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Coriander, Cilantro, and Clove had their spaying yesterday, and all went well. I usually don’t pick them up from the vet until after 5:00, but they were done early enough that I could pick them up and bring them home a couple of hours earlier. They were wide awake when I picked them up and when I got home with them, I put them in the foster room and shut the door so they could eat and rest, but of course they didn’t rest – they ran around in there like little wild things. It amazes me how quickly they bounce back!

Sweet Cori, snoozing in her favorite spot.

And Clove, snoozing nearby.

That’s a 23 ounce bottle of water next to Cori, for size reference.

Cilantro at naptime (obviously before the spaying – she now has a shaved belly with a small scar).

I don’t know what Clove’s keeping an eye on. Probably Elwood. She has a little crush on him.

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Ciara would like you to know that she is, in fact, da bebbe.

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Jake always enjoys a good belly rub.


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7-20-11 — 5 Comments

  1. Ellie Belly yesterday and Jake today — a banner week for the brothers! Glad the Spice sisters were in excellent post-op spirits, and I wonder if Ciara noticed they were gone. Speaking of spirits, how are Maggie and her as-yet-unadopted babies doing this week? Any word? Hope you’re managing to keep coolish down there.

  2. Yay that the spaying of th Spice Girls went ok!! Brilliant!! Lovely to see them all – they’re so gorgeous!! Ciara has the cutest and longest miaow!!! Awwwww lovely to hear her!!

    Jake has got such a smily face!! LOL! He’s adorable! take care

  3. ahhh they’re so cute! and I have to laugh, I played that video and my cat Ember perked up and was looking around for a couple seconds before realizing it was on the computer

  4. Geez, Robyn, did we really need to see your “hirsuite” arms and legs…wow.
    Clove loves Elwood? Awww…..
    And Ciara’s “da bebe”? Don’t you love how they sound like little alarams when they do those long meows. So, cute.