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The Spice Girls are off to the vet for their spaying in a little while! Right now they’re still in the foster room (where we always put them at night), howling their little heads off and wondering where the food went. I suspect that tonight they’ll be racing around like nothing happened (or I suppose they might be a bit groggy, depending on what part of the day their operations take place). Then we get to just enjoy them until it’s time for them to go off to Petsmart!

2011-07-19 (1)
Cori don’t care ’bout no spayin’ nonsense.

Over the weekend, I was walking by the guest bedroom, and I glanced in and thought “Who the heck is that hanging out on the cat tree with Alice?” It was Cori, but for some reason the way the light was hitting her, she reminded me of Dorothy – I don’t know why, because her colors are nothing like Dorothy’s, so maybe it was just the way she was laying or something. Who knows?

2011-07-19 (2)

2011-07-19 (3)

2011-07-19 (4)

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The many moods of Elwood.

2011-07-19 (5)

2011-07-19 (6)

2011-07-19 (7)
“You. Will. Bring. Me. Food. NOW.”

2011-07-19 (8)
Cute ‘n cuddly.


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7-19-11 — 6 Comments

  1. The Elwood box is the best box ever!! What is it from?

    I love how Cori is so living up to her nickname. I hope spaying for her and her sisters goes smoothly and they get adopted asap!

    Thanks for your blog, it never fails to lift my spirit first thing in the morning! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Elwood is such a hunk! And how nice of you to get just an Elwood-sized box 🙂

  3. So do your fosters never come back from PetSmart? When mine go off I know if they don’t get adopted after a week or two (depending on how many cats/kittens the rescue has needing time in the adoption center) I’ll likely get them back for a bit. Makes it a little easier to send them off…even though I know the little kittens are likely going to be adopted sooner rather than later so probably won’t be coming back….

  4. Elwood in a shoe box!! Brilliant!! He’s gorgeous!!!!!!!! Awwwww!!

    Alice and Cori are so super cute! Good luck with the spaying! Another beautiful family off to be adopted! How do you stand it!?!?!LOL! Awwww the fosters who’ve been with you are the luckiest kitties ever! Yay! 🙂 Take care

  5. Awww…the no food howls. I just went through that and it made me feel mean and cruel…withholding from a little baby!

    Everyone is so lovely. Elwood looks like he is terrific to pet with that thick coat!