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There was, I have to admit, far more interest in the fact that Alice and Rufus were eating egg yolks in one of the pictures yesterday than I expected. Basically, some cats like egg yolks and some cat don’t. Alice discovered at some point that she LOVES egg yolks, and now no matter where she is when I’m cracking open an egg, she comes flying into the kitchen and demands her egg yolk. I usually split an egg yolk in two dishes for her and Rufus (who decided that Alice knew a good thing and he wanted in on the action).

Any cat who wants a yolk can have some, but those are the only two who are consistently interested. Occasionally Jake and Elwood will come in and have a slurp or two, but most mornings it’s just Alice and Rufus. I’ve heard rumors that egg yolks will help make their coats shiny, but they’ve had pretty shiny coats all along, so I can’t say for sure.

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For those of you who aren’t hip and with it like the rest of us (heh), Dorothy was named after Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz. We were actually calling her “Stormy” for the first day, and then I said “OBVIOUSLY her name needs to be Dorothy!”, and so it is.

Dorothy went to the vet yesterday for her Combo and fecal tests. Her Combo test came back negative (yay!), but she has a few lovely parasites, so will need treatment for those. She only weighed 1.7 pounds on the vet’s scale, so she wasn’t spayed (and I clearly need a better scale!) She was an absolute little angel baby all the way there and home again, just lay there and watched the rain, and looked over at me from time to time.



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“I was SLEEPIN’, lady. I had a hard night. Of sleepin’. Followed by a hard day. Of sleepin’. You gettin’ the theme here?” (That’s Rufus.)

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This video just kills me. It’s Finnegan basically learning to drink water, and the LOOK he gives Maggie at 22 seconds SLAYS ME. I think he might love his mama, is what I think.

YouTube link

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The McMaos are doing well. They’re all peeing in the litter box, and I’m seeing more and more poop as the days pass. I’ve seen a few of them trying out the kibble, and last night I offered them some chicken baby food mixed with canned kitten food. Macushla and Declan really liked it – when I wiped some on Declan’s mouth and he licked it off, his tail went straight out, and he got so excited he was shaking. They both ate some, but when I decided they were the only ones who were going to give it a try, I stood up and Fergus Simon RAN over to one of the plates, climbed on, and licked every bit of food off that plate.

Maggie was acting like she was still hungry, so I opened a small packet of tuna in broth (or something like that – it was cat food, but I don’t recall the exact flavor) and put it in a bowl for her. She dove right in, and I left the room. About five minutes later I realized I’d left something in the room, and when I walked back in, Fergus Simon was bellied up to the bowl eating every bit of food Maggie had left behind.

In other words, the eating is going well for the McMaos.

I weighed them on the 1st, and their weights were pretty close. The lightest was Fergus Simon at 1 pound, 1 ounce. The heaviest was Declan, at 1 pound, 2 1/2 ounces. Cillian was 1 pound, 2 ounces, and the remaining three (Macushla, Ciara and Finnegan) were at 1 pound, 1 1/2 ounces.

I’ve actually never had a litter of kittens so close, weight-wise, this is a first for me. They’re right on target and growing like weeds, and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

LOVE. (Fergus Simon)

::thlurrrp:: (Declan)

“Hi, mama, hi! Whatcha doin’, mama? Whatcha doin’? Can I do it too, huh, can I?”

“I thee dead people.”

No, really, it’s okay. Just FLING yourself off that thing. I won’t have a heart attack or anything. (I put a cat bed down there after he did just that.)

Fergus Simon works on his climbin’ skills.

Cillian works on his ballet skills.

“Whatcha doin’, mama, huh? Whatcha doin’? Are ya eatin’? Can I have some, too? I bet that’s yummy, it looks yummy, I should eat some so I’ll grow up big and strong, right?”

“Whatcha doin’, mama, huh? Are ya sharpenin’ your claws? I can sharpen my claws too, mama, watch! Watch me, mama, watch me! WATCH ME!”

“I hope that lady doesn’t ::boop:: my nose again. I hate it when she does that.”

Maggie keeps a watchful eye out.

Everything REALLY amazes Cillian. Always. Most amazing thing ever, no matter what it is.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sheriff Kara keeps an eye on stuff. And things. Sheriff of Stuff and Things, that’s her job description.


