5-15-17 Monday

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Can you believe it’s already been SIX weeks since these little monkeys were born? I’d provide you with comparative pictures of each of them and their weights, but that’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow since I don’t have that information on hand (since I haven’t weighed them, and don’t have the right kind of pictures of all four of them at the moment.)

The kittens just love to lick this toy for some reason; I’ve seen all four of them lick it, it must be the fabric the “branches” are covered in.

It gives Roux the crazy eyes.

Speaking of Roux, can you see that her eyes are mostly green now? Their eyes just ALL OF A SUDDEN changed. Not fair!

Praline’s eyes still have a lot of blue left in them, they’re changing slower.

Roux, playing in the sun.

Lots of blue in Andouille’s eyes still, but no – I don’t expect them to keep any of the blue. They’re already changing, though I don’t know what color they’ll end up.

Here’s Beignet, refusing to show me her eyeballs. They love that toy so much, they’re always smacking at/pulling out the toys that are in it.

“Hey, you guys, wake up and play!”

“::chomp!:: Wake up, wake up!”

But, alas, Roux and Praline did not WISH to wake up.

So Beignet and Andouille went off to play by themselves.

And fight.

Beignet likes to smack at Andouille’s tail as he goes through the scratcher. (He still fits! I’m going to have to invest in a tiny pair of Jaws of Life for when he finally gets stuck, aren’t I?)

“What you want, lady?”


Video! Just the one today – play time in the foster room.

YouTube link


Oh, how Frankie loves his Dewey. For the most part, if you see Dewey snoozing somewhere, Frankie isn’t far away.

Fred went outside, and Frankie and Dewey waited patiently for him to come back inside. Total Daddy’s boys!


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5-15-17 Monday — 25 Comments

  1. So it seems, just from photographic evidence, Roux and Praline are together a lot, while Benny and Andy are together when Andy’s not sleeping in your lap. Or am I reading too much into the sliver of their day we see??

    • There’s maybe an ever-so-slight preference for the floofy ones to team up and Roux and Praline to team up, but that can change from day to day.

  2. Patient Nola. I hope those little muffins put their little heads together and pooled their allowance money together to make Mama the coolest macaroni necklace ever!

    You mean wherever Frankie is, Dewey’s never far?! I know what you meant, lol. I love seeing those boys together! Where was the 3rd Amigo Stefan?!

  3. Jaws of Life – Bwwaaaaahhhh
    Robyn, read this sentence ->
    “Oh, how Frankie loves his Dewey. For the most part, if you see Dewey snoozing somewhere, Dewey isnโ€™t far away.” tee-hee ๐Ÿ™‚

    I don’t want those babies to ever hit 2 lbs. I will miss them terribly!!

  4. Would you all please pray for my Lola. She has some unknown virus (been tested for EVERYTHING). She is an indoor only kitty…so we are stumped. She has stopped eating. I am syringe feeding her, have her on L-Lysine, humidifier, etc. Threw antibiotics at it (just in case). Nothing. She is staying curled up in a ball hidden all the time. It is not FIV, FelV, Herpes, etc. Her blood test is 100% normal except for a low white blood cell count. Her mouth/teeth and throat is just fine, etc. I have an excellent vet…but there is no answer here except for supportive care till her body can fight it. I am very fearful that she might not be able to. My other kitties are fine. Please say a prayer for her. Thank you!!!!

    • Prayers incoming. What a horrible situation. I wish you and her all the best.

    • That’s awful. I hate that feeling of such helplessness when there isn’t a diagnosis. How can you fight something when you don’t know what it is? Prayers, well wishes and hugs yours and Lola’s way. And from my kitties to Lola: warm, purring hugs and scratchy kisses.

    • Beep beep, coming through! A great big serving of very positive and healing thoughts coming your way, and my boys send head butts and ear licks to Ms. Lola.

      (Lola! Stop worrying your mom, ok?!)

    • So sorry to hear about Ms. Lola. Is there a veterinary school near you? They might be able to help out with a diagnosis. Good luck and healing purrs.

    • I am keeping Lola in my prayers, poor sweet girl. I know it’s so hard for you, I hope things turn around for her, very soon.

    • Sending prayers for Lola.

      Is she on Liqui-tinic? It helped my 20 year old to bounce back…and Robyn has mentioned it several times (which is where I first heard of it).

      I hope tomorrow brings good news of Lola feeling better! Hugs to you!

  5. I showed several videos of Andouille to my husband in hopes that he’d be swayed to drive down and get that little fluffy ball of fur but again, no go. He is adamant no new cats. I’ve tried everything I can think of. I’ll just have keep loving him from afar.

  6. I also burst out laughing with ” tiny jaws of life ” I can just imagine the story that would go along with you trying to pry Andouille out of the scratcher !!!

    Why do kittens have to grow up so fast ?!??!? It is not fair (stomp stomp stomp) !!!!! Yes I am pouting !!! I know I am not he only one either !!!

  7. I was really hoping that link would actually go to a tiny kitten-sized jaws of life. Also, Frankie and Dewey are the best. I love them.

  8. These are all so cute, but I’ve got a soft spot for the little fluffball, Andouille! And I think it’s wonderful that Frankie has found a friend!