5-16-17 Tuesday

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Nola’s Cajuns at 2 days old and 6 weeks old.





I’ve informed them that they don’t need to get any bigger, they can just stay this size, but I don’t think they’re going to listen. They never do!

Everyone got weighed, and Andouille is now the heaviest at 1 pound, 12.7 ounces. Praline is RIGHT behind him at 1 pound, 12.6 ounces. Roux is a few ounces lighter at 1 pound, 10.2 ounces, and Beignet is the lightest at 1 pound, 9.2 ounces. You can see their weight chart over here.

Also, I weighed Nola, and she weighs about 6 pounds, 14 ounces. I say “about” because she didn’t care for standing on the scale, so she was pretty much moving the entire time. She’s too light for her size, but it’s been my experience that mama kitties usually are at this point. She’ll put the weight on once the kittens are weaned.


Andouille has discovered the camera strap.

It’s quite tasty.

Praline really likes this bed, which I bought at Petsmart a few months ago.

It makes a good place for fightin’.

“LADYYY. What did I SAY about takin’ my PITCHYER all the durn-dang TIME?!”

It seems that my shirt is tasty, too.

Roux was the first one to discover the Teddy Bear Bed.

Then along came Beignet.

Andouille was all “Meh. Not caring for the Teddy Bears.”

Roux came back, and she and Beignet settled down for a nap.

I do NOT know how Andouille can be comfy like that, but he was out cold.


Video! Beignet is a floofy little nutball who is clearly suffering from the hippity-hops.

YouTube link


Speaking of not being comfortable – I have no idea how this is comfortable, because it looks to me like he’s about to tip right over, but he hangs out like this a LOT.


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5-16-17 Tuesday — 14 Comments

  1. It looks like Andouille melted in that last picture.
    I am sooooo sad, they are almost at 2 lbs! This is gonna kill me!
    I think Andouille and Beignet should be adopted together and Roux and Praline together. That would make for perfect parings. Threaten the adopters that if they do not give regular updates, many people will hunt them down! DOWN, I say!!!

  2. Andouille In that last pic: walking along then EMERGENCY NAP!!!”

  3. Beignet isn’t suffering from the hippity hops; she’s enjoying every minute!

  4. Sonafab…these little guys absolutely knock me out cold with every picture. They are all so expressive, and you can see their little personalities developing.

    Andouille is gonna be a big boy, just look at those feets!! I love the picture of Praline and her dweeby brother Andouille, tusslin’ in the little blue bed. Half-derriered tusslin’, sort of in between wanting to nap, and wanting to knock the snot out each other, lol.

  5. It’s official: this is far and a way the most gorgeous foster family since Khaleesi and the Dragons. I cannot EVEN with all that floof!!!

  6. It is absolutely clear that Andouille and Beignet are the little stars of that family, but I think that if adopted in pairs, they should be paired off with Roux and Praline. Too much stardom in one pair can be hard to handle. And Praline and Roux are too hard to tell apart anyway. Nevertheless they are all adorable and I would love to take them all if we did not already have 7 cats.

    • OMG the only thing that would have made that post funnier was if Fred had arrived in the kitchen nekkid!! 😀

      • Exactly what I thought. And – there is no mention of what Fred was or wasn’t wearing. LOL

  7. So cute! How do you not squeeze the floof out of them every day? Isn’t there a spaceship toy that is kitten size? & a tank? How do you decide what toys they are exposed to?