Do you see what I see?

How about now?

How about… now?

When I spotted Newt up in that tree, sound asleep, it startled me so badly – just because I wasn’t expecting to see that – that I gasped and went running outside. I guess I’ve forgotten that he’s a salty country cat who does things like climb trees and sleep up there without hurting himself.

I went out and spoke to him, and he got so happy that he started rolling around and purring, and I got worried that he’d fall out of the tree, so I came back inside. And he bounded down the tree with no problem whatsoever, and went along his merry way.


Mister Boogers: “Look at her out there, all impressed with herself. She thinks she’s really SOMETHING, all ‘I get to run around outside and kill and eat squirrels if I want to! And I get to lay on this deck and you DON’T, ha ha!’ I HATE HER.”
Tommy: “::sigh:: I think she’s beauuuuuuuuuutiful.”


2006: No entry.
2005: No entry.

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