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Over the weekend, Macushla was adopted! He was adopted into a home with two young cats (1 and 2 years old), and I expect he’ll be a happy boy, since he gets along so well with other cats.

That leaves Maggie, Fergus Simon, and Declan who are still available for adoption. Ciara’s still here with us for a little while longer, and at this point I think it makes sense to just keep her here ’til the Spice Girls are ready to go. We’ll see.

The Spice Girls are going to be spayed tomorrow, so after that it’s just a matter of waiting until there’s room for them at Petsmart. They’ve moved on from their baby-round stage to their miniature cat stage. They should be hitting their ridiculously long and lanky stage any moment now.

2011-07-18 (7)
It’s sad, how tense Ciara is.

2011-07-18 (6)
So smug.

2011-07-18 (4)
I adore it when kittens sleep flat on their bellies.

2011-07-18 (3)
Cori, doin’ the smug thing.

2011-07-18 (2)

2011-07-18 (8)

2011-07-18 (1)
I love her little sleeping face, obviously.

2011-07-18 (5)
There are 14 cats in this picture, by my count.


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7-18-11 — 11 Comments

  1. OH what brilliant news about Macushla!! Yay!! I have everything crossed for mama Maggie, Declan and Fergus Simon. Oh I do have a soft spot for mama Maggie and wish to all the world that I could have her!! Never mind! I missed the black kitty (Tommy?) on the kitchen counter!!! So yay, 14!!!

    Beautiful pics of the Spice Girls and Ciara!! Yay! Take care

  2. Yay little Macushla dude! Here’s to a happy forever home!

    Please tell me that Cat-on-Top-of-Fridge is not going to…leap…down…to the…floor…!! (Although it’s been done here.)

    • No, she (that’s Stinkerbelle) usually jumps from the top of the fridge to the counter and then to the floor from there. If someone were chasing her, or she was suddenly overwhelmed with the need to see her beloved Tommy, she might jump from the fridge to the floor, but I think I’ve only seen that happen once or twice.

    • I think I must have mentioned to Fred about 30 times that you think Macushla has supermodel cheekbones. Because it’s so true! 🙂

  3. Hold on, I think I missed something… so Cillian and Finnegan were already adopted? Did they go together? Apologies if I missed this somehow…!

    Ooh, big day for the little Spicies… good luck to all!!

    As for that close up of Clove sleepingks, with her little ear folded down… WAY too cute!!

  4. Yay Macushla! My subconscious and its silly dreams obviously doesn’t know a thing about kittens.

  5. Poor Ciara – Robyn, you must stop yelling at her so the poor girl can relax. It’s tragic I tell you, tragic, how tense she is…and Clove of the Vulcan ears was very cute yesterday. Very cute. They are so cute when they get disappointed in us. Funny, too…who said that?