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Throwback Thursday: Peeegs.

Since we’re not getting pigs this year, I thought I’d go back to some of my favorite pictures of the pigs we’ve had in the past. These pictures are in no particular order.

Pig in straw (we pile up a lot of straw in the pig shelter before we bring them home, and they always love sleeping in there, at least ’til it gets really hot.)

Look. Sometimes when you’re eating, you need to lay down and take a nap in the middle of it, to get your strength back.

This must be either the first or second set of pigs we had. We used to go up to the Russell Stover outlet and buy on-sale chocolate for them (we eventually stopped doing that, and stuck to homemade cookies instead.)

One from the first set, when the pig wallow was new (and smaller and muddier than it is now.)


Snugglin’ in the wallow.



Pigs ‘n chickens.

Happy pig. The first year after Fred dug the wallow, we had to fill it up with water occasionally or it would go dry.


I had actually forgotten, until I saw this picture, that we had three pigs one year.

Happy peeeg.

I wish I had a video of this, because when Fred picked that pig up, the squealing was deafening (and the pig was loud too, ba-DUM-bump).

Belly rubs.


Tricki likes to get right up in Livia’s face and sniff like crazy. Livia puts up with it well!

Dennis took a swipe at the feather teaser, but doesn’t seem too unhappy that he missed.

I was talking to him (because he was out of my reach), and you can see that he was kneading. He is one sweet boy.

Tricki, checking out the toys.

Bath time for Dennis.

Livia’s just tired of me and that stupid camera.


Jake HAD that bird, but it still got away (please note that he’s got a mouthful of feathers.) (Picture taken through the window, so it’s not the best.)

Spitting out feathers.

Corbie comes over to take a statement. “A bird, you say? It got away from you, you say? How very odd!”

Jake wore that feather for a long time, as he sniffed every inch of the back yard trying to figure out where the bird had gone.


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  1. Hi Robyn! When you guys do have pigs, are they humanely slaughtered/processed? (Not trying to start a debate, though I do feel strongly about this – I’m just wondering how it works.)

    • In a perfect world, we’d do them here, ourselves. But that’s beyond our skillset (and too many things could go wrong), so we take them to an Amish processor about 45 minutes away. It’s very quick for them, and hopefully the last thing they think is “Oooh, a cookie!”

      (Edited to add: I hope that last bit doesn’t sound flip. I know that the pigs are scared during the ride to the processor, and I hate that they are But I don’t believe they realize what’s about to happen to them, and it’s done very quickly and respectfully.)

  2. When did Corbie become Sheriff Mama’s deputy? Or is he a freelance investigator? Does she know he’s on her turf questioning her subjects? Tsk, tsk!

    • Corbie’s kind of the bumbling Barney Fife type. Sheriff Mama despairs, but there’s only so much work one tiny girlcat can take care of on her own!

  3. Peeeeeeeeeegggggggggsssssss! Squeeeeeeee! I miss the pigs so thanks for the pics Robyn. Oh and I refuse to believe they were ever actually kil…(I can’t even type it out). I prefer to think they just poofed off to a new place when you were done with them. <3 pigs

        • Not really – I know when we get them that they’ll be leaving us, so I always keep that in mind and try not to get too attached. They’re certainly fun to have while they’re here, though!

          • Would you ever keep one just for a pet? I have heard they are very friendly and intelligent.

            • They are pretty friendly and intelligent and pretty cute, too, but no. We’re not up for pet pigs. 🙂

  4. Definitely don’t have the farmer in me. Guess I could if pushed but not what I’m used to.

    I am so impressed that Jake caught a bird. Keeping it, well, that’s harder.

  5. aaahh!! the feather bindi is killing me, Jake!!
    I love how in the bath time for Dennis photo, it looks like he has a string & ball for a tail!

    It’s a good thing you don’t have any kittens in residence now – we’re about to take a southern states road trip that passes through the Huntsville area! (mammoth caves to moundville — I’m an archaeologist — and then back up to TN)

    • Ha – I hadn’t noticed the string & ball tail! Maybe that should be one of his “selling” points. 🙂

    • I feed Bravo, and I’m unconcerned with the recall. It is for lysteria, but there are no reported cases of problems (there were a couple of dogs that had some issues, but they couldn’t be sure it was the food)

      If you and your pet is health, a little lysteria or ecoli is not going to be a problem.

  6. Cute Overload does a feature every year called Nosevember – you should submit the pig snout ‘Hallo’ photo for that – they’d love it!

  7. I wonder if Jake kept looking for that bird because he could still smell it – being he had it’s feather on his head..

    • Hahaha, now I’m imagining him thinking “WHY do I keep smelling BIRD? WHERE is the bird? This is driving me nuts!”

  8. Off-topic but I wanted to let you know I tried to find those 17″-high litter boxes at Target and was told they have been discontinued. Oddly, they still had some lids, though.

    Anyway, thanks to the great suggestions I’ve read here, I bought a 15″-high Sterilite container, cut in a door and it works great. My Henry has started standing up while he pees sometimes, and I need something with very high walls.

    Thanks L&H community!

  9. Surely most of you’ve heard about that cat that chased off the dog attacking the little boy this week? I TOTALLY thought of Sheriff Mama when I read about it! Here’s the video but skip the last 10 seconds (dad gives us a closeup of the bite on the kid’s leg): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-Opm9b2WDk

    • If that were my cat, she’d be eating tuna steaks for the rest of her life.

      But her mom said that she’s always trying to sleep on her pillow (mom’s allergic) so as a reward, she can sleep on mom’s pillow, probably with Mom, for a year.

  10. Hey Robyn,
    Thought you might want to know the 2013 post links to 2012 (for me anyway). Gots to get my baby Norbie shots!