5-4-15 Mama Monday

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Look, look! It’s our sweet former foster mama Maggie! Alex says:

Just over a month ago, Sara and I brought home a new addition to the family, our son Henry. Of course, during the pregnancy, we wondered how each one of our cats would react to this new person. Immediately after arriving from the hospital, we set Henry down in his car seat. Tucker (a Challenger cat) and Maggie quickly came to inspect.

In the past month, it has been interesting to watch Maggie adjust to this new life. For the most part, she keeps her distance but every once in a while she does seem to inspect him. The other night, I came into the living room and found Maggie hanging out in/on Henry’s whale mat, which oddly enough the cats have gotten more use of as of now. I decided to see how they did together, so I set Henry down next to her. She seemed relatively interested but didn’t really react.

All in all, Maggie is doing great. I imagine I will have much more to report once Henry becomes mobile. Personally, I think she is relieved that she doesn’t have to play Mama-Cat again.

I love Maggie’s face in both of those pictures so much – it’s as though she’s thinking “Okay, don’t panic… I’ve done this before, I am TOTALLY up to this task again. At least there’s only one of them this time around!”

Thank you so much for the great pictures, Alex, and congratulations to you and Sara. Henry is beautiful!


Someone’s always gotta try nursing from the other side.

“~sigh~ These kittens. Gotta love ’em!”


Roseanne loves her mama.

Look how excited Rickles is to see his mama. “HI MAMA! You bringin’ the milk bar to me?!”

Roseanne, following her mama around.

Checking to be sure Shecky is clean.

“Just passin’ through, mama!”


Gilda loves her mama.

“HI MAMA!” Lucy learns that the scratcher is not high enough to get away from the kittens.

“Mama, no! I am clean!” says Louis the brat.

“Hi Mama! Hey, Mama, have you seen the milk bar? It was right around here, somewhere…”

“Nope. Sorry, kid, never heard of it.”

Lisa came to visit Lucy and the kittens yesterday. I’m always curious to know how kittens will be with strangers, and the Fools did not disappoint – they climbed all over Lisa, they bit her toes, they fell asleep on her. It’s safe to say that these kittens are not scared of strangers at all. Lucy climbed into Lisa’s lap several times for petting, and then when the kittens were all sound asleep, Lucy woke them up and let them nurse until they curled into a pile of cute. (I was a little surprised to see that all 7 of them can still nurse at the same time. It takes some maneuvering, but they made it work.)


Videos! In the first, Louis discovers the ceiling fan, and tries to smack at it.

YouTube link.

And in the second, Rickles has places to GO.

YouTube link.


Alice gets her ~thlurrrp!~ on.

YouTube link.


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5-4-15 Mama Monday — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks to Alex for the update and those adorable photos. Many congratulations, too!

    And I have a feeling that this post is going to demand several visits.

  2. Yay – Maggie has a new little brother. 🙂

    Your kittens seem a little further along the curve than ours….ours are still in the “gravity is terrible” stage

  3. Congrats to Alex and Sara on their beautiful Henry!!

    That whale mat DOES look like quite a comfy place for a cat 🙂

  4. P.S. I LOVE seeing the babies following Mama around :)Shows that they’re still pretty little, although growing quickly!

    That Rickles sure is zooming around!

  5. I remembered your mention of it, so I watched Maddie on AFV last night! 🙂 It was on the VS. section – I can’t quite remember exactly but it was like cats and printers VS people falling off chairs. It was much shorter than your video but cute to see her (and the little cameo by Spot!).

  6. Thank you Alex, love foster updates. Yeah, I get sense that her maternal feelings/instincts are kicking in while watching Henry. She looks fat, or uh, healthy and very happy too!

    Well, we love Lucy too. Oh come on, someone had to say it.

    btw, when did shecky get that giant tail? What happened to his carrot stick tail?

  7. Lucy is absolutely BEAMING with love in the pic with Gilda! She looks like she is laughing at her cute little daughter’s antics. I vote for a mother’s day card of that shot- or at least a repost of it on Sunday! 🙂