5-15-15 Friday

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I made another weight chart! Now with more kitten pics!

I love it. Thanks, Sophie!


So the kittens altogether now outweigh their mama!

They certainly do! I’m still blown away that she ended up having 7 healthy kittens. She’s such a small-framed girl, you’d never think she could carry that many at one time.


When I see Louis, I hear your voice in my head saying “DA BAY-BEE” and I’m pretty sure it’s because I’ve actually heard you say that… but I can’t remember which kitten you used to say it to (it must have been in a video at some point) and it’s driving me cuckoo! I want to say it was Stompers but then I think it might have been Tony RH Pickle… AGGGH!

Just for you, I went and looked, and apparently I’ve made more than one video where I said that!

I said it to Reacher.

YouTube link.

I said it to PW.

YouTube link.

I said it to Aslan.

YouTube link.

And I said it to Ciara, who had a LOT to say on the topic.

YouTube link.

I didn’t find one with Stompers or Tony RH Pickles, but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist, just that I didn’t use “baby” in the title or description.


Laurie over at the IBKC had a Louie a while back and she called him Shrimp Louie because he was tinier than his sibs. “Our” Louis is a shrimp too!

I remember Shrimp Louie! He’s not so shrimpy anymore. I’ve been calling Louis “Muffin Lou” because… well, he’s a Louis muffin.


You need an animated GIF of just Rickles’ tumbling exhibition. He looked at you for a second like, “Did you see what I just did??”

Let’s see, does this work?

It appears to. If y’all can’t see the embedded gif above, you can also see it over at Imgur.

Speaking of gifs, I found this one while I was looking for a video, and I’m not sure I ever shared it. I made it from the series of pictures I took of PW and Ralph last year.


Miz Poooooooooooo! So glad to see her. How’s she doing?

Miz Poo is doing really well. She’s put a little weight back on, she’s bright-eyed and still sneezes in my face on a regular basis. If anyone comes into the house, she does her level best to convince them to take her with them.


Is little Louis a little pop-eyed? It always looks like he has one eye here in reality and one eye roaming a distant dimension.

This question made me laugh out loud for real. As far as I can tell, seeing him in person, his eyes are pretty straight, but he’s always either in motion or sound asleep (no in-between!), so it’s kind of hard to tell for sure. I’ll keep an eye on his eyes and try to remember to report back.


Shecky finds pretty much everything AMAZING.

Skelton gives the fleece teddy bear bed a try, and finds it comfy.

I am tasty, apparently.

“Hi, Mama! Hi!” Rickles loves his mama.


Louis keeps an eye on me.

Skelton’s all “What? Just playing with this cool toy I found!”

“What you want, lady?”

Gilda and Belushi sure are a couple of snugglebugs.

“Mama! Mama! Gimme a piggyback ride!”

Earlier this week, I switched the litter in the kittens’ litter boxes over to mostly clumping litter (Dr. Elsey’s), with a little of the plain clay litter mixed in. They had no problem with the switch, and being able to scoop the litter boxes instead of having to empty them every other day helps not only with the workload, but also with the stink level in that room. (It can get pretty stinky in there. There are 8 poop machines in that room, after all. I’m always amazed at how much output there is from a single 6 week old kitten, let alone 7 of them AND their mother.)

Yesterday morning I went in to scoop while the kittens and Lucy had their snack, and Roseanne climbed up onto the bucket of litter in front of the barrier that’s meant to keep the kittens out of the closet. Then she climbed over the barrier onto the litter bucket on the other side, and hopped down onto the closet floor. She did it so casually that I’m sure it wasn’t her first time, and probably wasn’t even her 10th. So I took the barrier down, moved one of their litter boxes into the closet next to Lucy’s litter box, and the kittens thought this turn of events was FASCINATING. In another couple of days I’ll move the rest of the litter boxes in there, and will probably set up the air purifier, too.

Oh, the babies. I usually complain about how fast they grow, but being able to use the litter boxes is not anything I’m going to complain about – and I’m sure Lucy doesn’t mind, either!


Videos! In the first one, the ornj boys (Rickles and Louis) love their mama and aren’t afraid to show it.

YouTube link.

And in the second, Rickles might THINK he’s the big bad boss of the kitten room, but Skelton begs to differ.

YouTube link.


With that intense look o’ lurve on her face, you KNOW Tommy must have been riiiiight behind me.


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5-15-15 Friday — 15 Comments

  1. Both of the gifs are fab! I have to agree that Skelton is “The Boss”. πŸ™‚
    Thank you for such a great post today. I enjoyed every bit of it!

  2. Momma cat Lucy is starting to get that “are they grown up enough to move them along yet?” look in her eye…with seven I don’t blame her either!

    • Lol, she’s all “That’s it. My mat leave is over. I’m going back to work and hiring a babysitter. I wonder if that handsome tabby fella or that dark, dreamy black cat and his loony friend Yummy Jake or Simon or whatever they call him, would be willing…”.

  3. The gifs are awesome… the jazz hands somersault is epic and still makes me LOL repeatedly! It’s clear that all of these kittens are completely unaware of their sheer awesomeness!!! Happy Friday, everyone! (Yep, just watched GIF again… LOL!)

  4. So many laughs in today’s post! Thank you so much for looking up DA BAY-BEE videos for me! hahaha… I didn’t realize there were so many… I guess that’s why I was hearing it in my head!

    That jazz-hands somersault gif is killing me! I need to learn how to get that onto my cell phone (I’m such a techno-tard) so that I can enjoy it every day!

    The question about Louis’ “roaming eye” also cracked me up. I’ve noticed it in some pictures before, too, so it was like “that’s exactly what it looks like!!” hahaha

    I have to say, Rickles has some pretty good stripe action going on (not as good as Marshall, but close!), and when he exposes his white belly (amongst other things *ahem*) I totally wanted to reach into the screen and give him tummy scritches!

    You and Lucy have raised some pretty damn adorable kitties so I have a feeling when they’re ready to be adopted, it won’t take long. I hope Lucy gets snatched up quickly, she’s such a doll.

    • There are several ways to do it, some more legal than others. πŸ™‚ In any case, get Robyn’s okay, but with most phones a tap and hold on an image will give you the option to save it.

  5. *holding up big “10” sign*

    Rickles, you’re a natural! Such form! Such grace! Such a cutie little spaz!

    Kittens are awesome.

  6. My first thought while reading the Da Baybee comment was ummmm…..Robyn says that to all of them. And then she provided examples πŸ˜‰

  7. there is just something about mexican jumping kittens that always cheers my soul.

    My kittens have been using a litter box for weeks.. even took the baby boxes away at least a week ago..

  8. I love how Shecky’s expressions seem to seem panicked and perturbed. He’s put on quite a bit of weight and looks so big and healthy!

    Ha! Rickles and his somersault looks great as a gif!

  9. Miz Poo could convince me to take her home in a heartbeat. I’m a sucker for the calicos and torties. And the gingers, and tuxies, and tabbies, and, and, and, and…

    Love the pictures, the babies, and the gifs! Thanks for making my day!