5-4-13 – Kitturday

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Before we get to the kittens, first some news:

1. Lilybet was adopted last night! She went to a home where she’s the only cat, and so I imagine that she will be one very spoiled girl.

2. Frances reported earlier this week that Baby Beans‘s mama stopped by Petsmart during adoption hours to give a progress report. She’s now calling him Beans (which I think is a pretty perfect name), and she’s allowing him to socialize at his own pace, she isn’t pushing him beyond his comfort zone. He’s getting along well with his older sibling, and he’s slowly coming around. There have actually been a few instances of snuggling with his mama. That doesn’t surprise me at all – I think that deep down, he’s a loverboy, it just takes time for him to relax and let it show. It sounds like he ended up in a home that couldn’t possibly be more perfect for him!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The buff boy is both a photo hog (he was in 90% of the pictures I’ve taken of them) and also a drama queen. I accidentally brushed him with my hand when I was giving Khaleesi her plate of food, and he SCREAMED like I’d beaten him. Khaleesi gave me A Look.

He’s going to be a force to be reckoned with, that one.

The brown tabby girl and the black tuxie boy seem to spend a lot of time snuggling together.

He kinda looks like he’s laughing here, but he was actually hissing at me. HISSING. Brat.

It took a long time (and a lot of pictures) to get this shot of the black tuxie’s face. He likes to burrow underneath the other kittens.

Oh lord, check out those little pink toes. Think he’d mind if I licked them, just to see if they taste like cotton candy? (The answer, I suspect, is that he’d scream at the top of his lungs, and then Khaleesi would revoke visiting privileges.)

I think the buff boy is going to be the Charming of this litter.

Yes, she looks like Spanky – and no, we’re not keeping her.

That dark mass in the middle of the pile of kittens is the black tuxie and the brown tabby somehow twisted together.

And then Buff Boy was like “Let me go ahead and drape across you.”

I would like to point out that gray tuxie and black tuxie BOTH have white stripes in the middle of their foreheads. It’s like they truly ARE related! (Black tuxie is the orphaned kitten, in case you’d forgotten.)

Khaleesi and the babies are doing really well. I’ve been putting her food in the crate with her so that she can eat without leaving the babies if she wants to, and she’s been eating just about everything I’ve given her. She did take a break from the crate yesterday for a while – I went in, and she was stretched out on the floor, and came over to be petted for a good long time. She certainly keeps a close eyes on those babies, though. She’s serious about this mothering thing!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They certainly do like this track toy; someone’s always playing with it.

Last night, Fred said (jokingly) that we should just keep all the black foster cats who come through because they’re all particularly awesome. He said this as he was petting Jareth, who we’ve nicknamed “Bear” (and pronounce “bar”, like Sissy Spacek in Coal Miner’s Daughter – Stoppa that growlin’, Doo. You sound like a old bar growlin’).

Aslan, comfy in his bed of kittens. And look at Leia back there, all “::fume:: Look at him, laying there so SMUG. God, he’s SMUG.”

Leia: “What’s YOUR problem?”
Buttercup: “OW OW OW YOU’RE ON MY TAIL!”



“Madame, I don’t believe I care for your tone.”

“I am but a wee kitteh who needs a kiss. And then I will bite your nose.”

Yesterday, we started letting Kate out of the foster room so that she could have the run of the house. So far, it’s going well. She gets a little growly when Corbie starts following her around, but there’s only been a bit of growling and the occasional hiss, no smacking or chasing (yet!)

The kittens don’t even seem to realize she’s not there, until she comes back into the room. When they see her, it’s like a light goes on in their tiny little marshmallow-Fluff stuffed brains, and they stop what they’re doing and run over to her, screaming “MAMA! MAMA! WE MISSED YOU!” Kate just grumps at them and licks their heads and then looks at me like “Why did I want to come back in here, again? Remind me?”

Aslan, who has until now refused to eat canned food, finally gave in. That makes all five of them partaking in the morning and evening snack times, at 6 1/2 weeks old. I think that’s pretty good – litter box usage seems to be at 100%, they’re all eating on their own. They’re still too small to be out in the house, but their time is coming, maybe another couple of weeks.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Loony Jake, flirting with Newt. He flirts with everyone, that Jake.

Silly little loon.


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  1. Yay for Lilybet and for Beans! I LOVE that I forgot Black Tuxie was the orphan…and OF COURSE Black Tuxie and Grey Tuxie are related! Thanks for the Caturday post Robyn…I needed it today!

