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Do you just get lucky with the pictures or do you take thousands daily?

I take a LOT of pictures. In fact, recently, my favorite camera setting is the one where you just hold down the button and it takes picture after picture. It means I have to spend a lot of time going through pictures, but it’s given me some good ones!

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Has anyone ever mentioned to you that “mao”, when said in a flat* tone, is the word for CAT in Mandarin Chinese?

* This is the 1st of four tones, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th being up, down/up, down

No one had mentioned it to me – but it certainly makes the McMao name that much more perfect for them, doesn’t it?

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Wait — Miz Poo has issues beyond the most obvious one, her name? Sorry to hear that.

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE NAME “MIZ POO,” I’ll have you know. It’s a perfectly fine family name that’s been passed down for generations!

(Okay, maybe not. I don’t have a clue where the name “Miz Poo” came from, but if it makes you feel any better her “legal” name is Scrappy.)

Miz Poo is our money pit cat – there’s always something going on with her, and it’s never anything cheap. She has issues with rodent ulcers in her upper lip, she’s got dandruff, she’s neurotic and licks constantly, several years ago she had a blockage in her intestines and we had to cancel a Florida vacation to pay for it (and because I didn’t want to be away from her, truth be told). About two years ago, she had a cyst by her tail that burst (we didn’t even know it was there!) and she had to be knocked out so they could clean it out and stitch her up. When she was little, she had problems with her eyes. It’s always something, she’s always needing to go to the vet, and it’s truly a miracle that she’s the sweet lovebug that she is. I’ve told her she has to live to be 30 (she’s 11 1/2) to repay us for having spent so much on her.

She’s worth every penny.

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But if they stayed this little, Robyn, you’d miss them climbing your legs stage and the resulting, most attractive AAA road map look for your gams! ;-D

I tell you what, I don’t wear shorts in that room, EVER. Even if it’s a warm day out, I put on a pair of jeans before I go in there. Those little claws are SHARP!

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I wish you’d relax a little, Dorothy!

What the pictures don’t show you of Dorothy is that she’s got this tiny little stubby tail. It’s not cut off or in any way shortened, it’s just not as long as you’d expect it to be. It certainly adds to her charm!

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If you look closely at Rufus, you’ll see that a patch of fur on his back got wet and then dried. As if someone drooled on his back (JAKE) while they were curled up asleep on the shelf in the upper left of the picture.

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Ciara on the scratcher.

“Guys! Seriously, guys! It’s amazing!” (Cillian)

Fergus Simon in my lap, peeking up to see what’s going on.

“Tell it to the paw, bro.”

Fergus Simon fell asleep while I was holding him. And then I died from the cute.

Macushla. He’s totally my favorite.

“Guys, come on over! The climbin’ is fine!”

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These little monsters sure are lucky their mama is so patient. The look she gives me at about 30 seconds cracks me UP. Like she’s saying “This is all YOUR fault!”

YouTube link

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Gorgeous Corbs, I love you so.

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5-6-11 — 13 Comments

  1. Maggie…. multifunctional as any mom, even as a play structure, milk bar, cleaning machine, et cetera, even in the feline world!!

  2. Okay, these are simply adorable kittens! How old are they, and why do they need to grow up!

  3. I believe that Mao or Meow (with the right tone) is also cat in Vietnamese but the cat say’s something else, I don’t know what it is though lol!

    I love little Alice and I wish I was closer, because I’d be very tempted to take her. She looks almost exactly like my Catty, who was also a former stray. She had almost exactly the same markings, though her face was the classic round English “Moggy” look rather than the more common triangle that Alice has. And, Catty also had a short stubby tail! In face, she was a short, sort of blocky cat..an Irish neighbor used to call her “the lumpy cat,” but I loved her dearly and miss her very much. The garden just isn’t the same without her laying out in the sunshine.

  4. Totally wonderful kitten action, what a good mummy Maggie is and what a lucky little family to end up with you!

  5. Another enchanting post — oh, those charismatic kittens, and here’s to Miz Poo getting healhier in her golden years! As for Rufus — that pocket heartbreaker makes even dried drool a fashion statement. So you haven’t started clipping those kitten claws yet? I’ve read that lots of foot massages and early, careful clipping will make manicure days easier evermore…

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Mama Maggie is such a beautiful wonderful mum!!! The McMoas are purrrfect as always!!!

    Rufus and Dorothy. I wish wish wish I could have them. Sigh!

    I always thought Miz Poo to be a fine and distinguished name. 🙂 I just can’t help but think of her name being called out at the vets. You know when the vet comes out of the office and calls out to everyone sitting at the reception area, “Miz Poo, please, Miz Poo!”. LOL!!

    Corby you are beautiful!! take care

  7. Opps, I meant Dorthy but Alice also looks a lot like Catty…my brain was not really wake when I wrote that. As I said, Alice is also a very pretty kitty and looks like my Princess who is also sadly no longer with us. As you can tell, I really like Calicos and Cali-tabbies – Melodi

  8. Miz Poo and my old kitty have been sisters!
    I’ll try to keep it short.
    She was a Tortie who came to me via my sister’s in-laws farm. We don’t know exactly how old she was when she “appeared” there but we are guessing she was born about 1982. We also don’t know how many litters she had before she got spayed. My sister’s father-in-law liked his barn kitties but wasn’t too concerned about spending money to get them altered. She and two kittens from her last litter came to live with me in 1991. She died in 2006. During her last five years we were VERY frequent customers at the vet’s office (they all loved her there too!). Also during her last years I did alot of things for her that would amaze most people, I am not going to share the details, some of it was really icky!
    She deserved all of it; the money, icky care things, the laundry and extra cleaning. She was the sweetest cat ever and purred no matter what she was going through.
    Her name – my sister’s father-in-law just referred to her as “the ol’ ugly cat” or “ugly”. Some people just don’t appreciate Tortie beauty.

    My sister modified her name to “Miss Ugly” !!

  9. Their eyes are changing color! They’re so gorgeous, and I love the Cillian amazing looks.

    One of my cats has always had the rodent-ulcer problems too, on her lips. It got so bad we had to make the decision to keep her permanently on steroids.

  10. And Happy Mother’s Day to Robyn, too. And Kara. Are there any other mothers at Crooked Acres? Well, all those chickens- Happy Mother’s Day, chickens!