7-20-17 Thursday

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I wish this picture had come out better, but I love it anyway. That’s Agnes in the back standing up, chasing after Chip, who is leaping over Lumiere.

I tossed a mylar ball, and all the kittens except Ressler (who is actually IN this picture, at least his back end) went after it. From left to right we have Gaston (looking out the door of the closet), Lumiere, Agnes, Chip, and Mrs. Potts. That’s Ressler’s back end in the lower left.

Somehow, Ressler waded into the fray and came away with the ball.

Lumiere and Chip were pretty sure that ball belonged to them.

And Chip ran away with the toy.

Then he was distracted by that pink plastic ring. Mrs. Potts was minding her own business over there in the corner.

Chip took off running for reasons known only to him, and Mrs. Potts went ::POP!:: straight up into the air.

“What just happened here?!”

Ressler in the basket, considering chasing his tail.

There’s Chip with that pink plastic ring again. He’s such a little nut.

I love that Gaston is in the scratcher with his head hanging out, trying to bite Mrs. Potts on the leg, and she’s trying to bite him on the butt.

Mrs. Potts in motion.

This crazy bunch is off to the vet this morning for spaying and neutering. Belle’s already been spayed, so she’ll get a day of rest (though I may come home and scrub down the foster room since the kittens will be gone for the day). It’s going to be QUIET in this house today, that’s for sure!


Video! The girls’ soccer team is kicking butt this year.

YouTube link


Joe Bob looks to be a man on a mission. There must be a plate of food just off camera!


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7-20-17 Thursday — 15 Comments

  1. Oh! Poor Mrs Potts needs to watch where she’s runnin’ when playin’ soccer… it looks like she banged her little head twice because she was so focused on that ball and then stepped away to shake it off …. oh great…. now I have that Taylor Swift song in my head “shake it off, shake shake it off”….

  2. Those kittens are just adorable. I love the look on Lumiere’s face while wanting the mylar ball.

    Hello, Joe Bob!

  3. I salute Jake this morning because the anagram generator at wordsmith.org says that one of the anagrams of my first and last names is React If Loony.

  4. Love this post, so many action shots! POP is the best, hilarious, can’t believe you caught the action. Your blog makes me smile every morning, thanks for all that you do!

  5. I’d been missing Joe Bob! Good luck today, kittens! Somehow I sense that you’re not the sort to be exhausted post tutoring…

  6. This needs to be added the favorites list. Very smile/laugh worthy post.

    Poor Mrs. Potts, she just had no idea where that door came from and why it was so mean to bop her on her cute little head.

    By the way, have you ever heard the song Kitty by The Presidents of the United States? If not you need to give it a listen. I’d link to it but all the youtube videos are pretty lame. Love that song, and when we saw them in concert the audience participation was something to see/hear.

    • I’ve added it!

      I have heard that song, and had to go listen to it just ’cause you mentioned it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I love the pic of Ms Potts air jump. Love it! Also love that reflection of the toy mouse, looks like he’s checking himself out!

    Ressler’s and Agnes’ tails are so long!!