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Sweet little Dorothy is still in the guest bedroom for the time being. She’s being treated for parasites, poor girl, and despite the fact that she’d dearly like OUT of her room and Jake and Elwood and Rufus would dearly like IN her room (more because of the kitten food that’s in there than out of their desire to see the kitten), we have to wait to introduce them ’til the medicatin’ is done.

However, Rufus is a stealthy little man, and one day last week he apparently snuck into the room when I was leaving it, and I didn’t realize it.

I went in about ten minutes later to find this.


The little hussy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Despite my insistence that they stay tiny little babies forever, the McMaos seem determined to grow up. They practically grow right before my eyes, and I DON’T LIKE IT.

Cillian is particularly long. Hee. He’s like a kitty dachshund!

“But… I WANNA grow up to be a big boy and kick the butts of all other cats!”

Ciara decided my foot belonged to HER, and spent a good five minutes rubbing her face on me.

Serious little Cillian.

An idea forms…

Stage 1 of implementation…

Total capitulation. Well played, little man.

I know it’s rude to post a litter box picture, but the thousand yard stare makes me giggle every time.

Fergus Simon of the spotted belleh.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sugarbutt, recovering from his vigorous weekend of sleeping.


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5-9-11 — 16 Comments

  1. Thanks for the morning smiles! Nice way to start the week! Dorothy and Rufus are precious together!

  2. Rufus and Dorothy looks like they were made for each other…I blame Rufus…he’s adorable…of course, once she meets Corbie she may have a change of heart…

    oh the spotted belly…irresistable!

  3. Well played, young Rufus — he is one serious chick magnet. Hope Dorothy’s quarantine ends soonest. Glad to see the pouty princess on the hoof (as it were). As for Fergus Simon, the first-born gets his mother’s lovely black paw pads, feet, and calves AND a spotted belly? Score!

  4. That photo of Dorothy and Rufus is the most darling, most sweet and cutest thing ever!!

  5. Oh Rufus and Dorothy!! I so want them! Sigh!! 🙂

    Awwww I so feel your pain at watching the McMoas grow up too fast too soon!! Oh dear! They are so cute and lovely though!! Well done mum Maggie too!

    Hugs to Sugarbutt! Take care

  6. Little hussies indeed! Really guys. Man, that Dorothy is a cutie!

    You can still see how small they are when they’re trotting next to Mom. I hope they remembered to get Maggie a card and some flowers.

    The little face in the litterbox!

  7. I love Dorthy! That picture looks like my Catty as a young cat when she came ot us, our older male Modred (aka Iggy) was a brown tabby and they would curl up like that. They looked like father and daughter and I’m sure Iggy thinks he made her.

  8. My man Rufus! I love him! It’s something about him; he has swag. Please make him a permanent resident!

  9. Dorothy certainly settled right in. Dorothy’s appearance after the storm, in just the right place, seems awfully suspicious to me.
    Does anyone know if Glenda had a brother named Rufus?

    Longtime lurker here. I’ve come to depend on these posts for a regular pick-me-up. Thank you, Robyn, not only for looking after the fosters but sharing this bit of your life with us.

  10. Do the kittens ever squeal while they are in the litterbox doing their business? Or do they just stare quietly?

  11. I ADORE (and wished I lived closer so I could adopt) Rufus, and now I think think I’m falling for Dorothy too. Wouldn’t it be great if they could be adopted out as a pair? They look so cute together…

    Those McMaos better slow down the growin’. They have achieved perfect kitten-cuteness level and now must maintain it indefinitely.

  12. Wow! They grow so fast! It’s truly amazing. That belly of Fergus Simon’s is just too cute!! Does he allow belly rubs? My grumpy grey has never allowed the belly rubs, and it kills me because his belly is so floofy and soft!

  13. People just don’t appreciate how hard it is to get over a weekend of sleeping…and that’s all i have to say!
    PS: That Dorothy is pretty cute, shame she has girl germs…