  2. I had to see how many cats you would have had if you did keep every single black foster you had. So including tuxies and all black cats, on top of your own group of cats, you would have

    Little Orphan Tuxie
    Tony Pickles
    Sally Peppers
    Lucy Peppers
    Everett Peppers
    Mike Teevee

    Still think that’s a great idea Fred? =)
    I know you’re kidding, I just had to see haha. That’s 32 extra cats!

    • OMG — this made me laugh! …. yeah, good intentions and the harsh light of reality often are very far apart.

      Robyn, you sure about what you said about Little Miz Spanky? It’s not like adding her would really affect your PermRez numbers, since she’d just be taking the place of Spanky and wouldn’t really be an *addition* — just saying…

      BTW, thanks so much for the Kitturday special edition. I was on the computer really early this morning and hopped over her to L&H hoping to see a Saturday post. But nada, so I went back and re-read Friday’s…again…for like the sixth time….

    • That really puts it into perspective, doesn’t it? 🙂

      By the way, with this litter born, we are now at an all-time total of 214 fosters!

  3. thanks for the delightful post…happy homes…kittens galore and a little of the big boys…sorely needed this giant lift in my heart today!!!

  4. But the little orange and white Spanky look alike is so very cute! That all orange tail just kills me!

  5. Two things:

    1. Is it just me, or are the dragon babies HUGE for newborns? Is that why she was keeping them in there extra long?
    2. Jake’s winking face is cracking me UP. “Hey behbeh. WINK.”

    • You aren’t the only one… I noticed it too. They look awfully big for 3 going on 4 days old.
      Thanks for the update today Robyn. Made a dreary day much, much better.

    • They’re actually markedly smaller than the Royals were at the same age (but have all gained weight and are vigorous and nursing – I just think the Royals were bigger kittens). I suspect it’s their comparison to Khaleesi (who is a smaller cat than Kate) that makes them look particularly big.

  6. Not that the kittens aren’t adorable as all get out or that I’m encouraging you to add to gen pop, (because, dude,) but out of the lot of them I’d probably have a hard time letting go of Katie and the Khaleesi. They’re such gorgeous sweethearts. (Actually, “Katie and the Khaleesi” sounds like a fab title for a romance novel, no?)

  7. Do you think Kahleesi may be a first-time momma, given that she seemed so out of sorts during the delivery of the first kitten? I had to laugh at your description the other day of being locked in the room by Fred. You went into what writer Patrick McManus called a “full-bore linear panic.”

    All the babies are just so sweet, and I particularly love the fact that she accepted the little orphan.

    I want Buttercup and Charming so badly I can’t stand it. We have two tuxies, Bogie and Bacall, and they just have the best purrsonalities.

    • Hahah, I certainly did!

      I think it’s likely that Khaleesi is a first-time momma – or maybe she’s just like me and not great in an emergency. “There’s something COMING OUT OF ME ::scream and run::” 🙂

  8. So very happy for Lilybet !!! also for Beans !!! They are just two unique kitties who need to show their love on their own terms. I have had few just like that. You just let them know you love them from a bit of a distance and they always come around.

    Black tuxie is a cuddler and is very grateful for the gift he has been given.

    I LOVED the little fangs on Buttercup in her drama queen picture.

    Don’t promise too soon about not keeping the Spanky girl……..you weren’t going to keep the Corbs 🙂

    Looney Jake is very handsome and he may flirt with everyone but how many flirt right back at him ? Feline or human ?!?!

    Have to back now a scroll through the baby pics again !!! Have a great day Robyn and cuddle all the kitties for me.

    • Jake is actually the cat that most of the other cats will put up with. He’s a total lovebug and even the cats with no use for other cats – Sugarbutt, for one – will allow a headbutt from him.

  9. I have to put it out there Robyn……….that little girl has to be a CALICO !!!!!! She does have three colors in her fur. Just sayin’ !!!

    • I suspect she might be too. Those orange patches just look very orange! Also if she isn’t tricolour then that means Khaleesi was very naughty indeed and has TWO babydaddies. And she’s too much of a lady for those kind of shenanigans… yes?

  10. Hurrah for Lilybet!

    And what lovely wee bebeh kittehs! I had a buff tabby boy when I was a girl, and I adored him. 🙂

  11. Oh, Robyn… I’m taking a few moments to revel in the fact that my world is currently complete as evidenced by: (1) LilyBet was adopted (2) An update on Beans (3) A happy saturday post on L&H (4) The Black Tuxie is fully integrated into the litter (5) All kittens and mommas are doing well (6) Charming’s jabot is still VERY evident and, finally but most importantly (7) Starting one’s weekend with a wink from Jake… I am at one with the universe and for that, I thank you!!!

