The faux Berber rug we bought for $20, which we put in the kitchen, is no more. Tommy and Sugarbutt kept getting their claws caught in the loops of the rug (there’s a space between the end of the cap and the paw itself when you’re using SoftPaws) and freaking out. I had to cut the rug in three different spots to save Tommy, and finally I was just tired of it. I rolled it up and tossed it out on the back lawn (there might have been a mini temper tantrum involved, with much swearing), and then Fred carried it up to the end of the driveway. It stayed there all night, then the next morning it was gone.

The cool thing about living on a busyish road in the country is that when we want to get rid of something, we don’t have to wait ’til it piles up, then call a charitable organization to come get everything. We just leave it by the side of the road and someone eventually comes along who wants it, and they stop and take it with them. Nothing sits there for longer than a few hours, usually, except for the rug. Though to be fair, Fred did put the rug by the road at night, so it probably wasn’t as easy for passersby to see what it was.

We’ve talked about going back to the flea market this weekend to look for a runner for the upstairs hallway, and maybe we can find something better for the kitchen while we’re there.

* * *

Hmm. So we have one black indoor cat and one (NOT OURS) black outdoor cat. One orange indoor cat and one (NOT OURS) orange (more buff, really) outdoor cat. I think this means we need a NOT OURS tortie, a black and white, a white and orange, and a gray to create a true feng shui balance.

My feng is not shui’d, and it’s annoying me.

* * *

The Newt-alike can occasionally be spotted in our yard. He looks so very much like Newt that the only way I realize it’s not Newt is when (1) He doesn’t flop over and whine for a belly rub, (2) He takes one look at us and runs away, or (3) I can see Newt and the Newt-alike at the same time. Fred says I should name him “Nawt”. He’s very nervous when he sees us walking in his general direction, so I’m guessing he’s feral. I’d like to trap him and have him neutered (NEWTered. Ha!), but he doesn’t come around with any regularity and I haven’t successfully gotten within fifty feet of him yet, so I’m not sure how successful I’ll be at that.

Also, it’s entirely possible he’s a she. Like I said, I haven’t gotten terribly close to him/her.

* * *

You may not touch the Suggie toes.

* * *

Newt and Maxi approve of the new steps.


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