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5-4-11 — 23 Comments

  1. The McMaos are adorable. I was giggling at the pics this morning. Thanks for sharing those delightful moments.

  2. Great photos — and color commentary. Cillian looks like he’s bypassed ballet and moved straight into breaking.

  3. I asked my husband, “so lets say you do cat rescue and you’ve just climbed out of your basement from the worst tornado outbreak in US history. Your house if fine, you go out to look at your semi-trashed yard and what do you see but a tiny Cali-taby huddled under a car. Her name is…?”

    My husband said before I even finished the sentence, “I guess her name is Dorthy!”

    So I think she has exactly the right name, though if she was gray and misty then Stormy would also fit. My cat Thor, was a red kitten born during a rare Irish Thunder storm..

  4. Oh, they are so sweet! You are so lucky to have babies. I miss having babies so much I can hardly bear to watch these. And I love the Sheriff, she looks like bit like a lynx especially with that background!

  5. Forgot to comment yesterday –
    One of my cats likes egg yolks too, but he won’t have them if they’re cool from the fridge. So I’ll leave an egg out for a little while and then give it to him. Of course then I have to figure out what to do with the whites 🙂 (angel food cake always works!)

  6. SQUEE! Adorable video, adorable pictures – just LOVE.
    Dorothy is the perfect name. I didn’t notice it until you brought it up, but it’s perfect. I hope her forever home doesn’t change it!

    • PS: I ::boop:: my kittens’ (ahem – CATS! They just turned 5 – but they’ll always be “kittens” to me!) noses all the time! Vash doesn’t mind but Kairi HATES it! LOL

  7. How that entire room isn’t one great big cat bed/IKEA ball bin is beyond me. One kitten alone was enough to make me want to tape hockey pads all over the poor baby; having that many bopping around and jumping off stuff would give me a stroke.

    Aw, such cute little tootsie rolls!

  8. Dorothy is a doll! Love her. And the McMaos are adorable, as always.

  9. Hey! We were promised photos of kittens with underpants on their heads!!! 😉

    I love the video, especially at 0:21 when a kitten over to the right mews just once and Maggie’s head snaps up to see what is going on. She is such a good mother!

    Plus the look of love Finnegan gives her. Sweet! And the fact that he starts copying what she is doing without actually lowering his head to the water yet. The whole video is amazing and wonderful.

    Thank you once again, Robyn! 🙂

    • Clever Finnegan! I love how he laps before he works out he needs his nose on the water, then he has a few tries at the precise height of nose over water and then he’s got it! I bet he was all “guess what I can do!” to his brothers and sister.

      • Sorry, why did I put this here? Stars in my eyes at such kitten brilliance, no doubt!

  10. more great photos! thanks for sharing.

    I love that second one of Dorothy, too precious, and the one of Fergus Simon climbing is one of my favorites.

    Had to giggle at the drinking water video. Bug tried to lap up some of the left over KMR I gave to Jordan last night, and ended up nose in several times over. I don’t think she could figure out why it kept going up her nose.

  11. Maggie is thinking “Mama needs a spa day, that’s what she needs !” 🙂

    These are all too cute for words! Gotta love this inquisitive, daredevil stage! 🙂

    Dorothy has such beautiful colours on her! Hope her nasty parasites clear up soon!

  12. Awwwww kittens! I get a snicker out of Cillian being amazed by ecerything, I admit. 🙂 *pets Maggie, and Alice and Rufus… and Cara*

    Ooooh, Dorothy is a caliby? Pretty kitty! Glad to hear she came up negative for assorted ickiness, but blecch, parasites. At least those are treatable. Here’s to swiftly getting over the dreaded wormies.

  13. Awwww hugs to lovely Dorothy!! What a brave kitty! Yay!!!

    Everytime I come over here to visit, my jaw just gets stuck on permanent “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwws”! But seriously!! Awwwww the McMaos and mum Maggie are so lovely!!! Sigh.

    Sherrif Kara looks like she really means business!!! 🙂

    Yay for yummy fresh yolks! Take care

  14. I actually had to reach out and ‘rub’ Dorothy’s tummy – she’s such a cutie!

    And I love the picture of Simon Fergus climbing. He looks like he’s sort of stuck there with velcro or something!

  15. Maggie’s a good mum, isn’t she? Putting up with kids wanting to be the centre of attention, each and every one! I thought Cillian was doing Hamlet – all dramatic poses and stuff. How do kittens every leave their momma’s when they look at them the way Finnegan does? Awww…And nobody better muck around while Sherrif Kara’s on duty! Fergus Simon! All skinny legs and ‘tude! You go boy.