5-5-15 Tuesday

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“Oh, lady. You is so ANNOYING.”

The Azaleas are in bloom! Unfortunately, the Fools do not wish to pose nicely, so every time I got a flower on one of their heads, they immediately shook it off. BRATS. I managed to get this one of Louis…

And this one of Shecky, and my hand. I love Lucy’s face in the background, the baffled “What on earth…?” She wouldn’t put up with having a flower on her head, either. Hmph, these cats, messing up my Big Plans.

Lucy could hear Fred moving around in the hall, and went running over to greet him. Louis, Rickles and Skelton joined her.

Roseanne. This one is already SUCH a snugglebug.

Louis and Skelton, slapfightin’.

They think that climbing the crate – both on the inside and outside as well – is SUPER fun.

Gilda, snoozing in the sun. I love her faint stripes.

Isn’t she a gorgeous girl?

While Lucy supervises, Roseanne and Shecky tussle on the top of the scratcher, Rickles and Belushi slap at each other, and Louis goes for the big bite.

Rickles and Belushi get more serious about the slapping.

Sleepy Louis.

Yesterday I put Lucy and all the kittens into their crate, zipped it up, and moved it into the bathroom so I could clean their room. It took me about 45 minutes and while the kittens complained at first, when I peeked in on them after 15 minutes, they were bellied up to the milk bar. It had been about a week since I did any real cleaning in there, and finding that someone had been peeing on one of the pads next to one of the litter boxes made me realize that there was probably more pee I didn’t know about. Which isn’t a big deal – I put washable waterproof pads down on top of the rug, which is where they hang out most of the time, and there are more under all the litter boxes – but was probably contributing to the stinkiness of their room. I moved the litter boxes so that there are two “stations” – one in the corner under the wall basket and one close to the closet door. Eventually I’ll make it so all the litter boxes are near the closet door, looking toward the time when all the litter boxes will go into the closet with Lucy’s. When the kittens start climbing the barrier into the closet, I’ll take down the barrier and move the litter boxes.

They’re doing pretty well at using the litter boxes, though Lucy will still potty the kittens if she thinks they need it (I told Fred “If she sees a kitten butt, she licks it!”). At this point, when I take plates of canned food into the room everyone but Roseanne will belly up to the plate. Roseanne is just NOT interested. Gilda usually needs a little direction (she isn’t interested if I put her in front of the plate of food, just walks away and cries. But if I put some of the canned food in her mouth, and the light goes on over her head – “Oh! I like this!” and she starts eating on her own.

Given that they’re doing so well with the litter box and eating (I’ve seen most of them at the bowls of kibble), later this week I’ll start letting Lucy out into the upstairs for a while every day, to give her a break from them. The kittens aren’t ready for the run of the upstairs yet (I’d hate to have someone pee under Fred’s bed or in some corner without my realizing it), so we’ll give them another couple of weeks before we let that craziness happen.


Videos! I think it’s safe to say that the kittens have found their crazy. First up is Gilda:

YouTube link.

And then Rickles, careening around the room, skittering sideways at everyone he sees. Such a little nut.

YouTube link.


Stefan gets his ~thlurrrp~ on.


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5-5-15 Tuesday — 10 Comments

  1. Kittehs are like: “Oh, now I understand what these ‘leg things’ are for!” LOL Little monkeys fighting, love it.

  2. What *do* the kittens and Lucy think of Fred? I don’t think you’ve mentioned it.

  3. had to laugh – went back and was reading 2012 about neutering Rupert. when we were trapping here, a neighbor helping asked what I would do if someone called me and said I neutered their cat. I told her they would be informed they owe me $65 for doing their job for them. 🙂

    • AND they can come over any time to wash down your doors and car to remove their spray!

  4. Hahaha!!! Poor puzzled Louis and aggrieved Shecky with the hot pink azalea leaves on their wee heads… these pictures are going to make me smile all day long 🙂