn’t you, didn’t you?? 🙂

    And the kittens do have a job, a hard one, providing you blog fodder; and I say they are doing a darn fine job of it