7-19-17 Wednesday

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Roux, keeping an eye on the goings-on.

Praline’s all “What? I’m not doing anything!”

Roux is NOT Kravitzing the neighbors. (I love her reflection in the window.)

“What neighbors? Are there neighbors over there? I had no idea!”

Praline, pleased with herself.

And those are the last of the pictures of Roux and Praline! Didn’t our time with Nola and her Cajuns just fly by? I’m going to miss those girls! (I will, of course, share any updates I get!)


Hail to the Queen, baby.

Judging by how comfortable he is with her, you’d never guess that Ressler isn’t actually one of Belle’s kittens.

She certainly disciplines him as though he’d been with her since birth!

Chip’s pouty face is cracking me UP. Such a BAYbee.

He wuvs his mama.

Belle thinks maybe she’d like a little less love and a little more space, thank you.

Isn’t she a pretty girl?

She loves that bed. You can’t tell from this picture, but she was purring and kneading on that bed like crazy.

It’s quite comfy, apparently!


Video! Belle shows her kittens how much she loves ’em by kicking their butts. (And yes, I always egg her on because she cracks me UP.)

YouTube link


Sheriff Mama (aka Kara) is NOT foolin’ around with you and your nonsense, HUMAN.


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7-19-17 Wednesday — 22 Comments

  1. I love how at the beginning of the video the kitten (Chip?) who’s derriere is being kicked has a look of “oh man, she’s my mom, I can’t fight my mom…” as he manages to get up on his feet.

  2. Yikes! I had absolutely forgotten Ressler isn’t one of Belle’s biological kittens. She sure is a wonderful adoptive momma!

  3. WHAT is going on with Chip’s ears? they are HUGE! lol

    It’s so cute to see a mama kitty playing with her babies… I like how in one part of that video she clearly has the upper paw and her kid pauses and holds a paw up like “Wait, mom, wait… stahp” as he gathers himself back up, hahahaa!

    • I think his ears are bigger than hers! And I love seeing her play with them, too. Nola played with her kittens, but not usually when I was in the room.

  4. I love how collars on tiny kittens emphasize their little pencil necks. Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember how small kittens really are, since I get no practical experience with them anymore.

    • And everyone who comes to see the kittens always comment on how much smaller they are than they seem in the pictures!

  5. Is Belle the most playful with her kittens mama you’ve ever had? I don’t recall any of the others being so playful. But then she is pretty young still herself.

    No, no, Roux is not have a Kravitzing moment, she’s have a very very thoughtful moment. Dreaming about her forever home and all the Kravitzing she’ll be doing there. 🙂

    • Lucy was very playful with her kittens, and so was Regina. I think most mamas play with their kittens, but some of them tended not to do it when I was in the room. Belle definitely has that kittenish energy still – and her kittens are much smaller than she is!

      • whateve.

        At least they returned him so that his true forever family can find him.

        • That’s right – thankfully they returned him instead of dumping him somewhere. So he’s got a chance to find his forever family. And in the meantime, he’s safe!