5-17-14 – Dennis needs a hoooooome! (Please share!)

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Haaaaaave you met Dennis?

Silly, sweet, snuggly (but skittish!) boy, about 8 months old. He needs a home!

Gets along well with other cats, even if they’re laying where he wants to be.

Excellent napping companion! And bonus – he keeps you warm.

Also, kinda pretty. (And by “kinda” I mean “LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS FACE!”)

Poses well for pictures (when he’s in the mood to do so. If he’s not in the mood, you might end up with 73 blurry pictures.)

Keeps alert to any kind of danger.

“All is safe. And you are annoying me.”

Trained to do chest compressions, whether you need it or not.

Always keeps an eye on you to make sure you’re behaving.

Alert Kitty is alert.

His buddy Thomas told him allll about the ceiling fan, so he keeps an eye on that, too.

Dennis needs a home!!! Read more about him here, and a far more detailed description of him here.

Dennis is located in the Huntsville, Alabama area, and although Challenger’s House will do long-distance adoptions, the adopter is required to come here to get him.

If you have any questions about Dennis, please email me – mizrobyn (at) gmail.com He’s been here with us for three months now, so we know him pretty well. If you are interested in adopting him, you can contact Susan at Challenger’s House by phone – 256-420-5995 – or by email: challengershouse (at) mchsi.com

Here’s a short Dennis video. Sometimes the scratcher acts up, and he has to show it who the boss is.

YouTube link.


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  1. Sending all good thoughts this sweet — and bee-you-tee-ful — boy’s way. Thank you for loving him, Robyn.