  12. But….but…the wee Spanky girl might be Spanky coming back to you, just like Loony Jake and Elwood were wee Mr. Boogers! It’s meant to be! Heh. I’m a big help, aren’t I?

    The sweet bebeh Dragons are just killing me, along with the Royals. I’m mostly dead, now. I’m so glad that the black tuxie looks like he’s always belonged with the Dragons. Do you think Khaleesi spends her time counting and recounting the babies? “One, two, three, four……five? I could have sworn I only had four baking…” So happy that Lilybet found a forever home that loves her the way she deserves, and that Baby Beans is doing well.

    • I do occasionally see Khaleesi looking at all the kittens with a most puzzled look on her face! 🙂

  13. I’m so happy the little orphan kitty is doing so well. Now he is off to a good start in life, with a new mom, siblings, and being at Crooked Acres. My goodness, that picture of Buttercup has me cracking up. Too funny!

  14. Wow, amazing timing on the Beans update — just last night I said to myself, “I wonder how that Baby Beans is doing, I hope he’s doing ok”. And this morning? A wonderful update!!! I’m so happy 🙂

    And I hope things go really well for Lilybet too!

    The Royals could not BE any cuter. Nope, they just couldn’t.

    And the wee ones and their sweet momma!!! I’m so happy to see them all doing well, and I’m also happy for a Saturday post. Yay…!!!!!

  15. Thrilling news all around — yay for fake mummy Lilybet and young Bean, and a salute to the three real mums in residence (yes, that includes Robyn). And many thanks for the Saturday special edition. As for Aslan, of course he is Signor Smug. 1) He’s named after a Very Important Personage, and 2) He’s terribly handsome (his sire was surely an Abby), and 3) He’s alway King o’ the Kitten Pile. Once he and young master Buffy McBufferson get together. . . So does Don Corbeone have a crush on Kate?

    • Kerry it sounds like you are in love with Aslan just as much as I am 🙂

      How could the Corbs not be in love with Kate?? They could have made beautiful babies together !

      • (Back for my second view. . .) Louise, you might very well think that I have a thing for Aslan the Divine, but I couldn’t possibly comment, now could I? Let’s face it, if my two would let me bring home another “friend” or two for them, I’d be happy with any of Kate or Khaleesi’s offspring. As it is, a girl can dream; witness your reverie of Corbie and Kate’s never-to-be, gloriously medium-haired offspring. At the moment, I’m looking forward to seeing whether Ms. Khaleesi’s gray-and-white boy is a covert tabby.

    • Corbie’s mostly intrigued with Kate – he can’t figure out WHERE she came from! So he follows her around like a creepy (beautiful) stalker and annoys her. 🙂

  16. Awwww – Newt’s kinky tail! I’d flirt with him too. Yooo hooooo – Newsty-boy! Kink yourself on over here, kinky boy!

  17. LOL, of course Khaleesi glared at you! She had *just* gotten those babies to settle down, and their father isn’t helping her *at all*, and she’d like to see you birth *four* kids, and then you HAD to go set her little drama king off. SIGH.


  18. that bitty orange girl lost her right sock!! she only has a left one on! gads they are adorable. SO happy about little orphan baby getting a second chance. LOVELY mama Khaleesi is surely doing a great job! I love the brown tabby, I think her markings are going to be extra extra gorgeous.

  19. Hooray for Ms. Lilybet.

    Mrs. Shin’s and I aren’t the prayerful type, but the both of us have each asked for special dispensation for Lilybet. So glad to see she finally found her Human.

    Mrs. Shin’s and I both have a soft spot for the Tortie’s.

  20. I came by this morning, and there was the Friday post up, so I went to some other sites and came back, and the Saturday post was up.
    I came back this afternoon and it was still the Saturday post, so I went to some other sites and came back, but there was no new post up. What gives?! How come that trick doesn’t work reliably?!
    (I will be happy on the day technology advances to the stage where we can muse, “I wonder what pictures Robyn’s taken today,” and hit a button on the computer, and your camera will immediately upload photos via a remote/wireless mechanism. Instead of us having to WAIT for new pictures, as if we were mere MORTALS or something…)

    Fake-attitude aside, how have I not noticed Leia’s very distinctive black facial markings until now? She’s my favorite of the Royals litter, and I just stare and stare at her little face every time there’s a picture of her, but it’s only today that I thought, “What the heck? Did Robyn mark up Leia’s face with a Sharpie or something?”

