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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

We finally got a couple of blueberry bushes to go with the one we already had, and Fred planted them in the back yard. They’re still tiny, but it looks like we’re actually going to get a handful of blueberries this year! Too cool.

It looks like the tree would have eventually fallen on its own, tornado winds or no.



I thought for sure some or all of the baby chicks would have washed/ blown away in the storms, but no. Every one of them is present and accounted for!

The Rock Star. I think she is the most beautiful chicken, ever.

Pretty much every day is the best! day! ever! as far as Gracie’s concerned.

A roving band of tree-cutter-uppers showed up, cut up the tree which had fallen across the ditch from the church property next door, and then kept on movin’.


Chicken yard after we carried off as much of the greenery and smaller limbs as we could. Where those big logs are laying is what used to be part of the chicken yard. We’re going to need professionals to come cut up the rest of the wood and cart it off – Fred’s chainsaw is a good one, but not THAT good.

One of the burn piles. There’s another near the garden.

I can’t get over just how happy these pansies, growing on the compost heap, are doing.

The state of the garden as of yesterday. You can see about six shriveled looking tomato plants (the other 38 are completely gone). The peppers, in the middle of the picture, are hanging in there.

Honeysuckle growing in the back yard. This stuff smells heavenly.

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Hackleburg, Alabama is about 80 miles from us. They were hit hard by the tornadoes, and when I called and talked to the shelter manager about Dorothy and where she could have possibly come from, Susan joked that “Maybe she was blown up from Hackleburg!”

Imagine my surprise yesterday, when I was walking around taking pictures, to find a packing slip laying in the yard.


The VF Corporation distribution plant in Hackleburg was destroyed; one employee was killed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Someone asked at some point whether the babies are still hissing at me. They stopped hissing right around the time their eyes opened, and I haven’t heard a hiss from them (toward me, anyway) since. These days, when they see or hear me, they come running over, start climbing my legs, and howl their little heads off.

I’ll try to get that on video for you. It’s quite the cacophony, let me tell you.

I love how Ciara is flopped over the top of Maggie, getting to her food that way.

If you’d like to compare, here they are the day they were born:


And at three days old:


Deep in thought.

Cillian says “::thlurrrrp::”

Pouty Princess is all “WHAT is going on over there?!”

I love how Fergus Simon is keeping his eye on his brother, all “This is MINE, you get your own!”

“Come on in, the water’s fine!”

All teeth and claws at this age, I’m tellin’ ya.

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“How YOU doin’?”


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5-5-11 — 19 Comments

    • Claire, I imagine that the McMaos won’t be separated from Maggie until they go off to Petsmart to be adopted. Generally speaking, though, once kittens are weaned, they’re okay to be separated from their mother. It could be earlier, but in ideal circumstances, I don’t think I’d do it ’til 6 weeks at the very earliest.

      • I’ve heard that it’s psychologically ideal for them to stay with their mothers for 8 to 12 weeks. Maggie would no doubt respond, “Psychologically ideal for WHOM?!” perhaps I should say “developmentally ideal…”

        • I did not know that, Kerry! I can say pretty confidently that they’ll be with her at LEAST ’til they’re two months old, and possibly closer to three, depending on how fast they grow and whether there’s room at Petsmart when it’s time.

          • Did I just hear Maggie demand a Kitty Club Med holiday or a catnip toy as big as the Ritz in recompense?

  1. Oh my…the difference from 3 days old till now…. All I could think was “poor, sweet Maggie!” 🙂

    I do think Dorothy was from Hackleburg. Did you read that invoice closely? It may have been HER shipping invoice! 🙂

    Your property is certainly looking better!!! By the way, Gracie’s face always brightens my day! She has the sweetest, kissiest face!

  2. Good morning, Pretty Alice. *scritch scritch scritch*

    Maggie must have the patience of a saint to be able to handle 6 little kitten-pants crawling all over her trying to get their feedings in! LOL. Are they sleeping longer than 6-year olds on Christmas morning now?

    • They are sleeping longer, like real cats, but they still nurse 300 times a day it seems. Maggie really is a saint for putting up with them!

  3. Could someone please finish Alice’s makeup?It seems she’s only put black eyeliner on the one eye – like the rest of us,trying to get the perfect “cat eye-look”,not getting it right and then just giving up halfway through 😉

  4. *pets the kittens, Maggie McMomcat, Princess Alice, Dorothy the traveler kitty, Gracie whose attitude sounds like my big fluffy yellow lab! and all the chicks, too*

  5. I started coming to your website to look at the kittens (and the Permanent Residents, too!), but I’ve grown to love your pictures of life at Crooked Acres. To my big-city, space- and greenery- starved eyes, it just looks like heaven – the chickens, all those fresh eggs, your incredibly vast vegetable garden, the always-happy Georgie and Gracie, your ability to have as many Residents as you do, and your ever-handy and understanding husband Fred. I’m so glad you all made it through the tornado relatively unscathed. Seeing Crooked Acres really brings such joy to my days – so thank you!

    PS. But that doesn’t mean you should stop documenting the day-to-day lives of Maggie and the McMaos in excruciating detail!

  6. Sigh…dear Maggie – the kittens are adorable, and she is such a wonderful Mamacat! i really hope she gets The Best Family Ever to adopt her and give her a life of luxury after all this.

    Dorothy is beautiful, and her story is haunting. If she could only talk…

    And I agree with Bonnie-pictures around Crooked Acres is good for this city slcker’s soul!

  7. Thanks, Bonnie and webbthistle – I really enjoy taking the pictures, I’m glad you enjoy seeing them. 🙂

  8. I’m a long time lurker and I think this is my first post. First, Robyn, I want to say that you are amazing for all you do for these kitties. Thank you so much for sharing it all with us through your blog. You’re on my Daily Read list! I’d like to hear more about the Pouty Princess and what she does to make herself seem pointy. I’ve thought all that she’s the most beautiful of this litter and to hear about her personality would be awesome! Thanks again and bless you!