5-3-15 Sleepy Sunday

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Sleepy Sunday.

Belushi needs a nap.

And Rickles needs a nap.

Rickles and Skelton and Gilda all need naps. In my lap, preferably.

Roseanne? Yeah, she needs a nap.

Skelton doesn’t want to nap, but he’s already half asleep with his eyes open.

Louis and Shecky, all curled up and snoozing under the scratcher.

They awaken briefly to determine what they hear (it’s the camera, which is way too loud).

Then Louis goes back to sleep, while Shecky gets his flirt on.

The lights are on, but there’s no one home in those baby blues. That’s Rickles, with Skelton snuggled up next to him.)

Gilda, in a warm comforter of her siblings, sleeps soundly.

Roseanne, out cold.

Shecky, surrounded by Roseanne and Skelton. Shecky’s pouty little pink lip kills me dead.

And another shot of sleepin’ Rickles.

Knowing that the nanny (me) is keeping an eye on the babies, Lucy feels comfortable curling up on the floor across the room for a long afternoon snooze.


Video! Louis haz a sleepy. He was afraid he’d miss out on something, so he fought it, but as always happens, the sleepies win.

YouTube link.


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5-3-15 Sleepy Sunday — 10 Comments

  1. Could NOT stop laughing on Dennis needing a home. Well, you followed sage advice: “he seems to have zero interest in being the alpha. He tends to be a hider and will disappear for a few hours, only to reappear all of a sudden. (He thinks it’s funny that you might have been worried about him.) Rather than letting him free to have the reign of an entire house, I would highly recommend that whoever adopts him start him out in a small room and very gradually give him more room to explore.”

    And for a non-alpha, didn’t he find himself a bit of stuff named Monday? Even brought her home to meet the folks.

  2. All those adorable sleepy kittens make me want to go back to bed. Preferably with a bunch of adorable sleepy kittens. 🙂

    • That’s the best way to nap! I can’t wait ’til these guys are old enough to have the run of the upstairs and curl up for naps with me. 🙂

  3. Gilda’s wild eyebrows slay me. Can unruly kitty/adult eyebrows be trimmed when vision obstruction is an issue?

    • I think they can be trimmed a little if need be, though I’ve never actually done it myself. The wild unruly nature of them adds to her charm. 🙂

  4. Louis looks like me as I watch kitten cams and kitten videos and read kitten blogs…the sleepies always win 😀