4-29-16 Friday

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BTW, Robyn, thought about you yesterday in the midst of our two-day severe weather outbreak (STL area), the meteorologist mentioned that yesterday was the 5-year anniversary of the Alabama tornado outbreak… Yikes, has it been 5 years already?

Hard to believe, isn’t it? I remember sitting in the downstairs hallway closet with Maggie and her kittens in a crate next to me, trying to convince the permanent residents to come into the closet with me. We’ve had a pretty calm year (so far!), and I’d be perfectly happy to not have to go through THAT experience again. (I wrote about it here, if you’re interested in seeing it – we lost internet for a few days, and at that point, I didn’t have a cell phone I could post from.)


Regina is quite playful and feisty! Do you have a guesstimate of her age?

Regina is about a year and a half old – she was born to a mama cat, and the guy who had her found homes for all the kittens except Regina. Of course, once Regina got old enough, she started having kittens of her own – these kittens are her third (and last!) litter. Obviously she makes awesome kittens, but her baby-making days are OVER, yay!


Why didn’t I notice before that Art parts his hair down the middle? Too cute!

Confession: Art was assigned his name because of that part. I figured it would be easier to remember which one he was if I could remember Art-part. Ken Adams was almost Chanandler Bong because of his “bangs” (Bong-bangs), until I realized it should go to one of the girls!


I was wondering what the sizes are on those woven baskets. I am going to need one for the full size slightly chubby cat and one for a growing kitten.

The little green and black basket measures about 6 1/2 inches across the bottom, and is 3 inches high. The bigger basket measures about 11 inches across at the base, 14 inches at the top, and is about 5 inches high. I recommend going with the larger basket for the kitten – because kittens grow, and I think it’s better to go a little too big than too small (although a cat crammed into a too-small basket does have its charms!)


Robyn, I believe the clothier you are trying to think of is Abercrombie. I have friends with 3 teens, a girl and 2 boys. We went on vacation with them a few years ago and while we were exploring the bluffs along the shoreline of a county park, the mom pointed her camera at them and said “Abercrombie”. They immediately faced in different directions from one another and adopted those same disaffected expressions of which you speak. She has a zany sense of humor and the kids really got into it. It helps that they all pretty much look like they could be models. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen, but the pictures were awesome! I even took a few myself 🙂 Abercrombie!!

That is hilarious – and you are absolutely right, it’s Ambercrombie I was thinking of!


I’m curious, does your vet charge extra to spay a cat in heat? Mine threatened to charge me a couple hundred more if I didn’t wait until she was out of heat. They said it was because the blood vessels were so engorged during the heat. I’m wondering now if I was lied to.

Random Felines said: Most standard vets won’t do it. our local low cost clinic prefers not to and will ask you to wait, but they will do it. yes, the blood vessels are harder to deal with. however, these clinics do SO many spays that they are just better at it than the typical vet that doesn’t do as many. short answer – there is a risk (however as someone who has fostered a momma cat in heat, I will take the risk over the howling)

The North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic charges an extra $10 to spay a cat in heat. In my opinion, very much worth it – I think Fred would have paid an extra million dollars when Regina was in full-blown heat. A couple hundred extra seems excessive!


That toy is giving Art Vandelay the Crazy Eyes.

“What you want, lady?” I think that’s Bert Macklin, but I can’t swear to it.

Basket full o’ attitude. That’s Art Vandelay in the back, Princess Consuela on the left, and Chanandler Bong on the right.

Sleepy Susie.

I love how Art is hugging Princess Consuela like she’s a body pillow.

Bert Macklin gets ::thlurrrrp!::y.

Someone mentioned that Princess Consuela and Chanandler Bong seem to hang out together a lot – they certainly do! They’re often snuggled up together or playing with each other.

Wide-eyed Consuela.

A rare shot of all six kittens. Left to right: Susie, Art Vandelay (back), Princess Consuela, Bert Macklin, Ken Adams, Chanandler Bong.

Princess Consuela, star soccer player.

“This ham-mick is tasty, lady.”

They don’t fit into the center of the track toy the way they used to!

A bit of mother-son ::thlurrrp!::ing.


Videos! I titled the first one “Like a record, baby.” You’ve gotta watch the video to figure out why.

YouTube link

And the second video is a short one of Princess Consuela being adorable, as she so often is.

YouTube link


Oh Dennis, you beautiful, beautiful boy.


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  1. Robyn – don’t know if you are aware of this, but that Dennis boy love, love LOVES you. 🙂

    The videos are so cute! I would hang those babies all day long.

  2. I’ve noticed weights in some of your videos and am wondering how much the kittens can lift? 😉

    They certainly are bouncy! Wish I had their energy.

  3. hehehe – the kittens and the basket video… all I can say is “All I know is that to me, They look like they’re having fun…” hehe thanks for the earworm and the flashback! These kittens are at my favorite kitten age and are so adorable.. and Dennis… Dennis… those eyes… be still my heart… SWOON!

    PS: I have always been a scaredy cat when it comes to severe weather warnings – and it’s not gotten better with age / data / percentage of probability! I do love your account of of the incident and your humor plus healthy respect – I am trying to get to that level! I just run to the basement clutching my purse, cell phone, and keys! Luckily, as the basement is often unexplored, all I have to do is open the door and my cats run towards ‘the new place to explore’!

    Have a great weekend!

    • That’s a good point! I have wondered what I would do if I had to head for the basement in a storm, but we don’t let the cats down there, so you’re right, if I leave that door open they will be right behind me. I hope.

  4. good heaven – the videos are awesome (and hilarious)

    *and seriously – 3 years in a year and a half. someone should smack the guy that had Regina. just sayin’

  5. I got chills reading your post from 5 years ago because I remember thinking that tornado had hit your house and how nobody had heard from you and then finally word that you were both safe and so was your house. I can’t remember if I was coming to visit a few weeks later or just drove around to see where the tornado hit, but when I saw where it crossed 31 I swear I could still feel the energy and I couldn’t believe just how close it came to you guys! And then I remember saying later how could you guys just watch it without one of you having a camera on it! LOL So glad you are still here to tell us about it and keep raising foster babies!!!

  6. I SO have that song stuck in my head, now! Don’t care though. Adorable kittens trump earworms 😀 (It helps that I actually like the song.)

  7. You spin me right round, baby
    Right round like a record, baby
    Right round round round
    You spin me right round, baby
    Right round like a record, baby
    Right round round round

  8. It is always a pleasure to see my favorite Crooked Acres resident, Dennis!

  9. All the awesome kitties adopted. But Creed is still listed as returned. Does he have some problems or something?

  10. HEE! I will have to send my friend the link to your blog so she and her family can see that my retelling of their “Abercrombie photo-shoot” has hit the big-time! 🙂