5-4-10 – Maura & the Bookworms.

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I found this comprehensive list of low-cost spay and neuter clinics nationwide while I was reading Black Cat Rescue, and thought it was definitely worth sharing.

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Over the weekend, poor Maura developed diarrhea. Ten seconds after the vet’s office opened, I was calling to make an appointment for her. And since I was going anyway, I piggybacked the Bookworms onto the vet visit so that they could be Combo tested. I was completely certain that they’d come up negative and could be neutered and ready to go to the adoption center by the end of the week.

Maura’s on medication for her diarrhea… and the Bookworms came up positive for FIV.


I was so sure that they’d test negative that I was already missing them! But they’ll be around for another couple of months at the very least. I’ll take them back at the beginning of July for retesting, and hopefully they’ll be negative.

(For those of you who weren’t reading back then, the Bookworms’ siblings, the Wonkas, initially tested FIV positive and then were negative on the retest two months later.)

On the ride to the vet, Maura settled down and napped – she did not make one single peep of complaint, I swear she’s the most laid-back cat on earth – and the Bookworms howled and yelled and did their best to dig their way out of their carriers. I was about two minutes from the vet’s office when I thought “Huh. I swear I smell food. Maybe it was that restaurant I just passed…” Only, the smell of food didn’t go away, and I found out when I reached the vet’s office that there was vomit in BOTH of the carriers containing Bookworms. And Reacher had apparently gone swimming through it.

Of course, this was the ONE TIME I left the house without my bag of cleaning rags in case of emergency. Luckily, they deal with that stuff all the time at the vet’s (probably after all the nasty stuff they have to deal with on a daily basis, kitten vomit is like roses to them), and got ’em cleaned up and tested.

So anyway, yeah. They’re positive. But I don’t believe they’re truly positive, I’m sure they’ll come up negative on the retest. And Maura is sequestered back in the foster room, being medicated twice a day, and lolling around like she just don’t care.

Reacher, flopped across Jake like he’s a great big body pillow.

Reacher and Corbett, curled up sound asleep in the recycling bin.

Please note Jake’s foot on the back of Corbett’s neck.

Corbett’s feet on Reacher’s face. Cracks me UP.

Rhyme, flopped across Reacher and Corbett.

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“What? WHAT YOU WANT?!” A Tommy and Sugarbutt confab in the back yard.


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5-4-10 – Maura & the Bookworms. — 13 Comments

  1. Soooooo cute, ALL of them!!

    I sure hope you make a habit of looking in those recycling bins before you dump them!


  2. Well, after the Wonkas I am going to agree that the Bookworms are probably negative too. I am sure of it anyway, but the Wonkas make me think it has to be correct. And poor Maura – we are sending her lots of feel better wishes!

    And seriously, what do you think Tommy and Sugarbutt were plotting out there – some sort of secret plan I am sure!

  3. Be thankful it was only vomit in the carriers. My old kitty leaves much nastier statements about how he doesn’t like to travel in HIS carrier….

  4. I’d never wish illness or even fear of illness on any creature, but I’m so glad the Bookworms are staying! They crack me up, too, Robyn.

  5. I find myself often agreeing with Cynthia… I am sure they are fine and will test negative and we are going to get to enjoy them for a couple more months. Yay!

  6. angie: Ohhhh, she might have gained a few… a couple… a little… OKAY, she gained half a pound! I guess that’s what happens when you let her have access to the rest of the house and she can eat food that isn’t “light.”

    Nauloera: Oh, absolutely, I’m grateful it was only vomit. And easy to clean up vomit at that! 🙂

    Claire: She is – or that is, she will be. She’ll be going home
    this weekend; her new family doesn’t live in the immediate area, and she needed to stay here ’til she could have her last vaccination. 🙂

  7. Awww, Maura… feel better, hon. Our Winnie is having the same issue and we just visited Doc A yesterday.

    Well, dang! Test bummer! But, as much as I want to see the babies find lovin’ homes quickly, I can’t say I’m disappointed to know we’ll be seeing them for a while longer. (I know… selfish, selfish, selfish!!) I’m sure they’re gonna test negative, too, and be on their ways before we know it!

  8. While I feel bad and hope Maura gets better soon, I can’t help but think this is another ploy by her to stay at your home. Once you figured out that she isn’t pregnant, she has decided to try a new route. It would just go to show you what a lovely household you have filled with love 🙂

  9. Oh no – what a trip to the vets for you and the Bookworms and Maura!

    Oh dear. At least the trip was er.. memorable.

    But what a worry for you and the kitties. Good grief.

    Big hugs to Maura – she’s really a wonderful cat! I hope her diarrhea is under control now.

    And the lovely Bookworms. I have everything crossed that they will be FIV negative on their re-test. Fingers crossed paws and everything crossed!

    They are adorable as always. Jake is such a star too though isn’t he? Awwww!

    Now what are Tommy and Sugabutt planning?!?! LOL!

    Take care and well done you!

  10. Get strong and well, little kitten boys. You need to go out and save the world and solve mysteries like your namesakes. Reacher, I will expect you to punch a lot of people, okay?
    It just seems so wrong that FIV even exists. The concept of kitten AIDS hurts my head.