7-20-10 – Los Gatitos, the Bookworms, and the new guy.

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Pancho is a little goofball. And SUCH a snuggler. When I go into the foster room and sit on the floor, he climbs into my lap immediately.

The bros. Pancho, left, and Hermano, right.

Three of the four. But their eyes are closed, so I don’t know who’s who! (Tonight, I buy collars.)

Hermano, left, and Sofia, right.

Pancho, the luvah.

These kittens, I swear, have got the softest, silkiest fur. It’s such a pleasure to pet them! I mean, it’s always a pleasure to pet kittens, but these guys are especially pleasurable to pet.

Tonight, Sofia goes to her new home! I think she’ll be happy with her new parents and her new brother. It was nice to have her here, even though it was for such a short amount of time.


The feral (who pretty much has a name, if Fred gets his way. We’re negotiating.) is doing well. He was tested yesterday and is negative (yay!). Right now he’s living in Fred’s bedroom during the day and in the downstairs bathroom at night. He’s scared and skittish, but also playful and likes to be petted. He SO did not care for his bath yesterday afternoon, but he was terribly stinky and covered in flea dirt, so he desperately needed it.


Corbett, on the tree in the front room.

Looking up at Stinkerbelle, who pretty much lives on top of the bookcase next to the cat tree.

Rhyme, about to fall off. Does he care? Not in the slightest.

Snoozin’ Bolitar.


Suggie say relax.


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7-20-10 – Los Gatitos, the Bookworms, and the new guy. — 11 Comments

  1. Oh wow! The Los Gatitos are beautiful!! I’m so chuffed for Sofia – I wish her happiness and joy in her forever home!! That’s great news!

    Hoooray for the New Kitten! I’m so curious now as to the name Fred has for him! Awww he is a cutie though!

    The Bookworms are so growing up fast! They’re lovely as always!! And Suggie – I so agree!
    Lovely pics as always!

    Take care

  2. Wow Corbett you are a lanky kitten!

    My Thomas was like that – all legs!!

    Gonna miss him when he goes…

  3. So pretty! I am seriously going to be sad when you no longer have photos of Bolitar to share. I want to adopt him (but Oregon is too far away, and we’re already one cat more than we should be!) 🙂

  4. Odd eyed whites have fur unlike any other cats, raw silk is the nearest I can describe it .

  5. About kittens tugging/pulling on their stitches after they’ve been spayed: My Larissa was tugging on her stitches after she got spayed, she was a tiny little thing. I had her checked out by the vet to make sure she was ok, & asked how I could get her to leave the stitches alone, he told me to cut a sock in half and put that on her over the stitches. It worked great! It covered her belly like a loose belt, she couldn’t take it off, & left her stitches alone ’til they were ready to be removed, & let her play & romp & use the litter box to her heart’s content & she healed just fine! (I happened to use a black sock so Mom would laugh that Larissa had a black belt!)

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