    • You know, this makes me remember when they used to have blogathons where people posted once an hour for 24 hours and only readers who donated to the charity of the bloggers choice were given access to the page where the posts were. I may have to think about doing something similar…. 🙂

    • Ask and you shall receive http://www.eye.fi/ What is Eye-Fi?The first memory card to automatically upload photos & videos using WiFi.

      Won’t put it in a blog, but likely to a photo sharing site 🙂

      Sorry, Robyn, not a complaint (I’m thrilled with the Saturday post) but it was just too much a perfect point. I gave my dad one a few years back because I got tired of waiting on the uploads, too. Now it uploads as soon as his camera is in range of his (secured) wifi.

      • I’d never want that, honestly! I take too many photos that should never see the light of day. God bless digital cameras, for the delete button shall be used with great prejudice and you guys will think I’m a miracle photographer because you only see the good stuff. XD

      • I actually have an Eye-Fi – but I upload my pictures to my computer. I’d never ever want them to automatically upload to Flickr or any other sharing site. And trust me – after you guys slogged through 30 blurry pictures of the same thing, you wouldn’t want that either. 🙂

  21. The Buttercup all itty bitty shiny white fangs and curling whiskers & eyebrows- My neck and face hurt from grinning foolishly !!

    We politely request more Gray Tuxie photos phuleeese !!

  22. I was thinking about Lilybet yesterday and how long she had been waiting for her family so this is such happy news!!

    The new dragon babies are so beautiful! And Khaleesi got big because I know she was being prepared for an extra kitten to come her way!

  23. Is it bad that halfway through the entry I was calling the little guy “Buff the Magic Dragon?”

    • I am now officially dead from the absolute perfection and awesomeness of this. You win ALL the internets, Rebecca!

    • OMG! Rebecca I agree-that is the most awesome thing anyone in my worlds has come up with today so you win. Way too cute!

  24. Ok, so five kittens, buff, black tuxie, grey tuxie, orange& white, and black tabby. Is black tabby what you’re calling the one with orange on the face? Because wouldn’t that be a calico of some kind??
    I love how in the last picture it looks like Looney Jake is hugging Newt’s tail! hee hee Love me some Looney Jake!

  25. Let it be forever noted that I have been saying that tabby girl is a calico since the day she was born. CALLED IT! Not sure what that gets me, I’m just sayin’ ((and if I’m wrong, sue me!))

    YAY!!! Fred said yes to keeping the black ones! I can’t wait to see the addition he’s building onto the house for the 32 that get to come home now. I’ve missed Everett Peppers and Anthony RH Pickles!

  26. Too bad blondie boy is a dragon. He sounds like a little Joffrey Baratheon. Hope he grows out of his Princess phase. (I suppose he’ll be named Viserion?)

  27. I am so loving the Khaleesi kitten photos and the happy ending for the orphaned newborn is like a modern fairy tale. I can’t stop looking at all the pictures of the Royals and the Dragons. I’m hoping the brown tabby is a calico, because I adore calicos. They’ve got the whole “girl power” thing going on. Just ask my cat, Xena: Calico Warrior, who rules the house!

  28. Yay for Lilybet and Baby Beans! And the kittens (both litters) and their mamas are insanely adorable. And so are Loony Jake and Newt!

  29. I pulled this post up on my phone yesterday so that I didn’t have a heart attack watching hockey. Scoreless into overtime is awesome until you’re invested in one of the teams involved and then it’s nerve-wracking. Kittens helped 🙂

  30. The photo of Buttercup sticking out her tongue reminded me of an odd German confection: chocolate cat tongues. Now don’t get all freaked out — no part of any cat is used in the making of chocolate cat tongues. The Germans just think it’s hilarious to have chocolates shaped like cat tongues! I remember my Oma (German for Grandmother) brought me a box of chocolate cat tongues when she visited from the old country when I was 5. The box had an adorable picture of a kitten on it. When I was older, my German dad explained that chocolate cat tongues are often sold at train stations and parents buy them as a special treat for children who are a little wary of train travel. The chocolates are so small, the child can hand them out to family members, plus eat a bunch themselves. I few years back, I actually found a box for sale here, bought some and handed them out to co-workers. As a half-German, I find them hilarious, too!

  31. Buttercup should be nicknamed Ozzy or whatever the guy from Kiss’ real name is…