7-19-16 Tuesday

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I’m on vacation (well, headed home today), so have pre-written and scheduled posts for while I’m gone.


When the Fakers were with us, I took this perfectly sized box and cut a doorway and windows in it. Then I put it in the kitchen. The Fakers LOVED it. And so, to my surprise, did a couple of the permanent residents.

Especially Jake.

And Newt. More Newt than anyone, I think.

I hope they enjoy it while they’ve got it, because…

I’m not sure how much longer it’ll last under this kind of abuse.


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7-19-16 Tuesday — 9 Comments

  1. Newtles thinks your construction was shoddy but that it was a good attempt since it was made for kittens… and he believes that your next box will be reinforced to specifically support his “athletic” frame.

  2. So how long did it last before the Box Inspector came in and condemned it??

    Safe travels!!

  3. The 2007 entry on Stinkerbelle’s first encounters with Tommy… Ahhh, so bittersweet!…

    • But it makes me smile to think of them being together again and I know Tommy is giving Stinkerbelle all the snuggles she wants… 🙂